Dreams About Electrical Wires | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming about electrical wires: On fire, short-circuiting and others!

Electrical wires carry energy from one point to another, and in general, dreaming about this is associated with the connection. Wires carrying energy are often a good connection for you with the flow of life. Usually, this dream comes when we are in a good phase and our unconscious wants to symbolize this through daydreams while we sleep.

However, depending on the details of the dream, its meaning can even be the opposite and the dream itself, becomes more like a nightmare. Check out the possible interpretations below!

Interpretations of dreaming of electrical wires

Although some dreams have the same object as their main focus, they don’t convey the same message. The general meaning of dreaming about an electrical wire relates to connection, however, not all dreams about this object have the same interpretation.

If in the dream the wires are on fire, short-circuited, bare, falling, in current of energy, in high voltage or broken, their meanings are different. Come read and find out!

■ Dreaming of electrical wires on fire

Electrical wires catch fire when they are unable to support the flow of energy transmitted from one point to another. Dreaming of electrical wires on fire means you are overcharging yourself. Overworking yourself beyond your limit can lead to times of stress, high tension and imbalance.

Your unconscious, therefore, manifested itself in the midst of the dream to alert you to this, in the expectation that you would take control of the situation, avoiding the worst.

To put out the fire generated by electrical wires, it is necessary to cut off the power supply, so, to avoid this overload, cut off from your life everything that has left you oppressed.

■ Dreaming of short-circuited electrical wires

The warning brought by dreaming of short-circuited electrical wires is that you can collapse with an unforeseen event in your life. Therefore, pay attention to what is happening around you and try to fortify your structures for this possibility. A good way to become stronger is to reconnect to spirituality.

In aromatherapy the essential oils of myrrh and elemi are associated with spirituality. Therefore, a good alternative for connecting to the Divine is to drip some of this oil on your wrists or use a personal diffuser. Also, of course, make frequent prayers a priority.

■ Dreaming of bare electrical wires

Unwrapped wires are wires that are unprotected and more vulnerable to being damaged or causing damage. So, dreaming of bare electrical wires means that your connection with the other is fragile and any attempt to get closer can generate uncomfortable situations.

So, before connecting with someone, try to strengthen yourself internally. Ask yourself which parts of your essence are vulnerable to a new personal bond. A good example is the feeling of trust; maybe you are in a more suspicious phase about the people in your life and this hinders the strengthening of bonds and the exchange in the relationship.

However, if the bare wire in the dream is copper, it indicates that even though you are at a more vulnerable stage in terms of your own feelings, you will be able to relate to new people, providing a very enriching experience.

■ Dreaming of falling electrical wires

Dreaming of electrical wires falling out means that your connection to the world or the people around you is slowly decaying. Ask yourself what is happening to you to allow that to happen. Could it be that you are not very focused on routine and ended up robotizing your existence? Start as early as possible to develop an awareness of yourself, your life and people.

Orientation is to set the alarm clock a few minutes earlier, so you can go to your window – or something similar – and notice the sky, the sounds of where you live, the weather and notice your existence from there. Also seek to be closer to your friends. Calling that friend you haven’t talked to in a while is a good tip.

■ Dreaming of energy current in electrical wires

The meaning of dreaming of power current in electrical wires is that you are energized and ready for any situation in your life. Now is the time to start new projects, take chances with your dreams, develop your skills.

Don’t let this phase end without having taken advantage of it, so create a list of things you’d like to do and cross out topic by topic. Take a chance, your chance is now.

■ Dreaming of high voltage electrical wires

Dreaming of high voltage wires indicates that someone will appear in your life soon for an enriching exchange for your existence. The universe often places people or situations that are essential for our personal development in our direction.

However, this can end up going unnoticed. The dream of high voltage electrical wires is a warning to watch out for, as someone good to plug in is on the way. Don’t miss this chance.

■ Dreaming of broken electrical wires

When dreaming of broken electrical wires it is revealed that you have lost your ability to connect with the world and with people. This usually occurs when one is in a depressed and apathetic state with life.

Question the meaning of your existence. Knowing the answer to this is a way to get your bearings in life, therefore, reconnecting with the world. Discover your meaning or give it a feeling, and that way your existence will take on new meanings, attracting new possibilities for connections.

Does dreaming of electrical wires symbolize a personal struggle?

Dreaming of electrical wires encompasses numerous interpretations and some of them are associated with a personal struggle. For example, if you dream of broken, bare, fallen, short-circuited, and burning electrical wires; it means that you are not in the best stages of your life.

Dreams like these, in general, indicate a certain impediment to the flow of good things in your life; and it is an alert from your unconscious to become aware of this and fight. The personal struggle is a path, and probably the solution to reversing the current context of your life – which was demonstrated in a dream, not to be one of the best.

With this in mind, take advantage of the signs that your dream brought you and look for the best solutions for yourself.

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