Dreams About Death | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming of death: death warning, someone dying, a relative and more!

The mere mention of the word “death” has a tremendous impact. Dreaming about this inevitable life event makes anyone anxious about the future. It’s natural to try to interpret this as a warning of your own death or that of someone close to you: a relative, friend, or partner.

However, their meanings have much more to do with life than with the end of it. It’s much more about rebirth than actual death. In a dream, death comes as a messenger, whose mission is to show signs of radical change to those who are no longer willing to live their lives the way they do.

However, it is necessary to analyze the possibilities in which it manifests itself while we sleep. In this article, we’ll reveal the meanings of dreaming about people, animals and the most frequent apparitions of death while we sleep.

Dreaming of the death of different people

Dreaming of death deeply affects people. Even more if it is from a relative, friend or loved one. If you’ve ever woken up trying to figure out what sort of omen is brought on when someone dies in your dream, see below for what that means.

■ Dreaming of one’s own death

If you dream of your own death, don’t worry that it isn’t showing you when or how it will happen. Dying in a dream indicates a great transformation in your life, or in your way of being.

This dream is actually the announcement of rebirth, a profound change in your existence. For this change to happen, however, you need to sacrifice many concepts and values. There are things that no longer serve you and that must be buried to welcome your new self.

The turnaround indicated by dreaming of one’s own death can be financial, spiritual, social, personal or loving. Fear not, and embrace the novelty that life is offering you.

■ Dreaming of the father’s death

Dreaming of your father’s death means that you are facing a big decision that you have difficulty making. For some reason, you don’t feel able to decide for yourself what to do.

What you need is to seek your self-confidence, and realize that you have complete autonomy to go ahead with certainty and conviction of what has to be done, as it only depends on you.

■ Dreaming of the mother’s death

If you dream of your mother’s death, it’s because you’re afraid to take on some kind of responsibility in your daily life. Be it professionally, personally, socially or in relationships.

Something in life still scares you. However, wanting to escape into the lap of the person who brought you into the world, traps you in an immaturity that no longer fits in the stage of life you are in now. It’s time to accept, mature, and follow the course of your growth as a human being.

■ Dreaming of the death of a spouse

When you dream of the death of your spouse, know that there is dissatisfaction with the current situation of your marital life. There’s something making you unhappy with the way your relationship is going. There is a desire within you for a change to happen urgently.

Pay close attention to yourself, and whoever is with you in this commitment, and seek to identify and share what is distressing you. Trust. This relationship happens between two people, and nothing fairer than sharing the search for a solution, so that your love does not die.

■ Dreaming of the death of a baby

Dreaming about the death of a baby points out that something he was involved with has come to an end, and deep down, he thinks that this end was premature. A partnership, a project, a romance or a friendship, something you didn’t think would end, it’s over and you’re left to see ships.

Respect your grief process, but don’t be overwhelmed by the feeling of defeat. This can keep you from moving forward and getting over the loss. Trust me, life offers other possibilities, and they are waiting for you.

■ Dreaming of the death of a child

The meaning of dreaming about the death of a child, however horrible the scene seems, depends on how you see some parts of your character. After all, it is related to the end of innocence, fragility, or inconsequence.

This dream means that you left behind some characteristic trait that was holding you back in an old “me”. Now you are leaving to experience things that you judge to be more intense and serious.

■ Dreaming of the death of a relative

If a relative dies in the dream, the message is that you are feeling suffocated. This can be as much in family life as in any other circle you are close to. You’ve been taking care of others’ needs too much and putting yourself aside.

To ask for more space, your dream kills someone who is normally under its protective wing. The good news is that in waking life this doesn’t have to happen. You must learn to set limits, say the occasional “no,” and respect your wants and needs.

■ Dreaming of the death of a cousin

The meaning of dreaming about the death of a cousin is that you are feeling overwhelmed with everyday life, and your inner world is asking for a vacation. Or even more, a return to childhood times, when he allowed himself to dream about the future, and didn’t have to deal with the worries that keep his sleep today.

It’s time for a radical change. This does not necessarily mean that you should give up your career, but rather that you should take care to rest your mind and body. You need time to reflect on your priorities and whether your adult life is anything like what you once dreamed of.

■ Dreaming of the death of an uncle

When an uncle dies in your dream, it is because you are internally living the impact of a radical change that has taken place, or is taking place in you. Dreaming about the death of an uncle shows that his way of thinking and expressing himself, the people and the spaces he lives in have undergone a profound transformation.

It’s okay to feel impacted by the twists and turns of life. Each one reacts in its own way. Your inner world is digesting these events, and you just need to respect your own limits to adapt in your own time.

■ Dreaming of the death of a father-in-law

The death of the father-in-law in the dream is related to a transformation in the character of his partner. Something in this person’s way of being, like a behavioral inheritance from the parents that you believe interferes with the relationship, is lagging behind.

Dreaming about the death of a father-in-law indicates that a mania, ritual or a form of attachment that takes you back to a life before the couple, is making room for a freer and more mature relationship.

■ Dreaming of the death of a friend

Dreaming of the death of a friend indicates the lack that person is doing to you. His absence is shaking you more than you expected, to the point of making you believe that the friendship is dying.

Now is the time to send a message and find out how this person is doing. Without being invasive, you should re-establish contact and try to feel if there is room for a rapprochement.

■ Dreaming of the death of a child

When you dream of the death of a child, it is a sign that he is going to the world, becoming independent and soon the bond that exists between you will depend on his time and disposition. The fear of losing touch is showing up in the dream through death to help you accept a natural flow of life.

If your child is already an adult and has lived alone for some time, it is a sign that there is still some dependency trait that will soon disappear. Cheer up, the best thing that can happen to an individual is the autonomy to be who he is.

■ Dreaming of the death of a brother

Your brother’s death in the dream tells you about evolution, improvement. That growth comes to you or to him. If you are him, you will suddenly see attitudes and thoughts blossom that you would never have imagined being a part of who he is.

It is possible that he will go through great difficulties, but the maturity with which he will face this journey will surprise you. Don’t underestimate your brother’s resilience. Take the opportunity to learn from him the lessons that can serve you.

■ Dreaming of the death of a boyfriend

When dreaming of the death of a boyfriend, you are being made aware of your feelings of uncertainty in the relationship. Some confusion about the couple’s course is being shown in the death of the person you are with.

If passion isn’t what it used to be, you don’t necessarily have to end it, just re-evaluate what you want for yourself. See if the relationship corresponds to your surrender, if there is room to advance to another level, or if it is best to end it for good.

■ Dreaming of the death of a loved one

Caution. Dreaming of the death of your loved one indicates that you are maintaining patterns of past relationships in your relationship. Whatever kind of affection relationship has been the attitudes that are underpinning the current one, it has the potential to kill that love.

You must understand that the person you share affection with today is a different human being than the person you’ve had a relationship with. Respect your individuality, let go of old concepts and preconceptions, and open your mind to love fully and unconditionally.

■ Dreaming of the death of a co-worker

The dream of the death of a colleague means that deep inside you are realizing that this person is in need of help. However, the obligations of work prevent you from taking the attitude that you believe is ideal to help this person.

As much as you eventually look at your life and think that you are the one who needs help, remember that there are things you don’t know about each other. Sometimes, a person just needs to get out something that is felt, and someone to listen ends up making all the difference. Give your ability to help those in need a chance.

■ Dreaming of someone’s death

When dreaming of someone’s death, you should also consider which scenes impacted you during the day. If there was a time when you witnessed a person dying, whether in person, on television or the internet, the power of that scene will manifest itself when you are sleeping.

Now, if none of this happened and you still dreamed of someone’s death, consider what that person represented to you in the dream. It only served as a symbol of something you wish to eliminate in your own character. His death points to something that must have an end in his waking life.

Pay attention to whether this person’s characteristics bothered you, and whether the fact that he died brought you relief. If these characteristics are things that are part of you, seek healing from them, or accept and love yourself the way you are.

Dreaming of the death of different animals

Animals in dreams, as in the culture of many peoples, bring the most diverse meanings. When they appear dead, we have interpretations that differ according to the species of the animal.

They are linked to newness of life, rebirths and urgent healing for hidden aspects of our being. But they can also bring important warnings of situations that need your utmost attention if your goal is to get well. Let’s see below what each of these animals killed in a dream wants to reveal to us.

■ Dreaming of dead fish

The dead fish in the dream says you are missing an opportunity. Your stubbornness is keeping you stagnant, and you can’t move forward because you don’t open up to new ideas. If you don’t give other ways of doing things a chance, you will continue to be frustrated by your projects’ lack of success.

Learn to calculate your attitudes and keep an eye on the results. Once you get to the root of your frustration, see if it was worth it, and try to learn from your own mistakes. On the next try, don’t miss the opportunity to do it differently and let go of outdated thoughts.

■ Dreaming of dead cat

Dreaming of a dead cat refers to the fact that your strength is running out because your problems are affecting you more than they should. You are sad and you see nothing but the pain that is bringing you down.

Realize the weaknesses that are leaving you unmotivated, consider ways to heal yourself and return to smiling with genuine desire. It is important to respect your suffering, but it cannot dominate you. Take care of yourself, and don’t give pain control over your life, it’s yours and not transferable.

■ Dreaming of a dead dog

When you dream of a dead dog, it’s time to regain hope. As much as you have made mistakes, and faced frustrations, now is the time when you are being given a new opportunity.

The stage of valuing new lessons and knowledge that life has taught you has arrived, through the mistakes you made and the moments of pain. Make all that was worth it, and take the opportunity to do better and evolve even more.

■ Dreaming of dead mouse

Dreaming about a dead mouse is asking you to pay attention to your priorities. Especially if now they are not focused on your health and the people you love. If professional issues and other sectors are taking your attention more than caring for yourself and your family, be alert.

Stop worrying too much about third-party issues. Set your eyes on your well-being and on the people you really care about, and value this precious asset that is life.

■ Dreaming of dead chicken

If you dream of a dead chicken, you must turn your attention to attitudes towards the people around you. Your behavior is attracting untrustworthy people, and eventually driving away people who truly care about you.

Notice how your circle has changed and analyze what brought these new people closer to you. See what you do, or don’t do, that drives away those who love you unconditionally. It costs far less to prevent than to try to repair the damage.

■ Dreaming of a dead pet

The meaning of dreaming about a dead pet is that you don’t know how to handle a loss. Maybe at work, relationship or even the death of someone that still brings you a lot of anguish, it is coming from your subconscious through the dream for you to recover.

It is important to seek to overcome the past, and allow yourself to experience sensations that will take you away from the pain. Past sufferings should only teach us lessons to live the present with much more lightness and wisdom.

Other interpretations of dreaming about death

As it is a complex topic and still full of taboos, we have a few more interpretations about dreaming about death. They will help you understand the other contexts in which the end of life in dreams means much more than just the end.

■ Dreaming of dead people

When dreaming of dead people, your subconscious is pointing out that you have been carrying feelings related to the past. This involves guilt or remorse for some attitude that, today, you are ashamed to remember.

Empathize with who you were in the past. Try to understand what their context, knowledge and limitations were at the time. On this path, he will come to forgive himself and leave the bitter taste of regret at once.

■ Dreaming that you are afraid of death

If you dream that you are afraid of death, it is because you are afraid of the changes that lie ahead. The new and unknown world appears opening up to you, full of possibilities and opportunities, and your answer is fear. It is common to be frightened by the unknown. Just as it is common to settle for a life of complete unhappiness.

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Allow your curiosity for the new to take you to the next level. There are much better things waiting to lead you to a fuller and more abundant life. However, they require you to have the courage to just keep going.

■ Dreaming of one’s own shooting death

Dreaming of your own shooting death comes to say that you feel the need for an urgent change in your way of being. This abrupt way of interrupting life appears in your dream as a manifestation of your impulsiveness.

You harbor a deep desire to live differently than you have been. And now you are asking yourself for new habits, a new routine, or new circles of coexistence as soon as possible.

Whether this is positive or negative, it’s up to you to see how it relates to your need to follow the impulse. Try to understand if this is something that has done you good or bad, and define what is the best attitude for the moment.

■ Dreaming that he died and was reborn

If you dream that you died and were reborn, it is because you, more than ever, are prepared for a new life. You have already left behind old concepts and behavior patterns that were asking for this “death”, and now you have everything for the new that awaits you.

This dream could be symbolized by the image of the phoenix, the mythological bird that rises from the ashes. For, you are being reborn from the ashes of suffering for free flight of a full and happy life. Enjoy, you deserve it!

■ Dreaming that you are dead and buried

If a cycle has ended in your life, there is nothing better than dreaming that you are dead and buried to signal this end of an era. Don’t be scared, the best is yet to come. What you have to do now is to seek to absorb the lessons that I struggle with such a profound transition to teach.

Take as much time as necessary to recover, respect your cycles. Then step out of the darkness and into your new life confident that you are prepared to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Can dreaming of death signal a transition period?

Definitely, dreaming of death, in general, signals a period of profound transition. But that doesn’t always seem positive to people. After all, many people are attached to old patterns, behaviors and ideas that no longer fit the maturity that life is demanding.

For them to be truly positive and, in some cases, less painful, it is necessary to be open to the movement for change.

The time has come for transformation, prosperity and freedom from everything that imprisoned you and made you believe that life should continue like this until death. The symbol of death during the dream comes to show you that the end of certain things is not only possible, but necessary for new cycles of fullness and happiness to begin to be born.

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