Dreams About Clouds | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming about clouds: white, black, color, cloud design and more!

Do you always dream of clouds? What may seem like a simple dream actually represents an aspect of your life. Dreaming about clouds indicates that there are problems in your life, and demonstrates your emotional state in the face of obstacles that arise in your life.

Depending on the context, dreaming about clouds takes on different meanings, as it is possible to dream about red, purple and even animal-shaped clouds. Check out each of these dreams and be surprised with more incredible meanings, in addition to the presence of adversity.

Dreaming of clouds of different types

Your mind has many ways of representing what is going on in your life, especially in relation to your feelings. Therefore, when dreaming of clouds of different types, you will be able to expand your self-knowledge.

You can dream of white, black, colored, and even purple clouds. Check out the different types of dreams you can have about clouds, and be amazed at what they can convey about your life.

■ Dreaming of white clouds

White clouds symbolize lightness and low density, which means that you deeply want to experience a moment of peace. That’s not to say you don’t have these quiet moments, but it can indicate a yearning for more time away from trouble.

Furthermore, dreaming of white clouds represents a need for the pursuit of self-knowledge. This can be achieved through spirituality, for example by establishing a connection with your inner Self.

■ Dreaming of black clouds

Dreaming of black clouds is an indicator of a storm and is an omen of some discussion to come. To avoid this conflict as much as possible, try to nurture good relationships and cultivate respect for each other’s individuality.

This dream can also indicate the loss of a friendship. But if that’s the case, it means your relationship might not have been all that worth it. It’s time to open up to new friends that will arrive.

Finally, the third message this dream can convey is that you are lost in the face of so many problems. It’s important that you try not to get emotionally involved with them, and also take time for introspection.

■ Dreaming of red clouds

Dreaming of red clouds can be intense, as red symbolizes strong internal drives, and red clouds represent your desire to do something productive. Such desire can be directed towards study, work or even their relationships.

Thus, you should analyze which area of ​​life your will is directed to and understand whether or not it is worth investing in it. Red is an intense color, as are your emotions about it.

■ Dreaming of pink clouds

Dreaming of pink clouds indicates that light feelings are quite present in your mind, such as kindness, compassion, and care. You are a person who likes to help others and sees the world lightly, despite facing everyday problems.

This dream is also an indication that you are falling in love with someone, and that you are nurturing your feelings for that person even more. Take advantage of this moment and invest in the relationship, providing affection and patience so that dialogue is possible.

Even if you haven’t found a match yet, the pink cloud dream shows that you want to fall in love with someone. So look into your relationships and see if you have any partners with whom you can form a romantic bond.

■ Dreaming of purple clouds

Dreaming of purple clouds indicates a desire for personal growth and an expectation of recognition from society. Purple clouds symbolize an archetype of power, as you can see in front of historical figures who loved to wear purple, such as Julius Caesar.

The growth you want can be achieved at work, college or school, depending on where you are. If you’ve dreamed of purple clouds, know that it’s a sign that you have the motivation to go deeper into the themes and present the best possible performance.

Given the success you want, the recognition of others will also motivate you to maintain that stability. However, be careful not to become dependent on praise and avoid going beyond the limits your mind supports.

■ Dreaming of colored clouds

Dreams with colored clouds indicate that you are going through a moment in which your emotions guide your attitudes, even if these are disguised by a supposed rationality. So be careful not to have unstable behaviors based on how you feel.

With the sign about the predominance of emotions over your rational side in everyday life, try to rationalize more what happens in your life. Avoid being impulsive and try to think from the other’s point of view as well. Thus, your emotions will no longer guide your attitudes.

Examine your thoughts and analyze them to understand what emotions arise from them. You can do this on paper, writing down each of those thoughts that bother you and replacing it with a healthier one.

Dreaming about clouds in different situations

In addition to the clouds’ colors, the situations in which they appear also indicate how emotional you are and your relationships with those around you. These different situations can occur discreetly in your dream and can often be forgotten.

Do you remember what your dream was like? It’s possible that it fits into one of the categories below! Check out.

■ Dreaming of clouds covering the sun

Dreaming of clouds covering the sun indicates that there is something around you that bothers you and lowers your mood. It is as if you, while carrying this problem, cannot see the light that represents joy and lightness. Try to analyze your reality to understand what bothers you so much.

Check to see if this situation is caused by other people, or if it is something that is within you. If so, don’t be too judgmental and rely on the support of people you trust to try to fix this problem.

■ Dreaming of moving clouds

Dreaming of moving clouds is a great omen, and symbolizes that the wind is blowing in your favor. That is, positive changes are taking place and you feel that things are going to flow well again. Take this step to put your plans into action.

If you are already satisfied with your current phase, this dream is also beneficial, as it indicates that better situations will arise. Whether it’s a new relationship or a new friendship, there will be transformations taking place in your life.

■ Dreaming of clouds that form an animal

Dreaming of animal-shaped clouds indicates a desire to reconnect with your roots, which relates to your family relationships. So, if you’re distant from your family and you miss them, it’s a sign to try to get closer to them again.

Also in association with this return to origins, your mind communicates that you want to return to a time when you felt more secure and supported by loved ones. It is an attempt to awaken your inner child.

Take advantage of this moment and encourage your creative and intuitive side, as they are sharper than usual. Don’t forget to comfort that inner child and make him feel safe again, which can be done with the support of some friendship.

■ Dreaming of heavy clouds

When dreaming of thunderclouds, your mind wants to communicate that you are experiencing a lot of stress due to the backlog of tasks and that you have to deal with it somehow. Don’t overload yourself with more tasks and perfectionism to perform them, it’s time to take care of yourself.

Just as the storm can fall after the appearance of heavy clouds, your emotional state can “explode” in front of so much nervousness. So it’s essential that you don’t let this feeling build-up, lest it becomes a crisis.

If you can’t slow down, try to ease your mind by talking to special people or a hobby of yours. Maintaining a proper sleep routine is also important for regulating hormones and avoiding stress.

■ Dreaming of low clouds (fog)

You have a lot of uncertainties about the future and you can’t clearly define and meet goals. Dreaming of low clouds can indicate that even goals that seemed appropriate have been called into question.

This dream reveals the challenges you face to seek self-knowledge. The fog represents how difficult it can be to understand your emotions and thoughts, indicating your desire to get to know yourself better.

■ Dreaming of falling clouds

Dreaming of falling clouds indicates a feeling of lack of control in the face of external events. People cannot control everything, only part of things, but, for many, not having control can indicate insecurity about their abilities.

This scenario indicates that you feel an overload of obligations, even affective ones. So there’s the insecurity that you won’t be able to handle it all, which is represented by the clouds falling wildly.

■ Dreaming of many clouds

Dreaming of lots of clouds indicates that there are several problems that surround your life, and you need to find a way to reduce them. By doing this, you will get more out of the positive situations in your daily life.

If there are a lot of cloudy clouds, it could be an indication that there are problems that stress you out more. Check if they were gray and dense. If so, there are more complicated situations to be resolved.

On the other hand, if there are a lot of light clouds and almost no density, it is an indication that the problems can be solved easily. So, you need to know what they are and prevent them from becoming more complex.

Other interpretations of dreaming about cloud

If you haven’t identified with any of the previous dreams, don’t worry. Here you will see other interpretations of dreaming about clouds, from dreams where you are flying over them to ones involving clouds and lightning. Want to know what each one means? Check it out below!

■ Dreaming of clouds and sun

Although there are problems in your life, you face them with optimism and think: who has never been through difficult situations? Dreaming of clouds and sun indicates that your mind can see the bright side of things, even in the midst of adversity.

The clouds are there, but the sun is still shining. This dream can also be a signal from your unconscious that no matter how hard you try to camouflage your true self, it will still live on. Therefore, it is important to cultivate self-knowledge in order not to lose yourself in your own personality.

Many people delude themselves into accepting or being socially accepted because of who they are. This image comes to say that you cannot forget your essence, as it will continue to shine. Therefore, preserve your individuality.

■ Dreaming of clouds and stars

The dream of clouds and stars shows that, although you are not sure who your true friends are, a loyal friend will help you in a time of need. This is an excellent omen, as it signals the person to remember that there will always be special friends to help.

If you dreamed of it, you are certainly lucky to have these people around and you can also count on their support in an unexpected way. Relatives, spouses and even more distant colleagues can help you with this process.

■ Dreaming of clouds and bright sky

Even if you have everything planned out, the future seems a little mysterious due to external circumstances. Dreaming of clouds and bright skies is an indication that you will meet someone special in your life.

The relationship with this person will not necessarily be romantic, but a potential friendship that can arise anywhere. Therefore, allow yourself to interact with new people so that, little by little, new ties are formed.

■ Dreaming of clouds and rain

Dreaming of clouds and rain reveals that you feel sad. In the case of light torrential rain, it is a feeling of low intensity, which may be lurking inside you.

If it’s a heavy rain, with gray clouds, your mood is really low. If you haven’t already noticed what’s wrong, it’s important to rationalize to see what’s missing.

This dream also indicates frustration, especially in relationships. So if you put your trust in someone who broke it, it could be one of the causes of that dream. It is important to gradually build up your trust in other people.

■ Dreaming of clouds and lightning

Dreaming of clouds and lightning reveals that you may soon be in conflict with someone in your social circle. Therefore, this dream alerts you to be prudent in your attitudes, to avoid this problem, avoiding intrigues and conflicts.

These are conflicts that mainly involve the professional area, with disputes for position and even status. In the case of people who do not work, it is the harbinger of conflict by reputation, whether in high school or college.

■ Dreaming of clouds of smoke

Dreaming of clouds of smoke show that you are evolving more and more in your self-knowledge and becoming someone more thoughtful, balancing your emotional side with your rational side. Life’s challenges serve as a learning experience for you as well as strengthening you.

However, beware of illusions about utopias and speeches prepared by those around you. This dream also demonstrates that the dreamer, no matter how hard he tries to establish himself in reality, thinks a lot about the future. It’s important to keep your feet in the present so that you can carry out your plans.

■ Dreaming of clouds of fire

Did you feel scared when dreaming of clouds of fire? As strange as it may seem, this type of dream indicates that you are going through good transformations and an internal evolution. Fire represents the dynamics with which you will adapt to situations.

You will be able to make good progress in the professional or academic field, with greater chances of achieving your goals. These transformations are also reflected in their relationships, which will be maintained through a more open dialogue.

This dream also demonstrates a great internal will to evolve every day. Therefore, take advantage of this motivation to invest in your plans and enjoy your future achievements. Let the inner flame motivate you while also cultivating your discipline.

■ Dreaming of cloud design

Dreaming of cloud design is a harbinger for you to start planning your attitudes more carefully. Also, prepare your emotional side for challenges that may arise in the near future.

This kind of dream reveals that there will be unexpected changes in your future. That’s why it’s important that you formulate plans and prepare for new challenges. Any unexpected change represents a challenge, which can indicate something good or bad.

■ Dreaming that you are walking on clouds

Dreaming that you are walking on clouds is a sign that you are handling your current challenges very well. Therefore, stay firm and upright to your principles, not straying from the path you have built.

If you don’t feel you’re handling the situation well, consider the reasons why you’re not confident in your abilities. Often, something looks bad, but it becomes good when you see the result. Everything has its time, don’t rush the river.

■ Dreaming of flying above clouds

Walking above the clouds indicates happiness and a willingness to experience the pleasures of life more often. Therefore, this dream is an omen that you will be able to enjoy the small moments of everyday life in greater depth.

If you have this dream, know that this is the ideal time to open up to new projects. So, start that book you’ve been taking to read or sign up for a sport. You will see that things will go well.

This type of dream also symbolizes that good relationships will be cultivated. So invest in more friendships and preserve the ones you already have.

■ Dreaming that you are catching the clouds with your hands

Dreaming that you are taking the clouds with your hands demonstrates that you feel very confident about your skills, and understand that doing what you can is an excellent way to solve your problems. Don’t cover yourself too much and keep recognizing your strengths.

If you don’t believe you’re good enough, look to yourself for qualities and good attitudes you’ve had recently. If you do this sincerely, you will see many good attributes in you. Have the same attitude with yourself that you have with the person you love the most.

■ Dreaming of being in the clouds

Dreaming that you are in the clouds reveals a huge desire to let your imagination run wild. So invest that creative side of yourself in tasks you can do well, like writing and painting. This creativity can generate very good results.

This type of dream also reveals a desire to escape reality and not face problems. So try to work around them in whatever way is best for your context, without pushing yourself for quick results.

Is dreaming about clouds a sign of difficulties in life?

Sometimes, dreaming about clouds is, yes, a sign of difficulty in life. Clouds often represent challenges to be overcome, but they don’t always mean something negative. Some dreams can represent emotional states and even the propensity for something to happen.

As you may have noticed, there are many other positive signs and meanings about dreaming clouds. They range from the arrival of new relationships to even greater emotional fluidity. If you dreamed of clouds, don’t judge the dream as negative, assess the context before interpreting it.

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