Discover Tarot Therapy: Emotional Health with Tarot Arcana!

Tarot: Emotional therapy that will delight you

Tarot reveals implicit information and helps to solve problems. Although there are several decks, they all have the same archetypes, that is, a model of images with the same characteristics that reflect emotional issues and behavior patterns that need to be observed.

In this way, it is possible to unravel mysteries and unresolved situations in the past. Since, it reveals aspects in their relationships that are not going well, the need to change their habits, positive points in their personality that were not noticed, among other information.

It is a very old practice that became known in France through the Marseilles deck. Regardless of the deck used, they all have 78 cards that can be used as a therapeutic practice.

In addition, each card contains a unique explanation of what is going on in each person’s life. In this way, through the information obtained, it is possible to modify the present moment and, consequently, the future. In this article we’ll explain more about tarot therapy, how it works, and how it can help you. Check out!

Understand what Tarot therapy is

It is essential to understand that there are many myths and prejudices surrounding therapy with Tarot, which can generate the false idea of ​​being a type of charlatanism, in other words, a deception. Below are some characteristics about the deck and why these cards should not be considered just a guessing technique.

■ Tarot therapy is not guesswork

Tarot can be classified as a divinatory art, that is, it promotes divination. Therefore, many people may be skeptical about its effectiveness as a therapeutic practice.

However, this guesswork is nothing more than bringing up a situation that the individual is already going through and is not aware of. That is, a circumstance that is not clear and, through the letters, the person will be able to better analyze what is happening in his life.

■ The Minor Arcana in Therapeutic Tarot

In therapeutic tarot, the minor arcana are related to the greatest number of cards or blades. Of the 78 cards that make up the tarot as a whole, 56 are minor arcane. They can reveal aspects that need to be observed and improved in the short term, that is, they correspond to the most practical everyday issues.

These arcana refer to material life. In this way, they are not linked to reflection, but to action. Through a revelation of the minor arcana, you will be able to change punctual attitudes that do not favor you, in behavior patterns that need to be modified through the attitude.

■ The Major Arcana in Therapeutic Tarot

The major arcana are composed of 22 cards and unveil aspects of spiritual life and internal issues. These are cards that can reveal big aspects, in this case notable changes to be made, challenges to be overcome, achievements you want to achieve, among others.

These are letters that promote reflection and clarify outstanding traits of each individual’s personality. Always remember that tarot as a therapeutic practice will not reveal a conquest of the future. He can make your desire clearer so that you can walk in the right direction.

■ How is Tarot therapy performed?

As they are letters aimed at the intimate life, therapy can only be done using the major arcana. Despite this, the minor arcana are also important to reveal personality traits and, mainly, to promote change in the short term. Thus, the preference for using only the major arcana or both is an individual choice.

In addition, some psychologists and other therapists also integrate tarot into their practices to facilitate understanding of the pain the client is experiencing. It may happen that the patient is withdrawn, making therapy difficult, and the drawing of letters proves to be an aid for a better understanding of internal issues.

Tarot Functions as Emotional Therapy

Tarot acts as an important therapy in understanding emotional issues. Through this practice, it is possible to develop an inner reconnection with oneself, have guidance on life issues, deconstruct patterns of behavior, among other perceptions that enable growth. Check out some features of this therapy below!

■ Reconnection with yourself

Regardless if you are having contact with the therapeutic tarot in a query with a tarot reader with a therapist or in your home, the fact that the cards allow a reconnect with yourself, as a practice to observe the internal and external actions

often not we are aware of internal factors that are occurring in our lives, or even repetitive everyday patterns that are detrimental to our development. In this way, we can take many wrong actions, disconnecting from who we are.

The cards point out these elements so that it is possible for us to reconnect and lead our lives in a more fluid way.

■ Give guidance on some life issues

Tarot is a powerful guide to problem solving by clarifying our innermost interests and aspects. It may be that we are having difficulty listening to our intuition and fulfilling our desires.

Through the arcana, it becomes easier to recognize the inner wills, those that are not conscious. In this way, we can follow more assertive paths and solve problems in our lives.

■ Deconstruct some behavior patterns

The minor arcana point to specific issues, making it possible to deconstruct patterns of behavior and, consequently, modify reality. This is because these letters indicate attitudes that are not favoring you.

Major arcana can also deconstruct behavior patterns by interfering with the most important issues in your life. When visualizing a great aspect that needs to be modified, simple changes are made, in order to search for this transformation.

■ Identifying past experiences that influence personality

Past experiences shape the way we act. This is one of the factors that explains why negative situations can be repeated in such a similar way.

What didn’t work before, if not analyzed and transmuted, can reoccur several times. As a result, many people complain that they get into bad relationships over and over again, showing common negatives between each partner.

Tarot is able to identify past experiences that are harming you, whether in your relationships, at work or in your daily life. The cards can reveal which aspects of your personality have been shaped by past traumas. In this way, you will be able to seek to modify traits linked to these annoyances, being able, finally, to close this cycle.

What are the benefits of Tarot therapy?

The advantages of using Therapeutic Tarot are numerous. The main one is to connect with yourself, through self-knowledge. Thus, you will be able to make better decisions, value your qualities, disconnect from negative thoughts, among other virtues. Below are some of the benefits of Tarot therapy!

■ Self-knowledge

Therapeutic tarot is great for anyone looking for self-knowledge. Through it, you will be able to become more aware of your own actions and feelings. Consequently, it is possible to develop self-responsibility.

When it is discovered which behavioral aspects and thought patterns are negative, the person is able to develop the ability to take responsibility for these issues in order to change them. Furthermore, it becomes noticeable that difficulties are actually impulses to achieve a full life.

■ Clarity in decision making

Decision-making often becomes a difficult task when we can only see the negative side of what is happening. As difficult as the situation may be, it is a fact that there is always a way out, however, for lack of clarity, the resolution can seem quite difficult.

Therapeutic Tarot brings an understanding of the situations that are taking place. In this way, decision making is easier. Also, during a print run, you can ask a specific question about something that needs to be resolved in your life, and you can choose the most accurate path.

■ Appreciation of each one’s virtues

In addition to having negative aspects, Tarot therapy can reveal your strengths and strengths that you may not be able to recognize, such as the personality traits of each person that favor the individual in different areas.

However, due to lack of self-knowledge, it is not always possible to visualize what we have best. The arcana bring out these qualities. That way, with the Tarot’s circulation, you can become more self-confident and improve what is already good in yourself.

■ Combating negative and useless thoughts

Negative thoughts are harmful to physical and mental health. They are often a type of self-sabotage for lack of clarity around the situation. Therapeutic tarot is capable of bringing reflections that can combat these ideas.

By drawing a card that unveils a problem in your life, you will be able to understand the paths to the solution. Therefore, negative and useless ideas tend to be pushed aside, making room for action in search of a way out.

Tarot as therapy reveals deep parts of each one!

Tarot as a therapeutic activity manages to clarify deep and everyday issues. This is because these points already exist unconsciously within each individual. When the cards reveal a certain situation, it is possible to make an association with previous experiences, leading to the resolution of impasses and the development of self-confidence.

That is why it is so important to consider the Tarot as a self-knowledge mechanism. You can choose to look for a tarot card for advice, or even study by yourself. to have more autonomy. That way, whenever necessary, you can use the letters as advisors, in order to help in your personal development.

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