Dreams About Candles | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dream about candles: lit, unlit, white, red, black, blue and more!

Often, dreaming of candles means connecting with the immaterial, probably a message from the spiritual plane for the issues that are troubling you, or guidance for the next steps.

The meaning of dreaming about a candle can vary according to the condition in which it is found: if it is lit, extinguished or even in relation to the intensity of the flame. Another factor that can influence is the color of the candle or where it is found.

Therefore, it is essential to understand what each feature represents, in order not to be mistaken in the interpretation. These are common mistakes, but they can lead to a totally wrong interpretation. To understand what your dream about candles means, check out the meanings of each type, color and condition.

Dreaming of Candles in different conditions

To correctly interpret your dream, you need to remember not only the color or where it was, but also the condition of the candle. Dreaming of a lighted candle has a different meaning than it is extinguished, in the same way, the intensity of the flame or whether it was melting or not, can influence its interpretation. Take a closer look at each of these cases.

■ Dreaming of a lighted candle

Dreaming of a lighted candle, with the flame at a moderate intensity, means that you are connected with your essence, the immaterial. It is the fire of life that vibrates in you and protects you, transmuting any negative energy that tries to reach you.

There are also many chances that you are making the right decision regarding an issue that is currently consuming you. In this case, the candle flame is in balance, neither weak nor too intense, representing the middle path.

■ Dreaming of an extinguished candle

The flame is fire, heat, light. Dreaming of an unlit candle can represent the end of a cycle, which has been burned out and will never return. It is the closure of something that is no longer useful or necessary in your life. Let it pass and seek to find new paths and projects to fuel your flame.

This dream is also related to lack of connection with your own self. Have you been canceling yourself lately? Have you ever stopped, in silence and with a clear mind, to listen to what your essence is trying to say? It’s a good time to reconnect with your guardian angel, protector, guide or whatever you want to call it.

■ Dreaming of a broken candle

The candle is an instrument of connection between the material and the immaterial. Dreaming of a broken candle can represent that break in your life. Perhaps you are too matter-bound, focusing only on aspects of survival and pleasure. On the other hand, you may be ignoring this important part of your life, focusing only on the spiritual. It is, then, a warning that there is a need for greater balance in this field.

This dream has another meaning that should not be ignored either. It is the symbolic representation that some aspect of your life is weakening, and not just spiritually. You may be paying little attention to an important project or relationship, and you should focus on it.

■ Dreaming of melted candle

Dreaming of a melted candle represents difficulties along the way. When the candle burns, it usually does not leave a large amount of paraffin. However, when there is a factor external to it that influences the burning – it could be energy or the wind, for example – it can spill a good amount of wax.

This is usually called a ‘crying candle’, and it’s not a good sign. It is worth meditating and trying to assess what factors may be interfering with your plans. Remember to ask your guides/guardian angels for guidance and watch out for signs given over the next few days.

■ Dreaming of a candle with a strong flame

A great omen, dreaming of a candle with a strong flame means that your plans are working out and that a request you have made will come true soon. It is spirituality converging efforts to accomplish something very good in your life, which will manifest itself at the right time.

This dream can also be the answer to some question that has been consuming you lately, whose answer is yes or no. The burning, intense flame, burning in an atypical way, is a confirmation signal, an expressive ‘yes’ to your doubt.

■ Dreaming of a candle with a weak flame

There are two forms of interpretation when dreaming of a candle with a weak flame. First, it can be a sign that your spiritual life is in need of more attention, a reconnection. It’s a message from your guardian angel so that you can look inside yourself more than the lives of other people.

On the other hand, this dream also represents difficulties in achieving your goal, but it will still be possible. That’s because the flame is weak, flickering – maybe even making small pops – but it’s still lit. Persist, find new paths. There will be no barriers to hold you back.

Dreaming of candles of different colors

Since ancient times, colors have been used in rituals, or even clothing, to convey a message or represent something specific. For example, purple is the color of power and, in ancient Greece, only the emperor could use it. Likewise, black is standard in mourning in the West, while white is in some places in the East.

When it comes to dreaming of candles of different colors, it is important to interpret not only the meaning of the color itself but also how these candles have been used. See what each color represents and how it can impact your daily life.

■ Dreaming of a white candle

Dreaming of a white candle means elevation, growth. And don’t think that this is related only to the spiritual or religious, but in any area of ​​your life. It is a sign that you are on the right path, whether in the affective, financial or even immaterial field.

The white sail is universal and can adapt to any situation. It can be used for a prayer to the guardian angel or to make a request. So, if you had a dream about a candle in this color, it could be that your subconscious is reinforcing your desire by making a wish. It can also be a sign that you should focus on what’s really important at this stage in your life.

■ Dreaming of a black candle

Contrary to what many people think, dreaming of a black sail is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be considered a sign of deliverance. The black candle burns out negative energies, channeling them back into the earth and clearing their path. In other words, if you had a dream about a black sail, your angels or guides are warning you that something bad, and that was about to happen to you, just changed routes.

Black candle burning is also related to greater clarity of thought, so if you dream of this color, it might be a good time to put your ideas down on paper. Whether it’s a book, music, or personal or professional project, this is the perfect time to start planning or writing. Your mind will be cleaner, clearer and more focused in the coming days.

■ Dreaming of red candle

Dreaming about a red candle has a very special meaning: love will spill over into your life in the next few days, if you pay attention to the signs and allow yourself to change. It can come from your current relationship, as a new perspective on things, with a greater focus on the new Self you are relating to. However, it can also represent the arrival of a new passion.

On the other hand, it could be a sign that, in the next few days, you have to have a calm mind and a body ready for battle. Difficulties may come your way, but you are accompanied and will have the strength to go through them all and emerge victoriously. The important thing is to remain calm and persevering, relying on people you trust.

■ Dream of yellow candle

Synonymous with prosperity, when dreaming of a yellow candle you can expect a good financial result soon. It can be the result of investment already made or even a new job or position, which will guarantee you better income. It also indicates prosperity in the broad sense, with an abundant life of love, tranquility, and other blessings.

The yellow candle lit in the dream also indicates a good time to invest your time and energy in a personal project, which calls for the use of your mental capacity, more than in relation to what you are used to doing. It’s a good time to make that old dream come true, through well-done planning, taking advantage of a clearer and more focused mind.

■ Dreaming of blue candle

Dreaming about a blue sail is a good time to start a new course or invest in some field of study you’ve been planning for a while. It’s a sign that it’s time to devote more time to developing your skills and abilities, whether for professional growth or even a hobby, such as taking topiaries or taking a gastronomy course.

This dream also indicates your Self’s need to seek knowledge of your essence. It could be a spiritual call from your guardian angel, guide, or whatever you want to call it, for you to start going more inward and seeking personal growth. This can involve the development of social skills, better interpersonal skills or even mediumistic development.

■ Dreaming of a pink candle

When dreaming of a rose candle, you may be sending yourself a message to be more cautious with people you trust. Maybe it’s someone you’ve grown up with recently or even a longtime acquaintance who has suddenly become part of your closest circle of friends. Pay attention to the signs and analyze who really deserves your trust.

Working on expectations regarding what to expect from other people is also important, so as not to get frustrated in the future. The pink candle burning in the dream may be a sign that you should try to resolve a recent disagreement, bringing peace to that relationship. It is a request for more harmony and brotherly love, with an empathetic look at the other.

■ Dreaming of purple candle

Dreaming about a purple candle is a sign that some great transformation is about to arrive in your life, whether in the affective, emotional or financial field. It is the transmutation of something that no longer serves the new, which must always be worked on and revised according to its principles and values. Watch for signs of change in the coming days and prepare for adaptations.

If, during your dream, the purple candle is the highlight, then you may receive good news about your professional field or unloving relationships. It can be a promotion, an acknowledgment of something you’ve done and are proud of, or bringing together people who will help you reach your goals faster.

■ Dreaming of a green candle

When dreaming of the green candle, get ready to work even harder and achieve the long-awaited prosperity in your life. That’s because it’s a sign that you’ll soon have to roll up your sleeves and invest more time in a project or your current work. The recognition and results will be prosperous, whether in the material or spiritual sense.

If, in your family, there is someone suffering from an illness, the dream may be indicating that, soon, she will be free of the problem. It is also a sign of protection in the health field, as a blessing on you and your loved ones. Accept and give thanks, praying for everyone and taking care to keep your home good.

■ Dreaming of brown candle

If you dreamed of a brown candle, it means that you are receiving a message from your guardian angel or guide to rethink your actions. In recent times, have you done any injustices or offended anyone? So it’s time to be humble, assume that you were wrong and ask for forgiveness. This will help you have lighter days ahead and be at peace with your conscience.

If your choices have been unusual or different than expected by current morale, it could also be a sign that it’s time to stop and get down to earth. You don’t need to follow the guide, like everyone else, but it’s essential to find a balance between what you want and what you need to do. Let go of the outdated concept, but look for greater stability.

■ Dreaming of an orange candle

When dreaming of an orange candle during the decision-making process, it can be a sign that the business is prosperous and worth the investment. In other words, if you’ve already thoroughly analyzed the opportunity, and it does look promising, then this is an omen that it will likely be a success. Trust your analytical skills and don’t overlook your intuition.

This dream can also mean that something very good is going to happen in your life soon. You will feel more courage and your drive to accomplish and learn will be greater than usual. So, it’s worth investing your time in activities that you find more difficult or tiring, and that have probably been put off for some time.

■ Dreaming of colored candles

In the dream, the colored candle can have several layers of colors or even be more immaterial, with alternating colors, as if they were lights intercalating. In either case, this dream symbolizes the greatest need for calm and tranquility. If your life is very hectic and conflicted, take a little time – even 5 minutes – to do meditation or mindful breathing.

Your temperament may also not be the best, fluctuating between moods, thus having greater chances of making wrong decisions and causing disagreements with loved ones. Aware of this, try to calm down and keep your balance in the next few days, calming the moments of extreme euphoria and working in the low moments, with things that bring you to the axis of your Self.

Dreaming about Candles in different places

Now that you understand what candle colors mean and the meaning of dreaming about candles in different conditions, it’s time to understand what this dream means in different places. That’s because dreaming about a candle in the water, in the dark or in the cemetery has different meanings. So, just join the other interpretations and better understand the message that the dream wants to give you.

■ Dreaming of a lighted candle in the water

If, while dreaming of a candle burning in the water, it was stationary and calmly floating on the surface, it is a sign that something good is going to happen in the next few days. Some positive change, probably that you didn’t expect, is coming, but it’s not going to radically change things. It is an addition, something good that you deserve at this time in your life.

If the candle is lit in a river or moving water, then it’s time to make that change you’ve been putting off for some time. If the candle is in the center of a body of water, swirling to the left, then it is a sign of deliverance. If it’s spiraling or spinning clockwise, something good is to come.

■ Dreaming of a lighted candle on the ground

It may be that, at this point, your life is a little out of balance and your goals are further away than you would like. So, if you dream of a candlelit on the ground, it’s a sign that you’ll soon have someone’s support to get you through this phase, as long as you’re struggling to solve it on your own.

The meaning of a dream with a candle on the floor can also be one of purification and protection for you and your family. It is the passage from the immaterial – the flame – to the material, represented by the ground, and the ‘burning’ of what is negative and unnecessary, being sent back to where it should be, the earth. In this way, you may be going through a process of purification or even banishment.

■ Dreaming of a lighted candle in the church

When dreaming of a lighted candle in church, your guardian angel is showing you that there is a very important goal that you are leaving aside, and that you must fulfill as soon as possible. Try to analyze and remember what projects or plans you had in mind some time ago and what that important goal might be.

On the other hand, this dream may have a different meaning from the previous one. It is then a reminder to reconnect with your essence through your interpretation of the Sacred. Whether through prayer, meditation, offering, or even simple introspection, try to feel this reconnection and understand the reason for the call.

■ Dreaming of a lighted candle in the dark

If you dream of a candle burning in the dark, it means that the darkness that seems to be engulfing your world will be dispelled by the light. But to do that, you need to look within and express your faith, with gratitude for the learning from the latest tests and the predisposition for real and transformative change.

Darkness can also represent aspects of your Self that you haven’t yet wanted to access. In this case, it is a call from your soul to seek help to deal with past hurts that still mark your heart and do not allow you to open up to the world again. This will help you find what you’ve been looking for so hard.

■ Dreaming of a lighted candle at the crossroads

Dreaming of a candlelit at the crossroads means active and guided choice. Your guardian angel is showing you that soon you’re going to have to make an important decision, with two really interesting alternatives, but one will nullify the other. Don’t worry, the candle indicates protection and guidance, so you can take the best path.

A crossroads is a convergence point of energies, a center of power and connection. If, in your dream, you light or find a lit candle, it is a sign that, in the next few days, a big project or change may happen in your life. Get ready for the extra energy you’ll receive to take care of everything and take advantage of the opportunities that appear.

■ Dreaming of a lighted candle in the cemetery

When dreaming of a lit candle in the cemetery, you can look forward to profound transitions in the near future, such as the death of something you no longer need, and the birth of something new and different. As with every passing process, be patient and persist to find the best solutions and, soon, everything will be back in place.

This dream can also mean that you will go through the grieving process, whether for someone or something that happens in the next few days. For example, the loss of an object of value (affectionate or material), a change of address or even the death of a loved one. Tranquility and resilience are the keywords for the next few days.

Dreaming about Candles in different situations

It is also important to understand what it means to dream of Candles in different situations. It may be that you are simply looking at the candle, lighting it, extinguishing it, or buying one. See what each of these cases means and unravel the message hidden in your dream.

■ Dreaming of seeing a candle

If, during the night, you dream that you are seeing a candle – that is, you have no other action, such as lighting or extinguishing it – then it means that you are in a very passive posture towards your reality. Maybe what you need to take that extra step is to take action and start making things happen.

■ Dreaming that you are buying a candle

When dreaming that you are buying a candle, it may be time to start a course, take the dream graduation or post-graduation, or maybe start learning a new language. After all, you are exchanging something with material value for something valuable but non-material.

This can also indicate a visit to a psychologist to catch up on one’s thoughts, or even a book, on a quest for self-knowledge.

■ Dreaming of holding a candle

If, while dreaming that you are holding a candle, you feel your hand burning with the wax, it means that problems are catching up with you and you need to let go in order to start again. If something is making you unhappy right now, it’s time for a change. Even if it’s not radical, but firm in the goal of finding victory in that particular area of ​​your life.

But if, when holding the candle, it feels like peace and contemplation – as if you are praying or looking at a landscape – then the meaning is completely different. It means that you are connected with your greater Self, but that you must pay more attention to your intuition when making decisions, letting the light manifest in your actions, still in partnership with reason.

■ Dreaming that you are lighting a candle

Dreaming that you are lighting a candle symbolizes that you are in an active spiritual and energetic posture for a particular intention. So, to understand the full sense, you must also associate the meaning of the perceived color and associate it with that openness and predisposition. That is, if it’s an orange candle, you might be open to good luck. Take a look at the meanings of the colors above!

■ Dreaming that you are blowing out a candle

The candle flame is action and transforming energy. If you dream that you are blowing out a candle, it means that you are taking the focus off something, or that something is losing steam in your life. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! Again, it is worth making the association with the meaning of candle colors in dreams, which we explained above.

■ Dreaming of being prevented from lighting a candle

Pay close attention to your surroundings if you dream of being prevented from lighting a candle. This is because it is a sign that they are trying to hinder your growth or development. Even worse, it could pose a real threat to some project you’re currently looking to develop. Protect yourself with the support of your guardian angel, guide or guardian.

Other interpretations of dreaming about Candles

You could see that dreaming about candles is much more complex and enlightening than people normally imagine, isn’t it? Be aware that there are other factors that can also be significant as you seek to interpret your dreams. In addition to those already seen, you can also dream of a birthday candle or even a sail on a boat. Understand what they want to tell you!

■ Dreaming about birthday candles

This dream marks the beginning of a new cycle. In other words, if you start dreaming about a birthday candle, your life is about to take a new direction, more mature and established than before. It may be that your tastes and company also change over time, so value those who really deserve it and be sure to have contact with important people in your life.

■ Dreaming of scented candles

When dreaming of a scented candle, you are activating some characteristic in yourself and you need to focus on that for the next few days.

If the aroma is cinnamon then focus on earning money. Whether it’s lavender, roses, patchouli or other florals, cultivate love around you. If they are fresh aromas, such as sea breeze, wet earth or even mint, be aware of the changes. If it’s something woody, it means it’s time to leave to the past what no longer serves in your life.

■ Dreaming of three candles

The number three is admittedly a mystical number and represents the manifestation of something. So if you dream of three candles, it means that the element represented will soon manifest in your life. For example, if it’s green, it means that someone in your family will be free of some illness, and if it’s red, it could be the arrival of a great passion.

■ Dreaming of many candles

If you dream of many candles instead of just three, this is a great omen, especially if they are black. They are a sign of divine protection and, when black, you can also interpret them as a release made by your protective angel, or banishment from something that was preventing you from growing or living with greater joy and intensity.

■ Dreaming of candle wax

Dreaming about candle wax, without seeing the flame or the melting process, means that you are very negative, focusing only on the problem. It’s time to start giving thanks for the good things you have in life, even if it’s not what you want it to be, and start focusing on growing, not complaining.

■ Dreaming of a candle in an offering

Dreaming of a candle in an offering, regardless of whether it is from African, Greek, Nordic or any other culture, is a very good thing. Usually, they are symbols of thanks or requests to the gods, goddesses or saints of each religion. So be grateful and try to reconnect as it is a call to look deeper into yourself.

■ Dreaming of sea Candles

Despite being of a different type, it is common to dream of sea Candles, found on boats. They indicate that your life is in need of a goal so that you can direct your efforts towards it. After all, what’s the use of having sail and wind in abundance if you don’t know where you want to go? So, grab your pen and paper and start planning your life!

Can dreaming about candles be a sign of hope?

Dreaming about a candle can indeed be a sign of hope. After all, she is light, purification and protection. It could also be a warning, or even a message from your guardian angel or guide. Whichever way the dream came to you, it bodes well. You should be grateful for being able to remember what you dreamed of and keeping your eyes up, hoping for better and better days.

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