Dreams About Centipede | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

What do dream about centipede really mean? Giant, black, cub and more!

The discomfort and worry caused by dreaming about a centipede are related only to the creature’s appearance. The symbolism behind one of the oldest terrestrial arthropods is actually connected to feelings of independence, determination and strength.

Centipede, from the Latin Centipeda, means “with a hundred feet”. Although the number of legs of the animal can vary, the numerology that names it shows an extremely powerful being. The number One is the symbol of leadership and power, while zero carries with it totality and infinity, which can be translated as the countless possibilities that await you.

Ancient cultures, such as the Chinese, believed in the protection of the poison by the poison, not for nothing, they carried with them amulets that represented the five poisonous ones (snake, scorpion, centipede, frog or spider). The Japanese had Mukade, the messenger centipede of Bishamonten, God of Success in War. Takeda Shingen, the great samurai, stamped the animal on his flag.

Thus, the meaning of dreaming about a centipede represents possibilities of success or failure in your projects, as well as positive or negative changes in your love life. The ultimate meaning of the dream will depend on how the centipede appears. Its characteristics and different contexts have a lot to say.

Check out in this article some situations to dream about centipede of different colors and in different places!

Dreaming about centipedes of different colors and sizes

The centipede itself carries a particular symbolism. Furthermore, other details found in our dreams can modify this symbolism and the meaning of the message. Dreaming about centipedes of different colors and sizes shows us that the scale of the elements or the sighted color alters our emotions and reveals the true meaning of a dream.

We will see that the centipede may appear in white, black, yellow or, even, that it will occur in small and giant sizes. How she is perceived has a lot to say about her future and her life. Follow up to learn more.

■ Dreaming of white centipede

White can be understood as the presence of light, which is one of the universal symbols of spirituality, illumination and intelligence. It is a source of goodness and victorious over the forces of evil. When dreaming of white centipede, you are anticipating the success of your projects.

The speed with which the centipede moves and the precision of its steps make it a voracious predator, just like you. Your intelligence in setting goals and working to achieve results is evidenced by the presence of the animal in the dream, indicating that you are about to succeed in your endeavor or a promotion in your current job.

■ Dreaming of black centipede

Dreaming of a black centipede is a warning sign: it indicates that someone in your life is sneaking up on you, and with bad intentions. After all, black precisely symbolizes the absence of light, and if we find virtues in it, its absence will bring chaos and destruction.

It is necessary to act quickly not to fall prey. Pay attention to co-workers with common goals who want to poison your relationships and impact your results.

■ Dreaming of black and white centipede

To dream of black and white centipede is to dream of the meeting of light and darkness. This encounter is as symbolic as the formation of gray, which represents balance. Although you have achieved stability in your job or business, you still haven’t achieved your ideal goal.

You must use your cunning and intelligence to get where you want, without forgetting the individuals who envy your success and want to harm you. Even if you’ve found a way to neutralize them, remember that these are people who are waiting – and rooting for – for the slip that will put them in their position.

■ Dream of yellow centipede

Yellow expresses positivity and hope. It’s the color that activates our memory and encourages communication. It is also representative of wealth, commonly associated with gold. Dreaming of a yellow centipede carries a very strong symbolism and, once again, anticipates the arrival of abundance.

Mukade, the curious messenger from Bishamonten, was also known for sniffing out and protecting the gold mines. The animal was carried in bamboo tubes when the ancient Japanese went out in search of precious metal. The yellow centipede has its own shine, just like you. Seeing her in your dreams indicates the approach of happiness and prosperity in your life.

■ Dreaming of red centipede

Dreaming of red centipede points to your intimacy. Red is the color of passion, but also of anger and sin. In her dream, the animal in this coloring symbolizes the emergence of infidelity as a consequence of insane jealousy.

Jealousy poisons relationships and there is a fine line between healthy feeling and obsession. When jealousy intensifies, leading to the invasion of the partner’s privacy (or object of desire), there will also be the opening of the way for a strong, confident and independent third person. By not trying to control your loved one’s life, it will emerge as a healthier alternative relationship.

If you want to keep this person in your life, make sure you control your feelings by expanding your dialogue with your partner.

■ Dreaming of brown centipede

The symbolism of dreaming about brown centipede is extremely potent. First, because of the color itself, which is the same as the earth, from which we get food, and from the wood, which made it possible for our ancestors to discover fire. Due to its relationship with vital elements, it is a color that appears linked to protection, reliability and security.

The centipede also lurks through damp environments and commonly crawls among the dead. Death here does not refer to loss, but to the attainment of ancestral wisdom. Pay attention to the older individuals present in your life as they wish to impart teachings that are fundamental to your success.

■ Dreaming of a small centipede

The size of the elements that appear in our dreams is always relevant at the time of analysis. Dreaming of a tiny centipede shows that you’ve taken control of a difficult situation you’ve been going through.

You were quick to incorporate creative solutions to your problems, which were alleviated and no longer pose risks. Despite this, you still feel the anguish of transformation and need to find a way to soothe your spirit.

■ Dreaming of a large centipede

Finding a large centipede in dreams is not a good sign. It indicates that you have not been agile enough in resolving conflicts and they are getting bigger – and harder – to resolve.

You’ve been neglecting your friends and family because of work, without adequate planning to get it done on time. Now, he is being charged in different areas of life, without being able to see any possibility of a solution.

But remember: we don’t dream of centipedes for free. There are countless ways to symbolize leadership, strength or success. If this particular animal has appeared, it is because there is within you the secret that will take you back to the path of prosperity.

■ Dreaming of a giant centipede

You increase the size of a centipede and also its problems. As in the case of a giant centipede, it is appearing in dreams to show that its conflicts have intensified to the point where they are impossible to resolve.

You’ve reached the limit of your relationships at home, at work, or both. It’s time to take a deep breath and understand that learning to deal with defeat is a necessary step on the path to victory. Take time to organize yourself, plan a new strategy and reinvent yourself.

Dreaming about centipedes in different places

In dreams, the centipede can appear in different sizes and colors, but the meaning will also be complemented when we dream of a centipede in different places. If she shows up at your house, she’ll communicate about her ability to lead, but if she’s in a specific room, she’ll be able to talk about her intimacy.

It is important to analyze the different scenarios in order to have a closer understanding of the final message that your dreams want to communicate. Check it out below!

■ Dreaming about centipedes in your home

Our house is a private place in the midst of a universe of “public places”. Dreams of a house speak about the way we are perceived by those who live outside it. We know that the symbolism of the centipede appears associated with power. In this case, dreaming about a centipede in your house shows how you have been perceived by your co-workers.

You’ve earned a leadership position among your peers, which may be actual leadership or a reflection of your ability to influence people. The centipede’s venomous sting in this scenario is interpreted by how you hit your teammates.

You are a persuasive and influential person with an excellent ability to build relationships. The poison that leads to death here represents transformation. It announces the arrival of positive news that will change your life.

■ Dreaming of centipede in your room

The bedroom is a symbol of intimacy. It’s where we sleep, share moments of pleasure and affection. When we dream of events that take place in this room, there is a message that points to our particular relationships.

Although the centipede signals prosperity and success, we must not forget that it is a poisonous animal. If you dream of a centipede in your room, the poison will be more important than the other characteristics of the centipede. He will reveal the poisoning of their relationship, and may anticipate the betrayal or the breakup.

So, remember: the betrayal or the end of a relationship are, almost always, the result of dysfunctions existing between the couple. These are extreme situations that reflect the lack of dialogue and everyday weariness. Make efforts to reconnect with your partner. Leave complaints aside and look for solutions together.

■ Dreaming about centipedes in your food

Dreaming of centipedes in your food shows you are looking for or needing protection. As the ancient Chinese used to do, you are feeding on poison to fight the poison. There is malice being distilled towards you and by someone you already know is trying to harm you.

Trust your instincts and your ability. This person will try to interfere with your work or your love relationship, and it’s up to you to put an end to this individual’s intentions. Act quickly and cautiously, but don’t wait for outside protection: it will need to come from you.

■ Dreaming of centipede in hair

Hair dreams are always about appearance. It’s on top of our heads and it’s one of the first things noticed about us. When you dream of a centipede in your hair, you are manifesting the perception that someone is trying to expose or shame you in order to take over the public place you occupy.

This individual may crave a job opening in a company, try to outshine the brightness of your project, or even assume your role in a romantic relationship.

Dreaming about centipedes in different situations

The centipede can be white, yellow, red; be in your house, in your bedroom or in your hair. But what is the behavior of this centipede? Is it immobile or does it move easily? Does it bite you or someone else? Dreaming about a centipede in different situations, once again, aggregates and adds information for the ultimate understanding of your dream.

It can be a cause for concern, but it can also emerge as a representative of longevity and a prosperous life. Pay attention to all the relevant elements of your dream to get a final understanding that comes close to the message he wants to convey.

■ Dreaming that you are seeing a centipede move easily

One of the main features of the centipede is that it can move at a surprising speed without making any noise. This symbology is linked to the way you behave in the work environment: you are agile, avoid conflicts, but know how to defend yourself when attacked.

If you dream that you are seeing a centipede move easily, you will be faced with the reflection of the success of your endeavors based on your own qualities.

■ Dreaming that you are seeing a centipede move slowly and with problems

The centipede is not an animal that moves slowly or has mobility problems, on the contrary: it is fast and is always looking for spaces that make it comfortable. This kind of dream goes against the nature of the centipede, and points to the failure of its business.

The message of that dream shows that his power and ability have been compromised, making room for defeat. It’s up to you to find solutions quickly to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

■ Dreaming that a centipede is climbing your body

Dreaming that a centipede is climbing your body shows that you haven’t noticed the danger approaching, and now you may be on the verge of being stung. This type of dream indicates that there are people in your life who are trying to hurt you.

Notice the harmful behaviors around you and act faster than them. Get rid of false friends as soon as possible, as they can harm your comfort and well-being.

■ Dreaming that a centipede is biting you

As frightening as it may sound, dreaming that a centipede is biting you reveals the protection of some authority figure. The ancient Chinese protected their children using amulets that contained the image of one of the five poisonous ones, including the centipede.

This belief is related to the idea that the antidote for the poison is sometimes contained in the animal with venom. Even if you don’t know about the situation you got out of, know that there was someone who interceded and protected you from someone else’s evil.

■ Dreaming that a centipede is biting someone

Dreaming that a centipede is biting someone points to the individuals around you who feel they must protect themselves from you. Perhaps your leadership role is sounding authoritarian and hurting your co-workers, who increasingly, out of fear, resist your ideas and advances.

They feel threatened and this scenario requires a change in behavior. Mukade, the Messenger Centipede, made dialogue the key to her persuasion. Be inspired by the ancestral teaching so that you are not feared and fought against by the people around you.

■ Dreaming that a centipede is chasing you

The ancient Japanese believed that centipedes were capable of sniffing out gold mines. They were carried in bamboo tubes to reveal places containing precious metals.

This ability to track gold makes the symbolism behind dreaming that a centipede is chasing you very rich and points to the approach of a prosperous life. You are about to be rewarded for your efforts.

■ Dreaming that a centipede ate the leaves in the garden

The garden is the land of fertility. It is where leaves and plants are born and grow. Dreaming that a centipede ate the leaves of the garden shows that there is a creature sabotaging your projects and preventing your ideas from growing and flourishing.

You need to identify the pest in your garden for your projects to be successful. Pay close attention to destructive behaviors, discouraging messages and people who try to stop you from pursuing what you believe. Success is approaching and there is someone around you trying to outshine your potential.

■ Dreaming that a centipede has made a hole in your garden

Making a hole in the garden is like digging or digging something out of the ground. This symbology points to someone from your past who is reemerging and will try to interfere with your business. Such interference is not necessarily bad.

Some species develop better when the size of the planting hole is larger than the seedling to be planted. Just be sure to impose your leadership and don’t allow this individual to take over your business. Any help is welcome, but it is you who should guide the project to get where you want.

Other interpretations of dreaming about centipede

The colors, sizes, places and situations in which a centipede appears may not be enough to reveal the content of your dream. There are other interpretations of dreaming about centipedes that should not be ignored.

While some people only visualize a centipede, there are those who despair at the presence of several creatures or even an attack. There are dreams in which centipedes cause us fear and in others, they arouse our curiosity. Follow up to learn more.

■ Dreaming of many centipedes

Centipedes are commonly related to intelligence and agility when it comes to decision making, and they also play a prominent leadership role. Dreaming of many centipedes reveals a moment of competitiveness at work.

It’s a dream that can haunt the night of those who are running for the same job or who are one, among several options, to take on an important position in a company. These are situations that are beyond our control and, therefore, generate anguish and anxiety during sleep. It is necessary to overcome these feelings and remain optimistic to achieve what you want.

■ Dreaming of dead centipede

The centipede is a strong representative of power. In this case, dreaming of a dead centipede reveals that you can actually see a powerful figure, without recognizing that it represents you. Therefore, his first attitude is combative.

When you dream of a powerful animal and you are responsible for its death, the meaning is not talking about the other, but about yourself. It shows that, out of fear and insecurity, you have been killing the qualities that can lead you to the path of success.

There are cases where the centipede just turns up dead and you don’t know who killed it, and this will talk about someone who also sees your attributes and, seeing them as a threat, tries to decimate your chances of having your potential revealed in the workplace. These are people who discourage you, who criticize your ideas all the time and don’t recognize your ability.

It is important to explore your ability to affect people through your words and persuasion, without omitting yourself or accepting to be silenced. It’s time to take this power and use it to your advantage.

■ Dreaming of centipede attack

Dreaming of a centipede attack symbolizes all the problems you’ve been running away from. From avoiding so much, they were accumulated, and now you are being charged for solutions from all sides.

Its position in relation to events has been demanded and it is necessary to face up to its responsibilities.

■ Dreaming of poisonous centipede

Centipedes prey on their prey through the inoculation of venom. This is one of the qualities that make it so potent and special. Within dreams, poison is representative of the potential to affect people.

That’s why it’s time to take action: be persuasive and outperform your competition through your qualities. Show what you came for and don’t hesitate to present what you know. These attitudes will keep you on the path to prosperity.

■ Dreaming in fear of centipedes

Fearing a centipede in a dream means you are afraid of your own qualities. You refuse to see the attributes you have that make you stand out in your work, afraid to commit to your independence.

It’s time to recognize your strength and potential, let go of fear and face seriously the responsibilities that will lead to your goals.

■ Dreaming of a centipede baby

Puppies represent naivety and innocence. In dreams, the centipede chick does the same: despite its power, you still can’t see it in you or you still don’t know how to use it to your advantage. Its ability to impact your projects, work environment and relationships has yet to be revealed. It is time to discover what you are capable of and begin to recognize your strengths.

Is dreaming about a centipede a sign of anguish?

Dreaming of centipedes can cause momentary anguish, but this is a natural feeling that precedes great transformations. Changes can be painful, even if they come with good results. When we dream of centipedes we are anticipating news, almost always related to our work or, in rarer cases, to our relationships.

Remember to pay careful attention to how the centipede appears and what its characteristics are so that you are sure of the message it is trying to send. The key to a smooth transition is realizing what it refers to and where you’re stepping.

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