Do you know the spiritual pendulum? See what it is, how to use it and more!

Do you know the benefits of the spiritual pendulum?

The spiritual pendulum is a way of seeking a connection with oneself, in addition to working on intuition and the subconscious at the same time. It is also used as a guessing tool or even a way of getting a yes or no more easily.

Spirit pendulums are also used to connect with spirit guides, and thus achieve emotional healing, among other benefits. When people dedicate themselves more to the process of self-knowledge, they can also deepen their intuition and clear up situations.

In this text brought, you will know various information regarding the spiritual pendulum as well as understand more about it, the benefits of using it, the meaning of its movements, attention and necessary care and about the reflexes captured by it.

Understanding more about the spiritual pendulum

A spiritual pendulum is a tool used to get answers to questions and difficult situations, they can be crystals or stones of various types. The type of pendulum to be used in riddles will depend on the needs of each individual.

In this part of the text, we will talk about various aspects of the spiritual pendulum such as its origin, its foundations, the types of the pendulum that exist, best stones and crystals, how to choose its use and how to use it.

■ Origin

The spiritual pendulum is a very ancient artefact, the first of which was seen in Egypt at least two thousand years ago. These objects were used in dowsing, Chinese therapy, in addition to being used in agriculture and to find underground sources of water.

Its first form, when used in ancient Egypt and China, was a pitchfork to find minerals. However, its use is unlimited, as it allows knowing whether it is necessary to use a certain colour to harmonize or to make guesses about life.

■ Fundamentals

The spiritual pendulums are like links between people’s intuition and the universe, acting as if they were a receiver and transmitter of energies, tuning the energy vibrations with the messages brought by their spiritual guides.

When in contact with energies from someplace, person or object, the pendulum moves, and each of its movements is interpreted differently, being an answer to people’s questions. As such, it is an excellent tool for self-knowledge, energy identification, and guesswork.

■ Types of pendulum

The types of a pendulum are quite varied, being simple, Newton and electrostatic. The simple pendulum is identified by having only one hanging element. Newton’s pendulum, on the other hand, is the well-known one, formed by at least five elements, usually with spheres at the tip and attached to a structure.

When at rest, the spheres are leaning against each other, and when one of them is raised, it hits the others, thus forming a continuous movement. With this, energy is transmitted to the last ball, causing it to rise.

In addition to being used as a decorative object, it is widely used in mechanical concepts. The electrostatic pendulum has the function of indicating when a body is electrified. It is usually made with a sphere of light material, Styrofoam, for example, with a layer of graphite.

This pendulum is suspended by an insulating thread, such as silk, and is attached to a rod. The electrostatic pendulum is used to detect possible excess electrical charges in a body.

■ Best stones and crystals

The definition of the best stones and crystals for a pendulum depends on the objective and the expected benefits:

– Amethyst: This stone is used to have a connection with the divine, with the higher self, spirituality and transmutation;

– Sodalite: stone used to expand awareness, calm and balance mental energy;

– Transparent quartz: brings concentration, light, illumination, sensitivity and obtaining energy;

– Green Quartz: is used for healing, courage, connection with nature, health and bodily purification;

– Onyx: it is good for protection, serenity, security and dispersion of negative energies;

– Red Jasper: brings success, health, protection and vital force;

– Tiger’s Eye: it is used to improve joy, the senses, against envy and protection;

– Rose quartz: brings the energy of love, affection, inner healing and peace.

■ How to choose yours?

The choice of the best spiritual pendulum must be done with the analysis of each situation. That is, the pendulum chosen needs to have an affinity with each individual’s inner child and a closer connection with their intuition and subconscious.

Another point to be taken into consideration when choosing a pendulum is the type of stone, which is different for each person. For example, if people’s need is to search for an answer to matters of love, the best stone would be rose quartz or red jasper. That’s because red stones are related to passion, love and courage.

If the doubt is related to safety, the most suitable stone is black, for health issues, the best stone is green quartz. For matters relating to financial life, the pendulum must have a yellow stone.

Thus, each person can have several spiritual pendulums, with different types of stones and different colors, so you can use the most suitable for each situation. But if you don’t want to have so many pendulums, you can choose a wild stone, which can be made with clear quartz or amethyst. Another possibility is to use the stones indicated for each sign.

■ How to use it?

One of the most common uses of the spiritual pendulum is to access intuition and subconscious messages, and this tool can also be used to maintain spiritual communication.

For this, it is necessary to start the consultation, asking high vibrating spirits to give you clear and useful answers. In this way, malicious spirits will be prevented from passing on confusing or contradictory information.

After this providence, ask the spirits if they are open to communication, and observe whether the pendulum answers yes or no. If the answer is positive, it is possible to ask the questions, if it is negative, it will be necessary to wait and repeat the procedure at another time.

Benefits of the Spiritual Pendulum

The use of the spiritual pendulum is a way to find answers to questions related to various areas of people’s lives. For each specific subject, the use of one pendulum is more suitable than the other, but it is also possible to use a wildcard pendulum, with the stone of each one’s sign.

In this part of the text, we will talk about some of the benefits brought by using the crystal pendulum, learn how it can help with divination, emotional healing, connecting with spirit guides, cleaning and energizing the chakras, and identifying energetic influences.

■ Divination

One of the ways to use the spiritual pendulum is with the intention of making guesses, receiving positive or negative answers regarding some future situation. To do this, all you need to do is ask the right questions.

One of the ways to get an answer about something from the future with the pendulum is to use it as a riddle board. Thus, the pendulum is guided by the letters on the board, spelling out messages with the answer to the question. This picture has, in addition to letters, also numbers and the words yes, no and maybe.

■ Emotional healing

The spiritual pendulum is also used as a form of emotional healing as it helps on the path to self-knowledge. Because its movements are performed using the consultant’s energies, it can reveal blocks, needs and emotions that are present at the time of the consultation.

With this, it is possible to understand which points need to be improved to achieve a more harmonious and happy life, aligning and centralizing their energies.

■ Connection with spirit guides

Spiritual pendulums are also a way of maintaining communication between people’s intuition and the universe. In this way, it acts as a kind of receiver or transmitter of energies, creating a syntony between the energetic vibrations and the messages of the spirit guides.

Therefore, the pendulum is capable of receiving psychic energies and impressions from a place, a person, an animal or even an object, sending responses through its movements. Hence, it is also used as a spiritual communication tool.

■ Chakra cleaning and energizing

During everyday life, people end up being overwhelmed by negative energies that have a great influence on the mood and interpersonal relationships and the interior of each one. This overload also affects the chakras. In this way, the use of the spiritual pendulum helps to clean and energize these points.

The use of the spiritual pendulum does the work of levelling the chakras, and thus stabilizes people’s overall health. Furthermore, it produces the balance of bodily energies that are part of the harmony and needs of individuals in a healing treatment.

■ Identification of energy influences

The therapy performed by dowsing, which is therapy through the identification of energies, can help to identify harmful processes that compromise the physical, mental and emotional health of people, even affecting their financial lives.

How to tell if an environment is charged with negative energy is not difficult. For this, observe if you have difficulty sleeping, get tired when you wake up, have frequent headaches, discouragement and even depressive processes. Thus, the spiritual pendulum can be an aid to this identification.

Spiritual Pendulum Movements

The spiritual pendulum uses its movements to send answers to queries from the consultants, but it is necessary to ask very direct and clear questions. In this way, they will be able to resolve their queries more efficiently.

To better understand how the spiritual pendulum’s responses work, we’ll talk about its various clockwise, counterclockwise, horizontal, vertical, and elliptical movements. Each of them is related to a type of response.

■ Clockwise

In order to decode the responses of the spiritual pendulum, each person has a way to tune in to these energies. There is a sense of movement for yes, and another for no, but there is already a defined pattern for these responses.

Therefore, if the spiritual pendulum moves in a clockwise direction, the answer is positive, the greater the energy existing in that subject, the clearer will be the answer that the pendulum will give.

■ Counterclockwise

By asking the questions clearly and putting your mindfulness in this moment, it is possible to get very fruitful answers to the doubts. Therefore, it is important to carry out this process in a quiet place where there are no interruptions.

For a negative answer, the direction in which the spiritual pendulum will move will be counterclockwise. In addition to providing an answer, this movement also cleans harmful energies, both from environments and from people.

■ Horizontal direction

When the spiritual pendulum moves in a horizontal direction, the answer to the elaborated question will be negative. But it is always necessary to remember that the question must be clear and direct so that there is no confusion when receiving the answer.

It is also important to use the support of a fortune-teller who can help you interpret the pendulum’s answers.

■ Vertical direction

Another possibility of response received by the spiritual pendulum is with a movement in the vertical direction. In this movement, the answer will be yes with a yes. In addition to asking clear questions, there are also some procedures that help you get clearer answers.

One of them is not to wear rings, or any other metal object on the body, it is also recommended to wash your hands and shake them to remove excess accumulated energy. Another important point to be checked is to be calm when asking questions.

■ Elliptical direction

Moving in an elliptical or circular direction, whichever way you turn, means that the querent’s question is not clear enough, or there is something interfering with the answer. Therefore, it is important to be focused on the question asked so that there are no distractions.

Another situation that can interfere with the question asked is being inclined or waiting for a specific answer, that is, not being open to a real answer.

Attention and care for your spiritual pendulum

The spiritual pendulum brings numerous benefits and is a great help for cleaning energies and also for answering queries from consultants. But in addition to receiving the benefits offered by it, it is also necessary to be careful with this tool.

Therefore, in this part of the article, we will leave some instructions to properly care for your spiritual pendulum, how to clean and energize it, make your consecration and know the correct way to keep it.

■ How to clean and energize?

The spiritual pendulum, like other types of crystals, needs to be cleansed, energized, and programmed in order to begin work as intended by your client. To physically clean the pendulum, it is necessary to place it under running water, then dry it with a soft cloth.

In the case of crystals that cannot be in contact with water, cleaning can be done by burying them in rock salt overnight. When taking it out of the salt the next day, put it out in the sun, during the early hours of the day, or under the moonlight.

After cleaning, you need to program the spiritual pendulum in accordance with your intention. To do this, hold it with both hands and focus on the intention you want it to be energized so it is ready to be used again.

■ How to consecrate your pendulum?

The consecration of the spiritual pendulum is necessary, especially when it is purchased because it absorbs all the energies of places and people with whom it has had contact. Thus, the consecration will be responsible for neutralizing any negative energy.

To consecrate it, you will need an incense of your choice, a candle, a glass of water and salt and some fresh earth placed in a small dish. Then, place on a table in the following way, the dish of the earth to the north, the incense to the east, the candle to the south and the glass of water to the west.

They will be the representation of the 4 elements of nature making the direct connection between them and the client. Before performing the procedure, you need to take a shower, change into clean clothes, and relax for a few moments. It is also possible to anoint the wrists with essential oil, this will put the querent into a state of mindfulness.

Now, just place the spiritual pendulum in the centre of the altar made on the table and light the candle. So, you need to take a few deep breaths, focusing on the light around the altar. This is the time to ask for the presence of the Goddess, God and the spirits of the elements to be present with the client.

So, it’s time to start the ritual, start bypassing the pendulum on the earth, introduce it to this element by saying:

“I cleanse you, consecrate you and bless you with the strength of this element so that you transform it into an instrument full of light and power. So be it, and so be it!”

After that, the pendulum should be passed through the incense smoke, repeating the same words, then pass it through the candle flame, then sprinkle a few drops of water on it. Now present it to the Goddess and God with these words:

“Goddess and God, today I present mine (name the object). May he be blessed and consecrated with his power. May he create a bridge between us. So be it and so be it!”

At the end of the consecration ritual, give thanks for the presence of the Goddess, the God and the elements, focus again on the light around the fading altar. This ritual can be applied to any object a person desires, such as bracelets, pendants and bracelets.

■ How to save?

Taking care of the spiritual pendulum also involves keeping it correctly. It needs to be kept in a cloth bag, or a paper box. it should not be kept in metal containers as it interferes with your energies.

It is important to remember to always place it in the correct container after use, not leaving it exposed on furniture. The spiritual pendulum is very sensitive and absorbs the energies of the place and other people around it.

■ Other care with the pendulum

There are other necessary cares with the pendulum, whenever you use it, discharge energies, which can be by means of a breath, or even leaving it on a crystal or selenite druse. Another precaution that must be taken is not to let other people touch the spiritual pendulum, unless there is permission from the consultant.

After each use, the pendulum must have its energies discharged, so that it returns to the state in which it was in its consecration. In this way, it will not be charged with the energies of other situations, uses or environments.

Spiritual pendulums work like a radar of imperceptible reflections!

The spiritual pendulums work as a radar of imperceptible reflections, as it is an instrument for measuring energies. To use this object, it is necessary to learn correctly, as it captures and amplifies the effects of energies.

In addition to capturing reflexes, it is also responsible for amplifying these reflexes, as the spiritual pendulum uses energies to answer queries from the consultants. Thus, it is necessary to be very careful with the pendulums, so that bad energies do not interfere in their functioning.

Therefore, we try to bring complete information about everything that involves the use of the spiritual pendulum. We hope we have been able to clear up possible doubts about the matter.

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