Do you know the Orixá Nanã Buruquê?

Orixá Nanã Buruch: in Umbanda and Candomblé, greetings, prayers and more!

In this article we will present the main characteristics of the Orixá Nanã Buruch, a very important deity for the Yoruba tradition, responsible for the domain of wisdom. Acting preferentially on the emotional field, Nanã Buruch helps unbalanced beings to reach stillness.

The radiations of the Orixá Nanã Buruch possess two distinct divine qualities capable of guiding beings towards their evolution: malleability and decantation. When someone finds himself paralyzed by negative and erroneous energies, developed on divine elements, Nanã Buruch begins to act on them.

Thus, it transmutes energies in such a way that allows beings to overcome their addictions and mental imbalances. Follow this article and understand more about this important Orixá, its day, colors and much more!

Who is Nanã Buruque?

The Orixá Nanã Buruch governs the sixth line of Umbanda (of evolution) polarized with Obaluaiê. It can bring our feelings, actions, thoughts and emotions back into balance, leading our lives on a path of evolution. Learn more about its history below.

■ Nanã Buruch in Umbanda and Candomblé

Nanã Buruch is known in Umbanda and Candomblé for its two fundamental divine qualities: malleability and decantation. The first quality, malleability, manages to undo what is immobilized or petrified within each being, giving them movement and flexibility.

People stagnant in negative vibratory patterns, whether through their thoughts, actions or feelings, tend to reflect this negative energy in all spheres of their life. These are people paralyzed by fear, unconscious blocks and traumatic memories.

Because of this, they are unable to receive the energies of good, leaving Nanã Buruch to attract these people to her field so that she dissolves all this negativity and that they balance again.

■ Nanã Buruqué in Yoruba Mythology

According to Yoruba mythology, Nanã Buruch is an orixá “mother” or “grandmother”, existing in the world since the creation of humanity. She witnessed the entire creation of the universe and keeps all the magic and memory of the original moment with her.

Its elements are water and earth. She is the lady of clay, the same clay that gave rise to all human beings, which makes her a very respected and feared Orixá. Nanã Buruch is also responsible for guarding the portal between life and death, due to its ability to fall asleep or erase the memory of disturbed spirits.

At that moment, his son, and polarity, Obaluaiê, comes into play. He rules the mystery of the sleeping spirits, reducing them to the size of fetuses in the mother’s womb and housing them in the womb for their rebirth, without remembering anything that lived in the past.

■ Nanã Buruch not syncretism

Religious syncretism is the phenomenon by which the association of Orixás with Catholic saints who could best represent each of the Yoruba deities became known. This association occurred due to numerous historical circumstances, which compromised the survival of the Umbanda and Candomblé cults.

Bypassing religious intolerance, syncretism enabled the resistance of traditional African cults and, currently, it is an interesting resource for initiation in Umbanda practices. The Orixá Nanã Buruch is generally syncretized with Nossa Senhora de Santana, the Catholic saint considered to be the grandmother of Jesus Christ.

This association is due to the fact that Nanã Buruch is, for Umbanda, the oldest of the mothers, the one who allows our warmth, which emanates experience, wisdom and patience.

Particularities of Nanã Buruch

Like all the Orixás of Umbanda and Candomblé, Nanã Buruch has some peculiarities that are very important to know. See below its main qualities, correlations and offerings.

■ Qualities of Nanã Buruch

The Orixá Nanã Buruch is known for its malleability and decanting qualities, deeply linked to its affinity with the elements of water and earth. Such qualities allow us to follow two different paths.

The first way is to decide to follow the steps of goodness, respecting the divine order. In this way, the energy of the Orixás and, in particular, of Nanã Buruch, will leverage our strengths and, with that, we will be able to evolve and overcome our adversities.

The second path is to stagnate in negativity. If that happens, we will be attracted to the fields of action of the Orixás. Nanã Buruch suffocates beings with her clay, exhausting all negativity and enabling Obaluaiê’s action that will put them back on the path of evolution.

■ Domains of Nanã Buruch

The domains of Nanã Buruch are wisdom, evolution, decantation and transmutation. Your energy can make us evolve. Its points of force are usually where the waters meet the land, such as lakes, mangroves and large rivers.

Like lakes, Nanã Buruch has a calm surface, but it can silently pull anything that falls on it to the bottom. It calms and transforms us, leading us on the path of healing.

Nanã Buruch also acts on the spirits that will reincarnate, diluting all that being’s accumulations of energy and quieting all their feelings, frustrations, ideas and anxieties.

■ Day, colors and greeting of Nanã Buruch

The day of the week of Nanã Buruch is Friday and its commemorative date takes place on the 26th of July. Its main correlated colors are lilac, purple and pink. Nanã Buruch’s greeting is: “Saluba, Nanã!”.

■ Offerings for Nanã Buruch

There are many possibilities of offerings for Nanã Buruch. Whatever it is, try to carry them out always accompanied by prayers and then clean the place. Here’s an example:


  • 3 boiled purple sweet potatoes without skin;
  • 3 lilac or purple candles;
  • 1 glass of mineral water;
  • 1 red cabbage;
  • lilac or purple hydrangeas;
  • Mel.


Peel the cabbage and form a circle with its leaves. Make a heart-shaped sweet potato dough and place in the center of the leaves. Drizzle with honey. Finally, decorate the offering with small hydrangea cocks. Circulate everything with mineral water and light the candles surrounding the offering.

Nanã Buruch’s Story

Before the birth of her first child, Nanã Buruch experienced some stories. See below some of the main narratives.

■ Nanã Buruch is bewitched by Oxalá

Oxalá wanted to conquer power over the death of Nanã Buruch and, for that, he married her out of interest. Then he cast a spell on her to get her pregnant. From this spell, Omolu was born with a serious skin problem.

Vain, Nanã Buruch abandoned her son on the beach, being found and cared for by Yemanjá. When Oxalá learned of what had happened, he decided to punish her, condemning her to always have children with some anomaly. Nanã Buruch was eventually expelled from the divine land and condemned to live in a swamp.

■ Oxalá enters the domains of Nanã Buruch

Curious to know how Nanã Buruch controlled the Eguns spirits, Oxalá decides to bewitch her so that she would fall in love and marry him. The spell was successful and, thanks to this, Oxalá discovered how to enter the Garden of the Dead spying on his wife.

Dressed as Nanã Buruque, Oxalá entered the garden of the dead and ordered the Eguns to obey him. Since then, Oxalá has been the leader of the Eguns and until now it is the men who carry out the cult of the Egungun.

Sons and Daughters of Nanã Buruch

In this section, we aim to list the main characteristics observed over time in the sons and daughters of Nanã Buruch, as well as suggestions for bathing their children.

■ Positive trends of the children of Nanã Buruch

Nanã Buruch’s children are extremely calm people, appearing to be older than they really are. They are blessed by experience, superiority, objectivity, care and attention. They want things done right, even if it takes longer.

They are benevolent, dignified and kind to everyone, especially children. Kindness, decision, sympathy and respect are its main virtues.

■ Negative trends of the children of Nanã Buruch

On the negative side, Nanã Buruch’s children tend to be introverted, severe and austere. They pass by a surly face and can easily be more feared than loved. Because they take things more slowly, they hate to be rushed.

They embody the figure of the owl mother and grandmother, don’t find much fun and tend to make storms out of teapots, worrying about unimportant details.

■ Bath to protect the children of Nanã Buruch


  • Herb cologne;
  • Lower leg;
  • Birdweed;
  • Jasmine;
  • Purple basil.


The day before the bath, boil seven liters of water and add all the herbs above. Stir with a wooden spoon for five minutes and then turn off the heat, covering and letting it steep for six hours. Then strain the mixture and pour the preparation from the shoulders to the feet, after the normal bath.

■ Bath for the children of Nanã Buruch


  • basil;
  • Alteia Malvarisco;
  • Lower leg;
  • Herb cologne;
  • Birdweed;
  • Purple basil;
  • Salsa from the beach.


Boil seven liters of water with all the herbs listed above, stirring over low heat for five minutes. After turning off the heat, leave the covered pan to steep for three hours. Then strain the mixture and use it during your bath from head to toe, asking Nanã Buruch for physical and spiritual protection.

A little more about the Orixá Nanã Buruch

Are you interested in knowing a little more about the Orixá Nanã Buruch? Here are some interesting ways to approach this divinity in your daily life.

■ How to connect with the Orixá Nanã Buruch

Death is one of the main concepts to establish a connection with Nanã Buruch. This does not mean that we should cultivate the agonizing feeling of death as an end or a burden, but as the full appreciation of our life on Earth and the understanding that death is just one of the steps in our spiritual transmutation process.

Those people who chose to walk the paths of goodness and spiritual elevation are close to Nanã Buruch. This means that death for her is not a fatality, but the continuation of a process of transformation of our immortal soul.

Nanã Buruch is our guide in this process of spiritual evolution. Knowing the meaning of our own life and our destiny guarantees our wisdom and rebirth. It remains for us to pray for Nanã to intercede in our lives and bless us with her calm, lightness and balance.

■ How to make sarapatel for Nanã Buruch

Sarapatel is a Portuguese delicacy, prepared with pork or goat offal. In Brazil, it has become a typical dish in the Northeast and is one of the foods that can be offered to Nanã Buruch.

Therefore, it is important that the pork giblets are thoroughly cleaned and chopped, bathed in plenty of lemon and then cooked. For seasoning, use lemon, cilantro, parsley, chives, cumin, black pepper and bay leaf during cooking.

■ Prayer for Nanã Buruch

Here is an example of a prayer for the Orixá Nanã Buruch:

“Hail Lady of the renewal of life!
Mother of all creation!
Orixá of still waters, Mother of wisdom.
Give me the necessary calm to wait patiently for the right moment for everything I want.

[Make your request]

May your light neutralize all negative forces around me.
Give me your serenity and keep me on the path of peace, love and prosperity.
Saluba, Nanã!”.

Is Nanã Buruch the Orixá of ancestral wisdom?

Nanã Buruch is the oldest of the Orixás. It represents calm, the process of decanting our emotions and healing our spiritual ailments such as anger, anxiety, depression, jealousy and envy. As the eldest of mothers, she embodies all ancient wisdom, knowledge about life and death.

Now that you know better the history and power of this Orixá, keep on the path of goodness to have this energy close to you.

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