Dreams About Fight | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming of a fight: family, couple, woman, children, friends and more!

The dream of a fight carries several messages and signs that indicate the need for change. Changes in habits, relationships and even internal transformations are necessary. It is a cycle to visualize everything that has been left out for a long time. Pains that are avoided usually return with greater force.

So, this dream points to difficulties in sight. Complex and old situations must return and you need to be strong to face everything with courage. Pay attention to the details of your dream, such as the type of fight and the situation in which it took place, as they determine each of the meanings. Read now the different messages that dreaming about a fight can reveal!

Dreaming of fights of different types

When dreaming of fights, the messages can be different depending on the context of your dream. See below what it means to dream of a fight with the mother, father, between brothers and much more!

■ Dreaming of a fight with the mother

Dreaming of a fight with the mother has a negative meaning. Your aggressive personality has been harmful to other people. This is your shadow, that is, a very harmful defect that hinders your relationship with those around you. Therefore, you may also have disagreements at work, which will affect your career as a result.

Also, it could be a sign that you need to spend more time with your mother. You and she walk far apart, even if the coexistence is frequent between you, it is likely that you spend little time together. Perhaps you are present only in body, without being able to have deep conversations. On the other hand, it can also indicate that you miss her.

This dream also suggests that you are having trouble resting. You are always looking for a task to occupy your head and feel more in the mood, but you forget the real issues that need to be resolved. So this is a message that this should be a time to relax and resolve small impasses.

■ Dreaming of a fight with the father

The fight with the father, when it appears in dreams, represents authority. Even if you haven’t had someone strict and controlling as a father figure, note that this definition is a consensus among people. As such, this dream suggests a relentless search for approval, whether from your own father, others around you, or yourself.

This dream indicates that you don’t set limits on your actions. You always try to do things as perfectly as possible and end up wearing yourself out excessively, without realizing that you are making this demand on yourself. Plus, it’s also possible that you’re just doing it to please others.

■ Dreaming of a fight between siblings

When dreaming of a fight between siblings, it is possible that some complex episode has been installed in your life, probably a fight with someone very close. If that hasn’t happened yet, chances are it will. So, stay alert and, if necessary, run away from disagreements.

You don’t need to satisfy all the aspects that are part of your daily life. If someone tries to be curious and offensive to you, try not to pay attention and try to focus on your tasks. Even if you are someone very close, understand that you have your limits and they must be respected.

Also, if there is an impasse that has not yet been resolved, think of the best option to resolve it and you can feel at peace. Talking is often the way to take the weight off your back and help you move forward.

■ Dreaming of a fight between friends

Dreaming of a fight between friends demonstrates an inner war over old disagreements. Perhaps a disagreement with close friends that has not yet been resolved. You are likely to still feel very bad about this whole situation, but know that this pain will not resolve itself.

There’s no reason for you to keep something that makes you so bad. You need to get that feeling out. Thus, you will be able to follow your journey with more peace of mind, in order to create new bonds.

■ Dreaming of a boyfriend’s fight

If you dreamed of a boyfriend fight, it means that you are a kind soul and that you are always trying to help others. Even so, understand that this does not always prove to be a positive thing. It may be that you try too hard to understand other people’s side, always having your attention when they need it, but not taking care of what needs to be resolved in your life.

You don’t need to put all your energy into other people’s issues and put yourself aside, after all, you are the most important person in your life. You try to fit in places that don’t suit your personality, because you feel uncomfortable and ashamed of being yourself. Try to change this habit and, thus, you can feel happier.

■ Dreaming of a couple’s fight

When the dream is about a couple’s fight, possible confusion is to come. This can occur in various fields of your life, whether at work, in the family or even a real couple fight. Avoiding disagreements is the best option, as impasses can often be resolved in conversation.

Dreaming of a couple’s fight also suggests a process of reflection on your love life. It is possible that you are avoiding starting a relationship for fear of falling in love and maintaining a relationship that is not good for you. Or, it’s possible that you’re having a great relationship, but you’re afraid to push your limits and talk to your partner. In any case, analyze the situation calmly.

■ Dreaming of a family fight

Dreaming of a family fight is a bad sign. This scenario carries several negative meanings such as envy, evil and falsehood. Consider that you have a close enemy, someone who pretends to enjoy your company, but be careful. Don’t make rash decisions and judge anyone as a suspect.

You can do a great injustice by making false assumptions. Be calm to observe the moment, as you have to deal with real facts. Otherwise, you could hurt people who are loyal to you. Anyway, don’t trust anyone and keep those who always help you around.

■ Dreaming of cat-fights

If you dreamed of catfighting, be careful not to act on impulse and hurt the one you love. It is a dream that points to problems with family members and in love relationships. In that case, if the confusion has already happened, look for a solution.

You must pay more attention to the people you live with. You are likely to put your time and energy into personal matters and forget to enjoy special moments with those closest to you. This, in addition to being bad for relationships, can be negative for your mental health.

■ Dreaming of dog-fighting

Because the dog is considered man’s best friend, dreaming of a dog fight reveals intrigue with whom you trust a lot, who may or may not be your best friend.

So try to assess both sides of the fight. Often, it doesn’t pay to break up a real relationship because of silly disagreements.

■ Dreaming of children’s fights

Dreaming of children’s fights indicates that you have a complicated past, especially hard childhood memories that have not been resolved. This dream points out that you don’t tend to old wounds, which tends to make them more painful. Putting these hurts out helps put an end to the story and make room for new experiences.

Often, these hurts do not change from one day to the next, so that it takes time to finally let go of something stored inside. But remember that you are strong enough to face the impasse head on and pursue your happiness. Follow this path.

■ Dreaming of a woman’s fight

Dreaming of a woman’s fight is not a good omen and indicates that intrigues are close to happening, and it may even be with a female figure in your life. Therefore, assess whether you are already having any difficulties in your relationships and, in this way, you will be able to take some precautions and avoid confusion.

This dream can still demonstrate that you are not taking time for yourself. You don’t practice self-care and often overcharge yourself. This dream appears as a sign to look more at yourself, in order to prioritize your external and internal care and be able to lead a fuller and healthier life.

Dreaming about fighting in different situations

When dreaming of a fight, situations can vary, as well as their interpretations. So, see what it means to dream about episodes like seeing a fight, killing someone in a fight, dying in a fight, and much more!

■ Dreaming that you are fighting with someone

If you dreamed that you were fighting with someone, take it as a sign that a complex problem is now happening in your life. It’s possible that a difficult cycle has already started, but you haven’t realized it yet.

Dreaming that you are fighting with someone is also advice for getting back to your problems and goals. You need to be focused right now, as you need to maintain a balance between reason and emotion to make more coherent decisions.

Be careful with the words you’re saying. You don’t think to speak as you are in automatic mode. This is harmful both to other people, who end up hurt by what you say, and to yourself. Therefore, meditation is essential to start acting correctly.

■ Dreaming that you are seeing a fight

Seeing a fight in the dream indicates that you are too afraid to take initiatives. You fail to fulfill your desires because you are too preoccupied with other people’s opinions. Be aware that this condition tends to be very harmful, especially in the long run, as you may regret not doing what you wanted to do. So it’s worth starting to try to change this behavior.

Dreaming that you are seeing a fight is related to the omission of dialogues and desires, as well as to past issues that were avoided. In any case, it is essential to think of a solution. Quitting chatting and resolving previous episodes is not always the best option. However, sometimes dialogue is also useless, so think carefully before acting.

■ Dreaming of dying in a fight

Fighting death within a dream calls for changes to old behavior patterns. You’re still dealing with life the way you used to, with everything changing all the time. It takes maturity to know how to deal with the transformations around you, as well as with the inner transformations. Avoiding the transition is like deceiving yourself.

Also, you’ve likely gone through major disruptions and spiritual growth, you see the world with new eyes, and you’re much more realistic about everything. Dreaming of dying in a fight symbolizes that your old self has died, giving rise to who you are now. That way, accepting difficult situations can help make everything much easier.

■ Dreaming of killing someone in a fight

Dreaming of killing someone in a fight suggests that you are overcoming old pains and healing internal wounds that were hurting you. Understand that only after going through this change will you be able to have peace and tranquility. As a result, you will be able to start new projects and relationships more smoothly.

This moment asks you to have patience and commitment, as dealing with old pains is something frustrating and difficult to face alone and it can take time to overcome. Do not hesitate to seek help, whether from a professional or a friend with whom you can vent.

Remember not to accumulate everything you feel inside. You need to let your feelings out so you can feel lighter. You are strong and you can view this situation as a step towards your growth.

Other interpretations of dreaming about a fight

To be able to resolve your internal and external issues, check other interpretations that can be found in your dreams, from dreaming of a violent fight, physical fight, fight to death and fight that ends well.

■ Dreaming of a violent fight

Dreaming of a violent fight indicates that you will need a lot of persistence to fulfill your dreams. Sometimes the goals may seem too far away, but it’s no use feeling frustrated and giving up on pursuing what you want to live for. If you stay committed, you can achieve what you want.

Remember to observe your reality. It’s no use wanting much more than you can accomplish now, as the walk tends to be very long. This dream is a sign to be patient. Throughout your days, be sure to list situations you were grateful for. That way you can live in the present and not think so much about the future.

■ Dreaming of fight and physical struggle

When dreaming of a physical fight, understand that it is essential to accept the problems that surround you and that this dream comes as a warning in this regard. Despite this, it is also a sign that you are managing to better handle your responsibilities, which will bring you good results.

This scenario also indicates that someone may be charging you, whether for money or not. Anyway, try to resolve and pay off this debt. It is likely that you are feeling guilty about past actions and that you still have disagreements about what happened. In that case, you need to turn the page.

It’s critical to assume who you are regardless of whether others will like it. You cannot go on harming yourself. This is a warning to let go of old habits that go against your ideology and positioning.

■ Dreaming of a fight to the death

Dreaming of a fight to the death indicates that you cannot accept yourself, that’s why you have the need to run away from internal obstacles. You’re always looking for approval from your friends, family, and even more, at work. It is essential to detach from this logic, stop giving too much importance to what others think of you and start respecting who you are.

It’s very tiring pretending to be someone else. So try to save your energy. Seek to please yourself and focus on your personal life. This is a dream that demonstrates your difficulty in changing this aspect, but you have to make an effort. That way you can mature a lot.

■ Dreaming that the fight ended well

The main message of dreaming that a fight ended well is that the internal problems are finally being resolved. Some of these problems are related to childhood pains and are only now being resolved so that you can live fuller days. Dreaming that the fight ended well has the solution symbol. Therefore, positive moments will begin soon.

You couldn’t see clearly the world and your own reality, but now you are being more realistic. This movement was possible due to an intense process of self-knowledge. Therefore, be sure to look for practices that provide you with understanding.

Is dreaming about a fight a sign of repressed aggression?

Dreaming of a fight is a sign of several repressed aspects, aggressiveness being one of them. This kind of dream suggests a lot of intrigue in relationships. That’s why it’s important to try to change and make aggression more subtle. Change tends to be difficult and time-consuming, but don’t give up looking for self-knowledge and letting go of this defect.

Furthermore, dreaming of a fight suggests that one should be calm when making decisions. It is critical to carefully process what others say and what should be said. So that you don’t get into silly and exhausting fights, try to meditate and connect with yourself.

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