Dreams About Crystal | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming about crystal: transparent, green, pink, broken and more!

If you’ve dreamed of a crystal you know that these dreams can be very mystical and involving. That’s because they keep hidden messages about your personal life, your work, and your relationships. But to understand the right way to receive these warnings, you need to carefully analyze the nuances of your dream.

Try to remember what the crystal you dreamed of was like. Was it colored or transparent? What kind of stone or object was it? Did you interact with him or did you just watch him? If you know how to answer any of these questions, you will already be able to receive many answers about the meanings of dreaming with a crystal.

In this article we have separated 26 different symbolisms for dreaming about crystal. Check out!

Dreaming of different colored crystals

There are crystals of different colors and depending on that you may receive different messages in your dreams. Did you dream of just one crystal of one color, or were there several crystals of different colors? These variations will also give you different symbolisms.

Read on to find out what dreaming each crystal color means!

■ Dreaming of green crystal

Dreaming of green crystal symbolizes the arrival of a future of good energy and great moments. It is a sign that you are charting a path that will lead you to much peace, even if you may not be able to see it. Therefore, it is necessary to calm down in the face of any silly issues that may concern you.

The green crystal is the symbol of the hope that better days will come, and going forward, this is how you should start thinking. Therefore, to welcome this period of personal growth with open arms, you must trust what your heart says and hope that the universe will bring you the best. At that moment, optimism and confidence can be your best friends.

■ Dreaming of pink crystal

Having a pink crystal in your dream has more than one meaning. This is because pink crystals symbolize love and feelings. Therefore, having them in a dream can indicate both a positive message and a warning.

The good interpretation for dreaming about pink crystal is that a period of great affection will approach you. For singles, it’s a sign that many people with the potential to be romantic partners will be around you. For those in a relationship, this dream indicates that you will go through a phase of peace and good times with your loved one.

The most serious meaning for this dream concerns its sensitivity. It indicates that you have very high expectations that make you act on impulse and without thinking about the consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to train your emotional intelligence and not take everything personally, otherwise you will face great disappointment.

■ Dreaming of white crystal

The white crystal has the symbolism of peace and tranquility. If you dream of seeing or interacting with one, it means that you are close to reaching a great moment in life, but you still need to sort out some things for that to happen. So this dream is a warning that if you take the right steps, you can achieve what you want.

These attitudes should be taken in any area of ​​your life, whether personal or professional. Those problems that seem big and impossible to solve actually just need a little nudge to get them to the right place. If you are the one to give that push, you will be closer to being able to take life more lightly.

■ Dreaming of black crystal

If a black crystal has appeared in your dream, it is a sign that you are going through a phase of great negativity. This cloud of negativity is attracting bad feelings that make you unable to do your best in many areas of life.

Even though these are tough times, your dreams have warned you so that you can be aware that putting yourself all the way down will only make the negativity build higher and higher. So be kind to yourself, don’t restrict your bad feelings, but don’t let them take over who you are and what you do either.

■ Dreaming of purple crystal

The symbolisms of the purple crystal are related to mystical environment, magic and the healing of past wounds. So, dreaming about a purple crystal indicates that you will enter a period of strong personal manifestations. But for this to happen, you must not be indebted to yourself.

This means that there are areas in your life that are not well structured yet, and that is already clear in your thoughts. However, studying situations is not the only way to resolve them, as you also need to study yourself and yourself to understand what to do.

In other words, this dream is a warning that you must seek your meaning in the world, so that, in the future, you can enjoy a mystical and inspiring phase in life.

■ Dreaming of blue crystal

Dreaming of blue crystal is a sign that you have been letting your illusions dictate your life. Your dreamy mind has taken over your thoughts, making you not take any initiative in your plans and just fantasize about your desires. Therefore, this dream indicates that continuing in this way will not bring good results in your life.

The best way to handle your projects is to act on them. So be careful not to spend too much of your time just imagining success rather than striving for it. The message of this dream is that you must learn to keep your feet on the ground and focus on what needs to be done.

■ Dreaming of yellow crystal

If you dreamed of a yellow crystal, a phase of many nuances is at hand. There are situations in your professional environment that will put you in a high position, but that position will keep you from seeing other parts of life. With a lot of weight on your shoulders, dealing with the difficult parts and facing your deepest feelings will be a difficult task.

Dreaming of a yellow crystal is a message that you must learn to exercise caution and rethink your actions, and not forget who you are and who you love. You have to remember that being in an apparently good place doesn’t mean it will be good for you. So try to listen to your feelings and accept help from the people who are offering you.

■ Dreaming of colored crystals

Having crystals of various colors present in your dream is great news. This means that you will have better and happier times in your life, and that your worries will find a way to end. Also, the more colorful the crystals are, the more people (new or familiar) will approach you with good intentions.

During this coming phase, it’s important not to get carried away by bad thoughts or the fear that everything will end as quickly as it started, even if it’s a natural thing to imagine. Remember that this is a time to rest and enjoy the best life has to offer. So relax and allow yourself to be a happier person.

Dreaming of crystal in different states

Regardless of color, a dream crystal can contain other aspects that vary in meaning. Like, for example, the crystal may contain no color at all, be underwater, glow too bright, or even be broken. Check out some symbolisms for dreaming about crystal in these different states!

■ Dreaming of transparent crystal

Dreaming of a clear crystal is a warning that you are using the ends to justify the means. You have many desires and goals, but they are being manifested through selfish acts that can affect those around you. Furthermore, you carry a strong desire to hide these wrong actions from the public.

This dream asks you to reflect on your choices and your visions for how you have acted. Doing harm to others will only make that harm come back to you. In other words, try to be more ethical and transparent about your feelings, just as the crystal was in your dream.

■ Dreaming of broken crystal

If you’ve dreamed of a broken crystal, your life isn’t going in the best conditions. There’s a big cloud of negativity flying around you and it’s got you down and it’s affected your plans.

However, dreaming of broken crystal is an indication that, in the near future, you will finally see these difficulties disappearing. Still, one must be cautious.

It is common for you to want everything to go faster, but trying to speed up a process that is already destined to happen in a certain way will only make it take even longer to arrive. So take a deep breath and hold on.

■ Dreaming of crystals in water

The warning brought by dreaming of crystals in water is about the need for purification in your life. Taking a shower is a way to remove all the dirt and things that can be harmful in our body. If so, this dream indicates that you needed a symbolic wash of your soul.

There are paths in your life that will only be reached if you are free from memories and feelings that only attract evil. So try to find ways to get away from negative energies. This can be done through prayers, rituals, and even more mundane ways such as therapy. The important thing is to feel good about yourself.

■ Dreaming of glittering crystals

Dreaming of sparkling crystals is a prelude to great times for those who have struggled. If you are looking for a solution to your questions, your dream sends you a message of hope. It indicates that you will be able to resolve all the adversities that have plagued you in recent times.

Try to handle the sticky situations as best you can while that phase doesn’t come, and don’t worry so much about your future. The answers to your questions will appear, and when they’re in front of you, you’ll know how to see them. Therefore, the only definitive action you should take is to continue facing your problems and remain calm until it all comes to an end.

Dreaming of crystals of different types

There are several crystal stones, such as amethyst, quartz and citrine, for example. If you dreamed of these or some other known crystal, their symbology may be related to your current situation. To learn the meaning of dreaming with each type of crystal, read on!

■ Dreaming of Agate Crystal

The Agate has the symbolism of protection and balance. So if you dream of Agate crystal it is a great sign for your personal life. Everything indicates that you have a lot of value within you and that you will have the strength to surpass all your goals.

These dreams talk about prosperity and calm and often bring messages from the spirit world about fulfilling your desires. So, if you’ve been looking for something in recent times, be on the lookout for new opportunities and try to manifest what you’re looking to achieve. Your wishes will be granted.

■ Dreaming of Amazonite crystal

Having a dream about an Amazonite indicates that you will experience moments of evolution. This crystal symbolizes the presence of peace and creativity, so whoever dreams of it will face a phase of great personal and professional development. If you are looking for new projects or ideas, this will also be a great opportunity to find them.

As Amazonite also indicates more focus in your thoughts, this period will be a good time to continue plans that seemed to require a lot of concentration. Plus, your creative aura will help you build projects in a way that’s different from other people. It will be a prone stage for hard work, as if the results are good, you will be greatly rewarded for it.

■ Dreaming of aquamarine crystal

If you were feeling helpless or insecure, dreaming of an Aquamarine crystal is a sign that greater forces are watching over you. Whether in love or in life in general, this dream indicates that you don’t have to worry so much about the evils to come. Because, even if they reach you, life will find a way to overshadow them.

Plus, it’s a great time to go on trips or adventures, especially if you’re planning to go somewhere far away. The Aquamarine crystal is a good sign for these occasions, as it symbolizes the cultivation of great times and the presence of protection wherever you walk. So take advantage of these times to do what you want and overcome your fears.

■ Dreaming of Citrine Crystal

Dreaming of the Citrine crystal reveals that negative energies are trying to infiltrate your life, but are being stopped. Everything indicates that these energies come through the envy of people around you, so be careful. There is someone wishing you harm and that someone may be in the guise of a friend of yours.

Despite this, the Citrine crystal is a stone used to protect and take care of the health of those who have it. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid that this person’s malicious actions will directly affect you or hurt you. This dream claims that everything is under control and that you are being taken care of by greater forces.

■ Dreaming of Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is one of the main crystals when it comes to spirituality and manifestation. This stone symbolizes power, good luck and positivity in the life of those who have it. So if you dream of seeing the Amethyst crystal it is a great sign that there is a good charge of spiritual energy around you.

This dream indicates that now is a good time to practice your spirituality and cultivate your inner power. If you want to break down negative energies or protect yourself from them, you are also at a time to make this work, as your ability to connect with the esoteric world is on the rise. So, enjoy this phase and try to make it last as long as possible.

■ Dreaming of Crystal Quartz

Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals in the spirit world. Dreaming of Crystal Quartz is a sign that, in addition to your ability to manifest, there are obstacles in your path that must be broken. However, these obstacles can be in any area of ​​your life, and you need to recognize them yourself.

To deal with them, you must be willing to accept the energies that the universe is trying to send you. Having a Quartz in your dream indicates that you are close to developing your spirituality and learning to use it in your daily life.

This can start with your intuition or other forms of signals, like your own dream, for example. So try to recognize these messages and find out what they mean and how they apply to your life.

Dreaming of crystal objects

It is also possible that you have dreamed of crystal in other shapes, such as a goblet, a glass or a rosary made of this material. Even though they look like simple objects, they are important pieces to dictate the signs in your dream. Check it out below!

■ Dreaming of crystal glasses

Dreaming about crystal glasses indicates that you will go through a phase of great sensitivity. At this stage, your interior and your emotions will be more fragile and this can be a great hindrance to continue with your routine. If you take things personally, you could hurt yourself more than you should.

So try to avoid situations that you know will not be good for your physical and emotional integrity. Don’t get involved in arguments with partners, friends or someone from your work, as things can get intense between you.

Also, allow people to help you improve what you need and keep in mind that they are doing it because they care about you. Otherwise, don’t despair. Remember that this is just a phase and it will pass before you even know it. So take it easy and give it time.

■ Dreaming of crystal stones

Having a dream with crystal stones is a good sign. In their symbolism, they indicate that you are approaching a period of great positivity and personal evolution. This is a time when problems will be overcome, fights can be resolved, and you can turn to a blank page to write new stories and lessons.

Still, dreaming of crystal stones indicates that this phase will not come for free. You need to act with integrity with yourself and try to get over past moments that still hurt you. Do not allow them to take over your thoughts, as this will only make you feel bad and not be able to achieve this personal evolution.

■ Dreaming of crystal goblet

If you dream of a crystal goblet, get ready to receive big news. This dream is a prelude to the arrival of success and fortune in your life. It indicates that your plans will start to move towards the right place and you will be able to get where you want with your projects and dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a job or just started studying at a new college, the crystal glass in your dream indicates you’re making the right choice for your career. But if you’re already working on something, this dream asks you to listen to your own heart and don’t let go of what you love to do. In either case, you are close to receiving the recognition you deserve.

■ Dreaming of crystal tooth

Dreaming of a crystal tooth indicates the dreamer’s need for a period of renewal. You have watched your life in a distressing and self-destructive way, and these visions have taken you away from your true aura. That’s why you miss the way things were before, or you want the future to look different than everything is now.

This dream indicates that what you want is possible to happen, but you must learn to focus on what is worth remembering. For example, try not to put yourself down so much because of your weaknesses and re-establish bonds with people who were good for you but who you walked away from for some reason.

The crystal tooth in a dream shows that you have what you need to reach a good stage in your life, but you need to be willing to take more action and believe in yourself more.

■ Dreaming of crystal rosary

Having a crystal rosary in a dream is a sign that you need to start focusing more on your spirituality. You have great potential for this, but you still have a lot to learn and you should give a little more than time to gain experience in this medium. Still, this dream indicates that you feel you are on the right path to charting yourself spiritually.

To go deeper into your faith, regardless of your religion, you can spend your time studying, praying, practicing rituals, or even helping others. These actions, as simple as they seem, will make your spiritual level rise and you will receive more gifts, rewards and answers to your personal questions.

dream that interacts with crystal

As much as any situation may seem, if you interacted with a crystal in your dream, your emotional side may be shaken negatively or positively. In that case, it all depends on what you were doing with the object in question. Keep reading and learn more!

■ Dreaming of looking at a crystal

If you dreamed that you were looking at a crystal, this is a message to start taking your feelings more seriously. A dream like this warns you that you are neglecting your emotions by focusing too much on other responsibilities or also trying to ignore what you feel. In both cases, it is necessary to review your attitudes and stop with them.

To do this, try to occupy yourself with things that calm you down or with hobbies you’ve given up in the past for “the greater good.” It is necessary to establish boundaries between the healthy and the harmful. So don’t let these negative feelings stay hidden within you. Get help, talk to someone or just try to be true to yourself.

■ Dreaming of finding a crystal

Dreaming of finding a crystal by chance is a great thing, as it means you are about to enter a good period in your life. During this time, the universe will be on your side and will do its utmost to reward you with lots of luck, health and interesting discoveries.

So it’s good to be open to creative experiences in the future. Socialize with new people, reconnect with friends, look for opportunities at work or try to learn something. All these options will be great ways to enjoy this time and find surprises in your life.

As you go through this phase, let go of negativity and allow yourself to receive the good fruits that the universe will bring you.

■ Dreaming that a crystal drops to the ground

The message for dreaming that drops a crystal to the ground is aimed at your emotional state. Times of inner trouble are approaching and you can already feel this wave of negativity coming into your life. It will be a complicated time, in which you will be confused and lost as to what to feel and what to do.

However, it is possible to fight this phase if you take care of yourself. Be true to yourself, don’t try to pretend you don’t feel anything, and if you need it, get help from friends or professionals. It’s also not good to convince yourself that there’s nothing you can do in these situations, as this will make you accept that sadness gets you down, making it harder to recover later.

Does dreaming about crystals relate to the ego?

Dreaming about crystals, as much as it may not seem at first glance, reveals a lot about your willpower, your spirituality, and your deepest feelings. How this stone appeared in your dream is related to how you present yourself to the world.

This dream can also relate to your ego, as it often indicates that you need to be more cautious in dealing with other people. But the main message is that you are your own best friend and that you should treat yourself with kindness, patience and honesty. That way you will be able to follow the advice you received from your dreams.

However, don’t worry so much if the meanings of your dream are negative. Crystals are the main symbol of spiritual and emotional protection, so if you dreamed of one, rest assured that the universe is taking care of you.

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