Dreams About Apocalypse | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning of dream of apocalypse: zombie, biblical, 4 knights and more!

Dreaming of the apocalypse means awakening to the truth. Like waking up from a fable, you wake up from eternal sleep and open your eyes to situations where they were previously closed. This type of dream demonstrates revelations, discoveries about the past and, in some cases, the end of a cycle. It’s a dream of warnings, preparing you to receive the news to come.

We’ll go deeper into what each type of end of the world means in this article. The apocalypse may sound scary, but in dreams, it brings the truth, however painful. So take it easy and read what your dreams are trying to tell you about.

Dreaming of an apocalypse of some kind

There are different types of apocalypses and with the different interpretations of dreaming about the apocalypse. We will explain the varied meanings that dreaming of apocalypses represents, such as fire, zombies and even water apocalypse.

All these dreams have amazing representations and are about feelings, warnings and news. So, pay attention to the following paragraphs and everything will be clear.

■ Dreaming of the biblical apocalypse

Dreaming of the biblical apocalypse shows that you will find yourself in a dilemma. Recent events may have left you with doubts about yourself, about right and wrong. The biblical apocalypse represents the eternal struggle between good and evil. Thus, dreaming about this event demonstrates an internal battle between these two sides present in the dreamer.

The time is coming when conflicting thoughts will come into play. What is causing you so many negative thoughts will soon be resolved and then an opportunity will appear to make a choice and end this inner conflict. Regardless of what is decided, this cycle of your life must come to an end.

■ Dreaming of the zombie apocalypse

Every end brings a beginning. In this sense, dreaming of the end of the world caused by zombies is quite literal. This kind of apocalypse is linked to new beginnings. Dreaming about the zombie apocalypse represents dissatisfaction with your current life, where zombies are your bosses, neighbors or maybe friends. The transformation of these people into monsters demonstrates the desire for the end of the current status.

These zombies are destroying the world, ending the current order and bringing in a new one, even worse. If you are safe during the apocalypse it means you can trust the people close to you, they are helping to change your grievances. Now, if you find yourself in several dangerous situations with zombies, maybe there isn’t a strong connection with these people. Perhaps they are the reason for your dissatisfaction, and they work against you in this beginning to come.

■ Dreaming of the water apocalypse

Dreams of the water apocalypse have a strong mystical meaning and a strong connection with emotions. Dreaming of the water apocalypse is highly linked to negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness, and depression.

That way, if you’re experiencing problems like this, this is a sign that it’s time to seek help. The waters flooding the world are your emotions drowning you. Look for new beginnings and see life in a more positive light!

■ Dreaming of the fire apocalypse

Dreams of the end times by fire also have a connection with emotions. However, unlike the water apocalypse, fire is more explosive. They are eruptions of hot emotions like love, passion, anger. Something almost uncontrollable.

If you are having these types of dreams, expect intense moments soon, the heat of these strong emotions will quickly take over your life. But be careful! If letting go completely can cause bad situations, moderation is needed.

■ Dreaming of an earthquake apocalypse

Dreams of highly destructive earthquakes, especially those capable of destroying the world, are warnings of uncomfortable situations to come. Be careful where you walk and who you talk to, stability in your life is close to being shaken. Protect what is dear and remain introspective.

The earthquake destroys material goods such as buildings and houses. Therefore, these dreams have the meaning of physical losses. Keep an eye on your belongings, your business and who you talk to. Even the most trusted people can one day destroy your world. Be careful not to be caught off guard.

Other ways to dream about the apocalypse

For your dream of the apocalypse to have meaning, it is not necessary to be experiencing the apocalyptic moment. That is, witnessing the apocalypse directly. Other themes that address the subject also have important meanings.

Like this? Well, “dreaming about the apocalypse” can also be dreaming about the world after the apocalypse, dreaming that you survived it, or even dreaming only about your knights. There are still some other possibilities about this type of dream that will be further clarified now. So, let’s get down to business.

■ Dreaming of the knights of the apocalypse

Dreaming of the knights of the apocalypse is a sign that a test is to come. As the knights of the apocalypse symbolize judgment, this dream predicts an extremely difficult decision where you will be judged.

However, if you are riding alongside the knights, there is a possibility that you may be one of the judges. Pay attention also to the presage of irrationality that dreaming of the knights of the apocalypse brings. Make sure you are making your decisions consciously.

■ Dreaming of being killed in an apocalypse

Dreaming of death in an apocalypse presents a feeling of lack of control in your life. Apparently, no matter what you do, outside forces always interfere with your goal. As dreaming of the end of the world represents the end of a cycle, this feeling is related to some kind of transition.

Try to stay calm, as the only person in control of your life is you. The transitions in your life may go beyond your decisions, but how they happen is up to you. Outside forces may try, but they must never control you. Do what you want and remember, your decisions are yours alone.

■ Dreaming that survives the apocalypse

Congratulations, you managed to overcome the changes, overcame the difficulties and now you will see the fruits of these events. Surviving the apocalypse demonstrates that the difficulties have been overcome, the moment of concern has passed and from now on the focus is on starting over and building a new life with new relationships.

■ Dreaming of the world after the apocalypse

Just like dreaming that the end of the world survives, this dream demonstrates that the difficulties are over. However, dreaming of a destroyed world represents fear of the future and is extremely linked to anxiety.

Rest assured, there is no reason to worry, the worst is over. Focus on building your new world, understand yourself more and what led to this. You’ve already won, just leave the past behind.

Do dreaming of the apocalypse indicate concern for those close to you?

Some of the interpretations of dreaming about apocalypse may apply to people very close to you, such as siblings and family in general. People who are almost an extension of themselves. But, in general, these are extremely personal interpretations and are more related to your connection to the world, your feelings, fears and events.

Despite having a connection with the people close to you, since they are the ones who have the greatest influence in your life, you should pay more attention to yourself, since the apocalypse represents the end of a cycle. Cycles that are lived by none other than you.

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