Dreams About Broken Mirror | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

What do dream about broken mirror really mean? Alone, cracked, handheld, etc!

Despite the superstition that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck, be aware that when a broken mirror appears in your dreams, it usually bodes well.

However, this dream also brings a sign that you need to change old habits, abandoning habits that are not doing you good. Dreaming with mirrors, regardless of the way it appears, is related to something internal to the dreamer, it refers to his inner Self, due to his capacity for reflection.

To understand if your broken mirror dream symbolizes that you will enjoy a long period of luck or if you are receiving some important warning in your life, read on and find some interpretations about dreaming with a broken mirror.

Dreaming of broken mirror in different ways

To know the full interpretation of your broken mirror dream, you need to remember how that mirror came to be. After all, the meanings of broken mirror dreams vary greatly from situation to situation.

Therefore, we need to look into the details of what happened in this dream. Follow now the meaning of dreams with mirrors that break alone, crack, falling, and more!

■ Dreaming of a mirror breaking alone

Dreaming of a mirror breaking alone is a sign that some of your attitudes is not being well regarded by others. Usually, the person who is displeased with your actions is someone close to you, such as your parents, siblings, boss, or partner.

You probably already know what your attitude is bothering you. So call that person to talk and settle things before it’s too late.

If you dream of a mirror breaking alone and you have no idea what your action has upset someone close to you, take a moment of introspection. Reflect on your latest behaviors and assess whether anyone in your life has left you recently. Find out where and who is going wrong to resolve the situation.

■ Dreaming of cracked mirror

The cracked mirror brings a distorted image. So, dreaming of a cracked mirror shows that you don’t want to see the truth. You are not seeing clearly who you are or what your goals are. You feel lost and don’t know what steps to take.

To resolve this situation you need to stop, breathe and define what you want out of life. From there you will know which goals you should pursue. If you are having trouble finding your way on your own, seek help from someone you trust to let off steam. Putting that feeling into words can help light your way.

■ Dreaming that you break the mirror

By breaking a mirror in a dream, you are symbolically breaking with an old image of yourself that no longer represents you. This can be a good sign, as you are leaving a representation of yourself that no longer matches reality.

So, dreaming that you break the mirror indicates that you will follow a new path from now on, you broke everything bad around you. Get ready for a cycle of great joy and prosperity in your life.

■ Dreaming of a violently broken mirror

If you dream of a mirror broken violently, it is good to rethink the changes that your image has been undergoing, as they can be negative. Throughout life, it is common for us to change our attitudes and perspectives.

However, keep an eye out for recent changes you’ve made in your life. Some of them, despite looking good, will not bring positive results in the future. Don’t set your principles aside when making changes for yourself.

■ Dreaming of a falling mirror

Dreaming of a falling mirror reveals your fear of having your social image distorted. However, understand that you will not be able to please everyone, no matter how hard you try. The ideal is for you to be true to what you believe, be yourself. That way, the people who identify with you will stay around.

Don’t be afraid to be who you are and don’t limit yourself to social beliefs. The barriers imposed by society will only bring you inconvenience and frustration.

Dreaming of broken mirrors in different places

In addition to the way the mirror was or is broken, the place where it is is also decisive for knowing its precise interpretation. Understand now how the place where the broken mirror appeared will affect the message your dream brought.

■ Dreaming of a broken mirror in your apartment

If in your dream you saw a broken mirror in your apartment, be aware that it is a bad omen. If you have a meeting with family or friends scheduled for an upcoming date, it’s a good idea to reschedule it.

Dreaming of a broken mirror in your apartment that was broken by yourself also symbolizes the presence of enemies nearby. Keep an eye out for anyone who claims to be your friend but may not have good intentions.

Another tip is not to bring strangers into your home. People carry energy, and inviting someone you don’t know into such an intimate setting can also bring negative vibes.

■ Dreaming of a broken mirror on the floor

When a mirror happens to fall to the ground and break, it takes a lot of work to pick up all the pieces. So, dreaming of a mirror breaking on the floor poses many difficulties in the near future.

Your next days will be complicated and the challenges you will face will need to be solved by you. Take care of your health to better face these difficulties. Also, try to be around loved ones and keep envious people away.

Another possible interpretation is linked to the fragility of your current situation. Some situations are coming to an end and new things are approaching. So this is a time of change and renewal, and you have to be aware of that to renew yourself as well.

Other meanings of dreaming with a mirror

Some other actions or situations can completely change the meaning of your broken mirror dream. Discover what it means to dream about many broken mirrors, your image in a broken mirror, broken hand mirror and more!

■ Dreaming of broken mirror and blood

Dreaming of a broken mirror and blood refers to the negative combination of betrayal and lying. You will soon find out that someone in your acquaintance is being fake on you. Some people may have approached you just out of self-interest.

In an even more negative scenario, a family member, close friend, or even your loved one may have betrayed you. Despite the negative omen, know that the sooner you find out who these people are, the better for you.

■ Dreaming of many broken mirrors

If you dream of many broken mirrors know that very soon fights and disagreements with loved ones will arise. Therefore, after this dream, mentalize positive energies and peace, because that way, you will have more peace of mind to deal with any situation that could lead to a fight.

Also remember not to be afraid to apologize. It’s much better to let down your guard than to risk losing that loved one. Although I like some people a lot, arguments can always happen. Remember how much you appreciate this person and strive to get through this time as best you can.

■ Dreaming that you see a mirror breaking

The dream in which you see a mirror breaking has a very deep meaning. It’s an alert that something really relevant is going to happen in your life.

This dream reveals that someone close to you is harboring hurt, resentment, or other bad feelings toward you. And if there is no clarifying conversation, instead of reconciliation, there will be a great conflict between you and that person.

So when you dream of seeing a mirror breaking, it’s best to take the reins of the situation and face all the facts. Analyze your conscience and reflect if you made a mistake with someone or if there are reasons to have upset a family member or friend. Then try to reconcile as best you can.

■ Dreaming of your broken image in a mirror

The meaning of dreaming looking in the mirror is strongly linked to introspection. So, dreaming about your broken image in a mirror demonstrates that you haven’t seen yourself positively.

Sometimes our own attitudes make us uncomfortable. However, know that you are a capable person and that you can achieve all your dreams. Just stay focused on your goals and do your best. Seek self-knowledge and try to see yourself with more positivity. Believe in your potential.

■ Feeling relief after dreaming of a broken mirror

If when dreaming of a broken mirror you feel relief or even certain happiness, know that you have made necessary changes in yourself. In this case, this change represented by the broken mirror is highly positive.

So, feeling relief after dreaming about a broken mirror demonstrates that you are on the right path and that soon things will be the way you always dreamed.

■ Dreaming of a broken hand mirror

Dreaming of a broken hand mirror bodes well, as it symbolizes that a very positive phase is coming into your professional life. That is, everything you’ve spent a lot of time striving to get right will finally take off, and that more complicated phase that was causing you a lot of exhaustion will pass for

good. and you know this. Don’t belittle your dedication. Open your arms and receive what is rightfully yours.

Is dreaming of a broken mirror a sign to change the image?

Sometimes the broken mirror dream is a warning that you will go through a cycle of luck, proving to be the perfect time to pursue your goals and objectives.

However, dreaming of a broken mirror has other interpretations as well. Your life may go through some adversity or your image may be distorted, both in your perspective and in those around you.

We are all the time evaluating ourselves and being evaluated by others. Our image is never static, we are a constant construction. For this reason, when dreaming of a broken mirror, your subconscious is telling you that you have changed. And this change can be negative or positive.

To understand better, pay attention to the details of your dream and, in case it has a negative interpretation, take it as a warning. You are being given the opportunity to redefine your course and make informed decisions. Enjoy!

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