Discover now the meaning of the card “The World”, Arcanum 21 of the Tarot

Symbolisms present in the image of O Mundo no Tarot

The World card shows a naked woman wrapped in a cloth that, depending on the deck (deck design), can be blue or purple. It is at the center of an oval crown, which symbolizes the closing of a successful cycle, or the beginning of another.

In addition, the woman looks back toward the past, but still dances forward, toward the future, while holding two sticks that together represent balance and evolution.

The dance shows that the woman’s presence is not inert, and symbolizes the eternal movement. The world never stops dancing. The surrounding beings (a lion, a bull, an angel and an eagle) represent the signs of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio.

In the image, all elements reference the number four, as it is an important number for life, found in the four seasons of the year and in the four elements.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the meanings of this very mysterious card, as well as explaining its positive sides, and how it interprets love.

Positive side of the World in the Tarot card

The World card is very positive in its essence, but there are special points where it stands out. Check it out below!

■ Achievement

The Tarot card The World represents a period of achievement. If you’ve been on a project for a long time, investing in some kind of relationship or anything like that, you can celebrate.

His presence means that things will start to work out, bringing the end of a cycle of work and intense effort, that is, the end of the journey that began in the madman’s letter, which shows a person leaving in search of building their own future .

■ Harmony

In the Tarot, the card The World also indicates a period of harmony, happiness and calm after so much turmoil. It’s time to recognize the time to relax and let the good things come into your life.

This card also symbolizes the exchange. You gave, and it’s time to receive. In any aspect of your life in which it appears, rest assured, it will certainly bring a good meaning.

Downside of the World in the Tarot card

Despite being an essentially very positive card, any reverse card can have its negative side. Check below some examples in the case of the letter O Mundo!

■ Dissatisfaction

This is a great time to analyze your behavior when asking for help. You have a tendency to push yourself. So it might be time to talk to someone, as you are not alone. You’ve also begun to understand your presence in the world, but if that’s still not clear to you, it’s time to assess where you’ve been getting stuck.

Another meaning is that you have acted innocently and entrusted important things to bad people who have acted against you. So maybe it’s time to analyze people’s intentions and understand that not everyone is going to be as nice about their projects.

■ Attachment

If the card The World appears backwards, it means that you are a very passionate person and attached to problems. It’s time to keep your feet on the ground and calmly observe everything around you. Avoid getting into trouble, as it can help put off the wonderful things that are already planned for your future.

You’ve probably been relaxing a bit about your goals. You feel like you need a break, so don’t turn it down when it shows up as it will be important to you.

Despite that, don’t stop trying. You’ve worked hard to get this far. Procrastination has been a recurrent thing for you, but don’t let that laziness overwhelm you.

The card The World in the Tarot and love

When the card The World appears in the aspect of love, great changes in your love life are to come, which indicates the beginning of some cycles and renewal of others. Check out the meanings of the letter The World for Love!

■ For singles

If the letter The World appears to you and you are single, know that a great love will arise and change everything in your life. It will be like one of those overwhelming passions that it’s impossible to remember what your life was like without this person. This letter brings all fullness and success in the matter of love.

But if it appears reversed, you probably went through some trauma that made you go one of the two ways to go.

You have become very closed to relationships, increasingly denying romantic feelings for the people you care about. Or, you have been trying to replace the person who caused this trauma, in order to chase people who don’t match you, taking other abusive attitudes towards the relationship, just to fill the void left by someone else.

The best thing to do is to be calm and let it all happen naturally. This is no time to force relationships. You will, yes, live a love of cinema and meet someone, as it is already written. But still, it won’t be at the time you want. Let fate act as it pleases, because it has the answers to the questions you need.

■ For compromised

If you are committed and this letter appears to you in reverse, you are probably in a stagnant relationship that has left you both stuck. Ideally, you should be honest with yourself and your partner, call him in for a sincere conversation, and let him go. The tendency is for things to get better after that.

If The World appears normal, know that it’s time to take back all the love you’ve ever given others. Big gestures to come, big declarations and the like. The trend is that if you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s likely that a request is coming.

The card The World in the Tarot and the work

If the letter The World appeared when you asked a question about work, chances are good things are to come. See the meanings below for whether you are unemployed or not!

■ For unemployed

Unemployed people who draw the World in the Tarot card can celebrate. This letter means an unexpected inflow of money, probably the answer to that job you so desperately want. Professional success is close at hand, but don’t let yourself get comfortable and keep working hard for your goals.

In finance, money has probably been stagnant, but rest assured, it will soon pass. If the card is reversed, it is a request for you to be careful with expenses. It’s important to save money so that moments like this don’t interfere with your standard of living.

■ For employees

For employees who have been dreaming, working and planning for a long time, the letter O Mundo means cash inflow. It could be a new promotion, a bonus, maybe even another work shift. Success and fame in your field are also to come. Keep up the pace and you will soon have your greatest achievements.

If in the field of work the world card appears inverted, it is time to take stock of what you have been doing wrong. Chances are you haven’t given yourself enough credit. When working, it’s important to stand out and make it clear to the people around you that they can’t ignore your presence.

If you’ve been lost, not knowing what to do, it’s time to take an aptitude test and discover your place in the world. You’ll do well no matter which field you choose, so be sure to look for what’s best for you.

Other interpretations of The World in the Tarot card

Some other interpretations are found in The World card, such as in the field of health and the meaning of the card within the mythological Tarot. Check out!

■ Health

If you have not had symptoms and were only concerned about your health, the letter from The World means that you are in perfect condition. There is no reason to worry! Keep at your pace.

If you’ve had symptoms, been diagnosed with an illness and are genuinely concerned about your health, and even had treatment, it’s time to celebrate. The World card indicates chances of healing and stability in your situation and a moment of vitality and energy and plenty of health will come to you, so don’t give up!

If in the health field the card appears inverted, then there is probably something psychological that is affecting your health. It is recommended that you look for a doctor, but do not close the door on alternative medicines that take care of the spiritual.

Even if your doctor thinks it doesn’t work, working both fields at the same time, the physical and the spiritual, can be of great help to those who find themselves in trouble.

■ The World in Mythological Tarot

In the mythological Tarot, the card The World symbolizes the god Hermaphrodite, son of Aphrodite and Hermes. His image represents a being of two loves. Some legends say that he was a very handsome boy, a beauty drawn from his mother, but that he turned into an inter-love being thanks to his union with the Nymph Salmacis.

The card depicts a golden serpent in the shape of an egg. Inside the figure, the god Hermaphrodite is dancing pointing straight ahead. Around him, rising from the clouds, is a chalice, a torch, a sword, and a golden pentacle. These four figures around you represent Aphrodite, Zeus, Athena and Poseidon.

If Hemarphrodite has appeared as your spiritual advisor in the game, it’s time to cheer. You are a victorious person. He missed a lot, got a lot right, but he still did well in every obstacle he encountered along the way. The whole world is at your fingertips, just do what you’ve always done: be a good leader and empathize with others, always!

Continue on your way with kindness and generosity, and the universe will give you back twice as much, with peace, balance and great financial rewards. The card from The World is the last of the Major Arcana and signifies the end of the Fool’s journey, but it also hints at being the seed of new life.

Is the Tarot World card positive?

The O Mundo card is, without a doubt, one of the most positive in the whole deck, and it reminds us of our original essence and our role in life. It indicates that you will have the opportunity to receive everything you want, after all, you have a special divine protection that covers you and keeps you from all things.

This card indicates good news and good results. It has a very special meaning and connects directly with the spirit of the land we live on and the ground we walk on. Therefore, this letter also brings this feeling of belonging and satisfaction.

Even in its negative interpretations, the letter The World appears more as a warning than as something bad in itself. She always indicates the delay of good things in her life when she is upside down, more because of her laziness and, often, because of naivety.

If your case is procrastination and laziness, remember that no one can live your life for you, let alone make your decisions, and that money only prospers for those who respect it. It’s time to reap the rewards, but still, it’s no longer a time to curl up. It is undeniable that everything will work out, but only you are capable of chasing your own destiny.

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