Dreams About Crucifix | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming about crucifix: gold, broken, wooden, silver and more!

The crucifix has been a consistent symbol of Catholicism for over 1,500 years and serves to remind us of Christ’s sacrifice, resurrection and subsequent grace. Despite the associations, this is not a religious dream. The meaning of dreaming about the crucifix lies in the message behind the Christian crucifixion.

In general, they are dreams that talk about battles we fight on a daily basis so that we can achieve our goals. The way it appears dictates the aspect of life to which it refers, and it can be seen in different materials and states, in addition to different ways of interacting with the object in dreams.

If you dreamed of a crucifix and want to know what message is intended to be revealed, follow our content and find out.

Dreaming about crucifixes of different types

Crucifixes can be made from different materials such as gold, wood and silver. Each raw material has a particular symbolism that will add a specific meaning to the dream.

Thus, dreaming about crucifixes of different types can carry different interpretations. In some cases, it will talk about professional success, in others, about family relationships, emotions and fears. Understand below.

■ Dreaming of a golden crucifix

Gold and crucifixion are two elements that mark important moments in the history of Christ. While the cross ends his bodily existence, gold is one of the first gifts offered to Jesus of Nazareth after his birth. In this sense, dreaming of a golden crucifix refers to achieving your goals.

This gift symbolizes royalty, it is not, however, a dream about luxury or riches, but about the figure of a king. A king is an individual who takes charge of a group of people or situations, as you have been doing in your daily life.

The search for transforming a shared vision into reality has made him sacrifice his time with his family and his leisure time. But it is important to note that the symbol also carries the message that all this sacrifice will be marked by redemption.

■ Dreaming of a wooden crucifix

Dreaming of a wooden crucifix expresses the desire to be close and in harmony with your parents or grandparents. Wood is an element that carries a potent symbolism that represents ancestral wisdom and longevity.

It served primitive peoples – and still serves us today – as shelter and fuel. Furthermore, it is the raw material responsible for the creation of several tools that enabled the development of life in society.

Its relationship with parenthood is unquestionable and, when it appears associated with the crucifix, it reveals the proximity of sacrifices necessary to guarantee balance and family union.

■ Dreaming of a silver crucifix

Silver is a highly reflective element that appears in dreams to represent the quality that an individual has of reflecting their values ​​wherever they go. It shows that you are an authentic person and that you carry convictions.

By not appearing in isolation, the symbolism of the crucifix should not be ignored. Dreaming of a silver crucifix is ​​about the sacrifices and battles you have been facing to defend what you believe. You have encountered resistance and need to hold on to what you really want.

■ Dreaming of a black crucifix

Having black as the dominant hue of an object represents sadness and melancholy. Since this object is a crucifix, dreaming of a black crucifix refers to the feelings provoked by the sacrifices you have made to achieve your goals.

Sacrifices will certainly be necessary for you to achieve what you aspire to have, but you need to be clear about your purposes so that your choices don’t cost you people who are important to your happiness and the balance of your life.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to review your projects. Consider all areas of interest when planning your next actions and don’t neglect moments or people you want to have by your side when you achieve success.

Dreaming of a crucifix in different states

In dreams, the crucifix may appear broken, upside down, or in falling motion. Each of the states points to sacrifices and difficulties you are facing in different areas of your life.

These are dreams that demand attention and care, as they reveal ruptures, discontents or loss of control.

■ Dreaming of a broken crucifix

The representation of tangible objects broken in dreams serves to represent the destruction of all that is intangible within each individual. These are dreams that deal with our emotions as well as our relationships.

When dreaming of a broken crucifix, try to remember whether or not the piece could be repaired. When there’s a fix, it’s a dream that emerges to illustrate that the sacrifices you’ve made are negatively affecting your relationships. In addition, it is a warning sign that a change in posture will be needed to repair or alleviate the problem.

On the other hand, if it is an irreparable break, it is possible that your choices and the emotional distance caused by them have pushed the relationship to the limit. It will not mean the end, but illustrates the urgency of a renewal, completely changing behaviors that have affected your partners, family or friends.

■ Dreaming of an upside-down crucifix

Dreaming of the crucifix upside down reveals dissatisfaction with the position in which you find yourself. Your family has expectations of a future in you that do not match what you want to achieve.

It is a sense that is revealed when we look at the inverted cross. Although the media has advertised that it symbolizes an anti-Christian product, it is actually the expression of Peter’s desire. Not believing that he was worthy to die like Christ, St. Peter asked to have the object’s position reversed at the moment of its crucifixion.

Your dream comes to point out the importance of claiming your independence and your right to make choices. It’s time to make it clear to your parents that you are willing to compromise, but that you will not sacrifice your future to fulfill what is expected of you.

■ Dreaming of crucifix falling

The interpretation of dreaming of crucifix falling shows that you are hesitating and losing control over important aspects of your life. When we dream of falling objects, they come to illustrate this loss of control, while the crucifix symbolizes the sacrifice and renunciations necessary for us to attain grace.

It’s a dream that wants to remind you that every choice carries a renunciation, but that the act of choosing is a necessary process to live the life you want. If you give up your right to choose and decide the best path to follow, you also limit your future and lose control over your own life.

Dreaming that interacts with the crucifix

When dreaming interacts with the crucifix, the action taken will change the meaning of the dream. Praying in front of a crucifix, kissing it or just looking at it have different meanings. In some cases the dream will be interpreted as lack of action, but in others it will reveal the need to have someone by your side to share the joys and difficulties of your process. Follow and understand:

■ Dreaming of seeing a crucifix

When we see something in our dreams but don’t move or take any action with it, the dream message is clear: you can see the solution right in front of your eyes, but you’re not moving toward what you want.

Thus, dreaming that you see a crucifix reveals that the renunciations and sacrifices necessary to reach your goal are making you hesitate and avoid making important decisions for your life.

It’s a dream that comes to remember that every choice carries a renunciation. “Doing nothing” is also choosing, but the sacrifice of this decision is to open up control of one’s life.

Don’t waste any more time analyzing all the scenarios and finding something new to fear. Just take the first step and start charting the path that will lead to your independence.

■ Dreaming that you pray in front of the crucifix

Praying is asking for help; it is waiting for something or someone to listen to you, understand your problems, and grant you grace. If you dream that you pray in front of the crucifix, you are manifesting, through the dream, the desire to have someone by your side.

You’ve been working hard and making sacrifices to achieve your goals, but the road to the top has been a lonely one and you miss having someone to share the brunt of your efforts. And it’s not a transfer of responsibilities, just having one person to talk to at the end of a tumultuous day.

■ Dreaming of kissing a crucifix

The kiss is a universal sign of connection; through it we can signal affection, respect or reverence for someone. The kiss also symbolizes sealed promises and commitments. Dreaming of kissing a crucifix represents your commitment to your choices.

You are willing to accept the consequences of your actions and sacrifice secondary aspects of your life to achieve what you want.

More ways to dream about crucifixes

When the aspect that highlights the crucifix in your dream is not related to its material, type, state in which it appears or action that can be taken in relation to it, we open space for new interpretations related to other forms of dreaming with crucifixes.

They are dreams where we visualize the Christian crucifixion, we see the object attached to a chain or fixed to the wall. All of them have in common the need to pay attention to the actions and people around them. Learn more below.

■ Dreaming of a crucifix with Jesus

A crucifix dream of Jesus emphasizes the sign of sacrifice and is a dream that wants to tell you that before you reach grace, you will need to face some challenges.

As difficult as it is now, you must persist, as you are in the stage before improvement. Your resignations and sacrifices will be compensated with a prosperous and balanced future.

■ Dreaming of chain and crucifix

Chains are connected bonds. When we look at them, we cannot define what their beginning or end is. This particular configuration makes them representatives of union and eternity.

Dreaming of a chain and a crucifix shows that you have had difficulties in your life, but you are not alone. There are people by your side who believe in your dreams and are willing to help you face the turmoil of your path.

■ Dreaming of a crucifix on the wall

Dreaming of a crucifix on the wall is an alert. It’s a dream that asks you to be discerning about your friendships and to be more careful with the people you let into your life.

The walls of our house are structures that keep us safe; they establish the boundaries between the internal and the external so that we can guarantee our privacy and keep ourselves protected.

The crucifix shows that you are facing turbulent times and it is natural for you to feel like sharing your difficulties with others. But pay attention to those that reinforce your insecurities, try to discourage you, or make you reconsider your choices.

Does dreaming about a crucifix indicate challenges to overcome?

Yes. The crucifix is ​​a symbol of the renunciation and sacrifices made by Christ in the name of a greater good. For this reason, dreaming about a crucifix is ​​a way of recognizing that there is only one way to get what we want.

Now you know what your crucifix dream means, and what challenges it symbolizes. Go ahead, and remember: the existence of a clear purpose presupposes decision-making and there is no way to make choices without also making renunciations. But each renunciation will bring you closer to redemption, leading to a happier and more balanced life.

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