Dreams About Planets | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming about planets: from the solar system, falling, lined up and more types!

Dreaming about planets represents many mysteries, symbolizes situations that are not yet clear in your life, unresolved issues, or even future issues that will arise. But the good news is that the discoveries are close!

This dream can bring a warning about your close friends, about new possibilities in your personal and professional life. Or even, it could be linked to your courage to face new challenges. So, check out the answers to your dream in different contexts and situations!

Dreaming of planets with some characteristic

When planets appear in dreams they represent many things, depending on the circumstances. They can be lining up, falling, moving and more. Discover now the meaning for each of these situations and unravel your dream!

■ Dreaming of cold planets

Dreaming of cold planets indicates that some unusual and negative situation may appear in your life. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be alert not to act impulsively. Also, it could be that you have a hidden issue that was unresolved and that continues to hurt you.

■ Dreaming of aligned planets

Generally, dreaming of aligned planets suggests that you need to look for balance. This dream reveals that your energies are out of alignment with who you are and what makes you more vibrant. In this way, your enthusiasm for doing what is needed is undermined.

Also, it may be that you yourself are not aware of these energies contained within. Therefore, it is essential that you seek to understand your qualities in order to be able to align yourself. That way, it will be possible for you to be more faithful to yourself.

■ Dreaming of moving planets

Dreaming of planets moving is a great indication that you are heading in the right direction. You have been moving to seek what you believe so much. The questions in your life are being answered from the inside and the outside. You have been seeking to change internally and, consequently, the external changes.

Know that because you are following your heart, the results will soon reveal themselves. It is important that you follow this path to find balance. Pay attention to the movements that are already taking place. Sometimes, by distraction, you don’t notice in the small details that you are already reaping the fruits of what you were sowing.

■ Dreaming of falling planets

The dream of planets falling is a message that those old purposes are crumbling. What you thought made sense in your life before, today no longer fits. Know that you don’t need to blame yourself for having taken wrong paths, your choices have brought you to the present moment and built the person you are now.

Remember that you wouldn’t be able to know which step you want to take right now if you hadn’t gone through the previous situations. Therefore, it is important to leave the past in the past and move forward in new directions. Understand this dream as a sign that you are prepared for these new things.

■ Dreaming of exploding planets

Dreaming of planets exploding is an omen that you have something overflowing in you. But take it easy, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, maybe it’s an overwhelming desire to start something new. It could be a hobby you’ve always wanted to do, a new job you’ve been looking for, or even taking a project off the ground.

This dream also indicates that you have been holding a lot of emotions. It’s so heavy in there, you feel like it’s going to explode. In that case, you need to let those feelings out, either by letting off steam, doing a creative activity you enjoy, or even taking a walk to calm things down. But be sure to get rid of these sensations.

Another meaning to dreaming about exploding planets is that you are too overloaded with tasks. Maybe it’s your job that’s causing you this discomfort, but it can also be something in your family environment, such as demands for your daily tasks or even demands on how you should lead your life.

■ Dreaming of giant planets

You are certainly a person who thinks big to accomplish your goals. Dreaming of giant planets shows that you are looking for a plan that requires a lot of effort and many steps to complete. It’s important to keep in mind that you will be able to accomplish what you intend to do if you persist in that direction.

This dream can also point to something negative. You are probably a stressed person and this ends up harming your relationships and activities. Understand that setbacks will always occur, so it’s important to try to deal as best you can. Consider the dream a warning to be alert to your aggressive behaviors.

■ Dreaming of unknown planets

If you’ve dreamed of unknown planets, it’s a good sign. Something new will start in your life. It is very likely that it will be a different course and that you have little knowledge of the content. It is a positive opportunity in your life, after all, seeking new air and different knowledge is always a good thing.

Furthermore, this dream also indicates the beginning of a new hobby, probably an activity you never considered doing. Or something you always thought was really cool but never tried. Don’t be afraid to throw yourself into something you have little knowledge of. This type of activity increases creativity and is beneficial for both your personal and professional growth.

Dreaming about planets in the solar system

Each planet in the solar system has its characteristics and in dreams, this is no different. Each of them has a distinct representation. Check out what it means to dream about each planet in the solar system and discover the riddle of your dream!

■ Dreaming of planet Mercury

As Mercury is a metal, this dream demonstrates a heavy and dense situation that is going on in your life or about to happen. If it’s a situation that’s already happening and it’s been hurting you, remember to always open up and let your feelings out in some way. Don’t keep anything that doesn’t do you good.

This dream can also bring good news. It is essential that you pay attention to your finances, as there may be good opportunities for you to prosper. In addition, it demonstrates good business prospects, perhaps a profitable chance at your job. So expect good deals and relevant events.

■ Dreaming of planet Venus

If you’ve dreamed of Venus, this is the ideal time to jump into a new passion. The goddess Venus represents love and beauty. You will be prepared to enter a relationship with no strings attached to insecurity, as you are in a phase that knows your qualities and beauty. It’s a time to create special bonds.

But if you’ve dreamed of Venus and are running from romantic relationships, be aware that it can also have other meanings. As already mentioned, Venus is the goddess of love, but it can symbolize love in a general way, not just that of a passionate partner. Therefore, interpret this dream as an opening to socialize or maintain empathy with others.

■ Dreaming of planet Earth

Dreaming about planet Earth is a great indication, it shows that you are being honest with your personality. You are no longer concerned about how others think you should act in your life, you are choosing your own choices. This move tends to bring you many benefits.

But dreaming of planet Earth can also be a warning. If you dreamed that you were observing the Earth from the outside, take it as a sign that you need to review your attitudes with others, especially those closest to you. You may not respect other people’s opinions by acting rudely.

■ Dreaming of planet Mars

Perhaps you are brooding over past situations that you classify as a wrong choice. This dream symbolizes repentance, but know that with this message you can look for ways to better understand the situation. In this way, leave what was behind you and stick to the situations that make you feel good today.

Another omen this dream brings is that people in your circle will look down on you. It could be that this situation is already happening or that it will start happening in the near future, maybe that will make you very bad. Understand that if this is happening it is because they are not people who really enjoy your company, so it is better to back off.

■ Dreaming of planet Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and dreaming about it points to positive things coming into your life. It can be personal growth that ends up influencing people around you, or even a professional growth. It is essential to be alert not to be deluded by situations that do not match the dream. Remember, don’t act on impulse!

■ Dreaming of planet Saturn

Due to the ring that is contained in Saturn, this dream appears as a way out, a close solution. Dreaming about planet Saturn is the beginning of new cycles, in which you worked hard to reap these results. As well, it can suggest solving a problem that is going on in your life. But, in any case, it augurs well.

■ Dreaming of planet Uranus

It is a great indication to dream of Uranus. You are feeling confident, you know exactly what you want to look for, and you are no longer afraid of criticism. You no longer feel trapped in your actions, you now have complete freedom to be yourself.

Furthermore, with these internal learnings, it seeks to do good for other people. Dreaming about planet Uranus indicates that you’ve grown a lot, you’re stepping into the right place, and you should follow that way to continue feeling at peace.

■ Dreaming of planet Neptune

This dream demonstrates that you are disconnecting from the illusions that surrounded you to break new paths that really meet your truth. Your creativity will be more and more blossomed, be sure to feed it by doing activities you like. This move can bring you many opportunities.

■ Dreaming of Pluto (dwarf) planet

Pluto, despite being much smaller than the others, shows that good things will come in your life. That’s because it represents cycles of life and death. Life is surrounded by stages, many of them subtle and unnoticed. In that case, dreaming about the planet Pluto points to a rebirth that is coming for you and will bring you many benefits. Watch for changes.

More ways to dream about planets

There are still other episodes that can appear when dreaming about planets. It is essential to be connected to the signals that each context can bring. So, check out other messages contained in this dream!

■ Dreaming of life on other planets

You may feel out of place if you dreamed of living on another planet. Perhaps you don’t know yourself well enough to know what you are capable of accomplishing. It also indicates that you may be relating to people who don’t have much to do with what you like and therefore feel like an extraterrestrial.

It’s critical that you weigh in on whether these relationships do you more harm than good. Being different from these people may not be the reason to walk away, as we are all unique and distinct. But if these relationships make you feel demeaned and slighted, don’t hesitate to let go.

Know that there will always be someone who likes the same things as you, maybe it’s just missing to find these people. And if you don’t know yourself and don’t let others know you, that task becomes more difficult. Therefore, dreaming of life on other planets shows that it is essential to seek self-knowledge and respect yourself if your circle of friends is not doing you well.

■ Dreaming of planets and galaxies

If you’ve dreamed of planets and galaxies, chances are you’re an adventurous person, who likes to try new things and isn’t afraid to throw yourself into different things. It indicates that you are a person free of standards and that you prefer to take risks and do what your heart tells you.

Dreaming of planets and galaxies is nothing more than a sign for you to remain that brave person who trusts your heart’s desires. Perhaps you have a great desire to throw yourself into a new adventure that has obstacles. But know that you will win what seems far from being accomplished. Your courage and willingness to visualize the new will be your main allies.

Dreaming about planets is a great discovery in real life!

Without a doubt, dreaming about planets is a sign that new things are in sight. It is a dream that contains mysteries to be revealed and with them also come new possibilities to discover. Throw yourself in to start new activities and hobbies, or tackle a new project at work. And don’t forget to always be in line with your truth and the way you see the world.

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