Dreams About Dead | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming of the dead: alive, in the coffin, in church, unknown and more!

As macabre as it sounds, dreaming of the dead may not necessarily be a bad thing. These dreams can be about someone unknown, known, alive, or even in a coffin.

The interpretation of your dream will depend on the type of person, place, condition, perceived situation and other important factors. To learn the meaning of what you dreamed of, better understand each of these factors, and discover the message behind dreams of dead people.

Dreaming of the dead of different people

When dreaming of the dead, it is very important to be aware of who the dead is, as each type of person conveys a different message. See below what each different dead that appears in your dream might be wanting to tell you!

■ Dreaming of an acquaintance’s dead

If you’ve ever dreamed of a dead and it belongs to someone you know, it’s not a good sign. That’s because it can represent four things, none of which are considered positive. Understand each of them and see which makes the most sense to you:

    • Withdrawal from a loved one: It may not necessarily be the person in the dream, but someone related to them. A sign that you should pay attention to your surroundings in the coming days;
    • Imminent fights: This can be a warning that you are close to getting involved in some disagreement, so staying calm is critical;
    • Someone close needs help: death also represents a transition or obstacle. Watch for signs of change and plan for those that are about to happen;
  • Death of an Acquaintance: Some people are armed with a certain capacity for precognition, so the meaning can be literal. That is, actually representing the death of that person. In this case, if you have intimacy, you can talk to her, in a pleasant and calm way.

■ Dreaming of a stranger’s dead

Generally, dreaming of the death of a stranger represents financial problems, whether you are already going through or those that are to come. It can also relate not only to you, but also to someone close to you, such as a family member or friend. These problems can come in the form of debt, loss of a source of income, emergencies, accidents, and others.

If you had that dream, don’t close any business that requires a large amount of capital that day. Likewise, it is important to avoid lending money as much as possible, even if it is someone you know and trust. This is because, even with the best intentions, she may not be able to pay off the debt, which can also lead to a breakup of a friendship.

Another point to pay attention to in the coming days is your level of caution. Try not to act on impulse, as this can lead to significant losses, both financial and professional. Likewise, it is also important to be aware of the offers received, as you may be presented with some kind of scam or situation that will lead to future losses. Therefore, always be wary of extremely tempting proposals.

■ Dreaming of a relative’s dead

Usually, this kind of dream is related to some unfinished business between you and your relative. Dreaming of a relative’s dead can happen after you’ve been through an argument, and that’s normal.

It can also represent a debt or promise that will not be kept and that was made recently. So, the ideal is to try to avoid lending money or accepting promises in the coming days, just to avoid future disagreements and even the removal of loved ones because of it.

On the other hand, if the debt has already been contracted, there is not much you can do but prepare yourself financially, in case you depend on the return of that money, making an extra fund to compensate. Also, don’t lose touch with the person who contracted the debtor made the promise.

Of course, you can’t let go of the grieving process in case you lose a loved one. And not only the physical loss, such as death or even moving to another city, for example but also the sentimental one, due to being away because of fights or everyday tasks. So, if you dream of a relative’s dead, review your relationship and seek peace in your heart.

■ Dreaming of a child’s dead

If you dream of a child’s dead, your unconscious is sending you this important message and should not be ignored: it’s time to grow up. In other words, the time has come to let the dependent child die, who tantrums and cries when frustrated, starting to assume their own tasks and responsibilities. Nobody will be able to support you forever, so look for your way, new alternatives and, above all, new challenges.

This somewhat disturbing dream may also be related primarily to emotional development and change. Not only the responsibilities and practical actions of the day to day must be taken, but, mainly, to take control of your emotional aspects.

Changes will always occur, all the time, throughout your life, and it’s up to you to learn to deal with them and make the best use of your growth.

That’s because dreaming of a child’s dead also means that something will change soon. Therefore, you must pay attention to details, thus feeling which is the path towards which life is leading you, in order to draw the best survival strategies.

In addition, it is important to listen to the signs that life is sending you, making the surprise in the face of the unknown smaller, with more chances of success.

Dreaming of the dead in different places

Not only can the people in the dream have meaning, but also the places where they are found and what they are doing. Some very common examples are dreaming of the dead in coffins, in water, in a grave or even in church. Understand the message each of them represents.

■ Dreaming of the dead in the coffin

Dreaming of a corpse in a coffin is a sign that you need to evaluate your life, as you tend to feel suffocated, trapped, and hopeless. The coffin is a dense structure, difficult to break and that prevents you from moving or moving around. Being inside it can represent the very environment or relationship you live in today.

However, it can also be interpreted as the feeling of being stuck and without options in life, especially when it comes to relationships. Sometimes, when a person is too much of a perfectionist, they tend to project all their insecurities onto the search for a person to share their life with. Consequently, he is left with no way out, thinking that no one is good enough for his overrated levels of perfection.

Dreaming of someone trapped inside a coffin can also be a warning that there is a dark side, locked away in your unconscious, that needs to be revised. Gloomy doesn’t mean bad, just that it’s hidden in the shadows. Some trauma experienced hidden resentment, frustrated dreams and many other things that may be tormenting you without your being aware of them.

■ Dreaming of a dead person in the water

Dreaming of a corpse in water can have different meanings depending on the situation. Remember that water represents movement, change, delicacy and persistence. On the other hand, it can also be stormy, muddy, morose, and even toxic. See some meanings and understand better:

    • Body floating in crystal clear water: it represents purification, renewal and clarity of ideas, a good stage for making decisions, starting a new project, taking a new course or investing in something that can bring you a beneficial change;
    • In running water: if you are in a river or similar, it means that some of your yearnings will have a positive response soon. So, it’s time to calm down and wait, trying to have the necessary tools and knowledge in hand, in case you can start acting;
    • In dirty or pooled water: beware of people around you, especially those you trust, as they may be plotting against you, even without having the conscious intention. That way, avoid opening up to people you don’t fully trust and be ready for any misadventure;
  • Body floating in unidentified water: If you couldn’t see the type of water, you just knew it was this, so it means it’s time to overcome an important fear. It could be childhood trauma or even a self-confidence issue. Look for the necessary means, invest your time in the project and believe in yourself more.

■ Dreaming of the dead in the grave

Dreaming of a dead in the grave can represent the completion of something from the past, finally being buried. A pit is a hole, an opening. It is where what no longer serves – like a lifeless body – is placed, to turn to dust again. In other words, it’s time to let go of what no longer serves, such as hurts, resentments, or even behavior.

Furthermore, the dream can be interpreted as the time to close some type of project that is no longer yielding the same results as before. Thus, it is important to assess whether the results are being satisfactory and the chances of him being able to grow and prosper. It’s also worth considering whether it can hurt if you keep it active. If the answer is yes, it’s time to let go of the past, save the lessons and look forward.

It can also mean that you’re going to have a victory soon, and it can happen both professionally and personally. This victory will possibly happen over a new opponent. But beware, this opponent may not necessarily be a person, but rather a limitation, pernicious new habit or even bad energies that are in your direction.

■ Dreaming of the dead in church

Seeing a body inside a church while dreaming is a sign that something good is to come in the next few days. The church is the house of faith, but it is also its inner temple. It is inside each one of us and the dream of the dead in the church is totally related to wisdom. Death is a passage to a more fluid plane, and if this happens within the house of wisdom, it is a sign of good omen.

Another meaning of dreaming about the dead in the sacred space is the need to search for self-knowledge, a warning that you need to go deeper within yourself and improve points that are still preventing you from growing.

To do this, set aside quality time every day to meditate and seek the paths that will lead you to the right answers. If you prefer, you can seek self-knowledge in psychology, in consultations with trusted professionals.

In addition, it also represents a yearning for something deeper in your life, which brings you more meaning, purpose. It can be an important change in your work, focusing on a special cause for your heart or even the creation of a social project that puts you in touch with your essence and, mainly, your mission in the world.

Dreaming of a dead in different conditions

In addition to the types of people and places, you can also dream of death in different conditions. Among them, the most unpleasant ones, like the bloated body – which happens after a few days of death. You may also have the idea that the body is stinking or see it decaying. Understand each of these cases.

■ Dreaming of a swollen corpse

If while dreaming of a dead, his body was swollen, this is a sign that you need more action in your life. Whether you want to practice a new sport that takes you out of your comfort zone, or maybe take a chance on a completely new project that you never thought of doing before. The important thing is to look for movement, more action in your day.

Also, this dream means stagnation or being stuck with something that is saturating you, making you feel every single one of your cells can’t take another drop of it. In that case, try to assess your thoughts, feelings, emotions and, of course, behaviors. What has been strange about your posture in front of the world? How to fix this? Look for solutions for each situation you encounter.

Dreaming of a bloated corpse may be related to some guilt or rancor from the past, which continues to haunt you, even if at an unconscious level. Try to forgive the people who wronged you, after all, they won’t carry all that weight, but you. When you welcome forgiveness, it makes your mind clearer and more focused on the present moment, facilitating the actions that will take you to the dreamed future.

■ Dreaming of stinking dead

This dream means that deep down you have something hidden that you don’t want others to know. It could be hurt, trauma, possibly something that happened to you or something you did to someone else. But in either case, it’s not a pleasant memory and you’re trying to push it to the back of your unconscious without much success.

The only thing to do in this case is to seek help in finding the right tools to deal with the situation. Seeking help from a psychologist or even someone you trust to talk to is critical, as you can gain interesting insights into the situation and process it more efficiently. That way you can feel lighter and fresher again.

But know that dreaming of a stinking dead can also be a good sign! It means that your unconscious is sending you a message that it is high time to process these memories and the emotions related to them and move on. In other words, what was previously completely covered now gives you signs that it should emerge, facilitating its conclusion.

■ Dreaming of decaying corpses

Amazingly, this is a good thing. Dreaming of a decaying corpse is a sign that you’re going to have big success soon. It can be in the financial, family, or personal areas. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to all areas of your life, so as not to let the opportunity slip away without being noticed in time.

Besides, it’s a good time to make that investment you were planning or even start a shelved project. If you’re thinking about the possibility of lending someone money – as long as you’re taking the necessary precautions and being a trustworthy person – this seems like an appropriate time to do so.

On the other hand, it can also be a great day to gather friends to share experiences and bond. Along the same lines, you can also try to get in touch with those who have drifted away. In that way, abundance and prosperity will be more complete, being shared with loved ones from now and past times.

Dreaming of the dead in different situations

It may also happen that you have dreamed of a corpse in strange – not to say frightening – situations. Among them are some that would make even the bravest run. For example, dreaming of the dead moving, smiling, talking, calling you and much more. See the explanation for these cases and other rather uncomfortable situations.

■ Dreaming of the corpse moving

Dreaming of a moving corpse is a sign that it’s time to invest in something different in your personal life. Either a new relationship may be coming, or it may be the need to move things along in your current love. Try to understand your current situation and focus your efforts on solutions that can help you resolve

As for your finances, a good streak is approaching, bringing more prosperity. So it’s a good idea to think about asking for an increase in responsibilities in your work – consequently, greater financial gain. Also pay attention to how you’ve been spending your money, as you may get excited and end up doing nonsense, so it’s good to monitor your earnings more closely.

■ Dreaming of the dead resuscitating

Dreaming of the dead resurrecting can have a more complex meaning, with three different interpretations. See which interpretation of this dream best fits your reality and what to do about it:

    • Barriers in Personal Life: This dream may represent some slight difficulty in family or love relationships. So, try to spend more time with your family and practice active listening, trying to help instead of judging;
    • Good health in general: although it means good health, this does not mean that you are going to leave out medical care, ok? Continue with a good diet, physical activity and don’t forget to take care of your mental health too;
  • Solving old conflicts: the dream of the dead resuscitating may represent the solution of old problems, whether with money or family members. Take this time to talk to those who are no longer in your life because of past disagreements, and try to resolve the issue at once.

■ Dreaming of the dead talking

If you’ve ever dreamed of a dead who was talking to himself or talking to you, that’s a great omen! That’s because it represents a financial gain in the near future, as well as luck in relationships, whether romantic or family. In other words, your life is about to become more prosperous in at least one of the most important industries.

Another possible interpretation of the dream with the dead talking is that you have the chance to reconnect with someone important in your life who ended up drifting away over time. It could have been a fight or misunderstanding, leaving hurts behind. But, also, it may have just been the withdrawal that can happen naturally with the passage of time, while still maintaining respect and admiration as always.

■ Dreaming of the dead smiling

Another good omen is dreaming of a dead person who smiles, whether at you or someone else. It can also be simply smiling, to no one in particular. This means emotional freedom, meaning that you were able to process and heal the pain of a loss. Take the opportunity to revisit these emotions and resolve any details that have been forgotten.

On the other hand, it is also a request from your unconscious that you have more courage. For this, it is important not to give up on the fear of making mistakes, always trying to keep an open mind to the possibilities. To better handle the situation, make an analysis of your concepts and see to what extent your perfectionism is preventing you from acting, so you don’t have the chance to make mistakes.

■ Dreaming of the dead while raising

In addition to good luck, this dream represents the solution to an old problem that has already caused a lot of damage. It is a sign of deliverance and that the solution that seemed impossible is at hand. Another interpretation of dreaming of a rising dead is that you need to remain calm and not get carried away by fights and disputes.

If the body remains dead, even after getting up, it means that the solution to a certain problem is at hand and you will do it alone. In other words, you will not need external or even spiritual help to be able to deal with the situation, which will represent a great victory in your life and will be remembered for a long time.

■ Dreaming of the dead calling you

It may happen that, during your dream, you hear a corpse calling you. This is a warning of some nearby danger and you should exercise extreme caution. Certainly, during your dream, you felt vulnerable and unnoticed, and you may even feel chills just remembering. In that case, it’s good to seek spiritual help in your own faith.

However, things get more complicated if, while dreaming of a dead, you accept the call and go in his direction, showing a situation of serious and very close danger. In some cases, it can also be interpreted as the proximity of death. It is essential that you try to surround yourself with good people at this time and leave all your things in order, but not thinking about the dream often.

■ Dreaming of the dead looking at you

Totally related to low self-esteem, dreaming of a dead person who faces you is just a reflection of your insecurity. It’s a warning that you need to love yourself more and look at yourself with more care and attention. A good way to start doing this is to look for what dysfunctional thoughts you have about yourself, such as ‘I’m not good for this or ‘I’m just like that – and start to change it little by little.

It’s also a sign that you should put aside passivity in life and start doing the activities you’ve always dreamed of. This can be related to a big dream, a business or even taking the next step in the relationship and asking for the hand of the person you love once and for all.

Dreaming that you are doing different things with the dead

It may happen that during your dream you are seeing or participating in different things. For example, a funeral, autopsy, bathing or even a kiss on a dead person. Understand what dreaming of the dead in each of these actions represents and be able to hear better what your unconscious is trying to say.

■ Dreaming that you are seeing a corpse undergoing an autopsy

If, while dreaming of a dead, you perform an autopsy or observe someone performing the procedure, it represents prosperity. That is, a lot of money is to come. Furthermore, it indicates that good people will be placed in your path and will help you to overcome a current problem. It’s a message of hope, albeit a bit uncomfortable, that you can reap the best in every situation.

■ Dreaming of seeing a dead person being buried

The burial marks the end of a cycle in a positive light. Focused on the beginning, this representation of the old being buried makes room for the new. In other words, new projects and opportunities will appear in your life soon.

Dreaming of a dead person being buried is a sign that, in order to be successful, it is essential that he abandon passivity and start fighting for what he wants. Even if you need to start a new course or dedicate more hours of your day to improve.

■ Dreaming that you are washing a corpse

Bathing a dead may represent the need to face challenges to achieve success. For this, it is necessary to remove all negative emotions and limiting thoughts. It can also represent facing a more difficult problem, whether personal or professional.

In other words, dreaming of the dead being cleaned by yourself is a clear way for your unconscious mind to show you that you can’t wait any longer, you’ll have to face that little dirt that was under the rug.

■ Dreaming that you are kissing a dead person

Dreaming about the dead is no longer the most pleasant thing, now imagine if you’re giving him a kiss! However, it is also a strong warning that something is very wrong with your health. If your body is giving small signs such as spots, pain, tiredness, and others, seek medical help.

Don’t ignore the message that both your physical and unconscious are sending you. On the other hand, if the dead is someone you know, that person may need more urgent medical attention. Get in touch with her gently.

Other interpretations of dreaming about the dead

Certainly all these situations mentioned are interesting and can be useful in the interpretation when dreaming about the dead. But did you know that there are some other very common cases of people dreaming about them? See what the other possibilities are and what they mean.

■ Dreaming of many dead

If dreaming about a dead body isn’t one of the nicest things anymore, imagine several of them! But don’t worry, it’s actually a good sign. It means prosperity, good changes that will lead to a better quality of life. But it’s important not to forget that it could just be your mind processing big events like pandemics or slaughters.

■ Dreaming of the dead falling from the coffin

When dreaming of the dead, many things can happen, and one of them is seeing the body falling from the coffin. In this case, the meaning is related to impulsiveness and the desire to make some urgent change.

It is as if inside you there is a time bomb about to explode, and the only way to stop it would be this new attitude or behavior. On the other hand, it can also mean the difficulty of forgiving, letting go of what no longer makes sense.

■ Dreaming of living dead in the coffin

Sometimes the dream of what should be a dead person is simply a living person inside a coffin. Very significant, it indicates that you are suffocated, feeling that your time is not enough for your obligations, family, and leisure.

Furthermore, when dreaming of living dead in the coffin, it is as if walls blocked your movements and prevented you from growing. If you have this type of dream frequently, it’s important to review the main aspects of your life and make the necessary changes.

Is dreaming of the dead a sign of fear?

As you can see, dreaming about the dead is not related to fear itself. In fact, it may even be a sign of good omen, as many of your everyday difficulties could be better dealt with if you paid proper attention to your dreams.

They are like messengers from your unconscious, showing you what is bothering you and preventing you from living to its fullest. They function as a warning sign on a busy and noisy highway.

It is also important to assess what is happening in your life. Dreams are a way your mind finds to process more painful recent events. For example, in the middle of the pandemic, many people started to dream more about death and bodies compared to previous times.

Certainly a consequence of the strong images that are aired daily about the painful losses to so many families and the inability to properly say goodbye to loved ones and longtime friends.

In other words, dreaming of the dead can indeed be a good omen or a warning. However, it can also reflect this fear of human frailty and how ephemeral life can be.

So, instead of brooding, process your emotions, look for the best now and enjoy the people you love and are by your side. Regardless of life or death, these are the moments that will be forever engraved in your soul.

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