Descendant in Aries in the 7th house and ascendant in Libra

Discover what the descendant in Aries looks like

People with a descendant in Aries must have ascendant in Libra. This combination makes the natives of this astral juncture person who are impressed by those who have a strong personality and are full of passion.

Usually they don’t have a lot of ease in communicating with others, they aren’t in the habit of taking the first step of talking to anyone. Their decisions are spontaneous and intuitive, and they don’t usually think long before acting.

By making quick judgments, without much analysis, they end up getting into confusion and making mistakes in judgment, especially when they are taken by the rush of routine. Throughout this text, we will see more deeply the characteristics of this astral combination.

Descendant in Aries and ascendant in Libra

This combination interferes with your relationships, work, and other parts of your behavior. Let’s understand the meaning of each part of this combination and its influences.

■ What is a descendant in Aries and ascendant in Libra?

The descendant sign shows how people relate, whether in love, work or friendships, and helps to understand who will be the ideal partner. Still on your personality, will point out which qualities need your attention to be developed.

Therefore, it is the descendant who says how are the relationships in your life, both in marriage, as with friends and even the enemies you will have in life. It is he who indicates which concepts need to be modified to get where he wants to go. Thus, the descendant in Aries will help to unlock and encourage action.

The Libra ascendant brings balance and harmony to their choices but still struggles to make decisions. People with a Libra ascendant are very considerate about their appearance, so they make a point of being dressed appropriately for any occasion.

Another characteristic of a Libra ascendant is that these people don’t like confrontation. This behavior has a good side, as it won’t get into trouble. However, if it involves important issues that need to be resolved, it can be harmful.

■ What does the descendant sign in 7th House mean?

In a birth chart, House 7 usually has a reference to the House of Partnerships. It gives information about the most serious relationships and their agreements. The 7th house is where your ascendant is located in the birth chart. It says a lot about how people relate, mutual commitment and how they view society.

Another information brought by the descendant in the 7th House about the people she rules, is the characteristic of being concerned with the greater good of all humanity, as well as a social conscience. House 7 indicates how these people choose their partnerships, whether for a relationship or for a society.

■ Influence of Libra on the descendant in Aries

The influence of Libra on the descendant in Aries is that these people will have great harmony in life, especially in interpersonal relationships. People with a descendant in Aries have a great acceptance of their inner self, without existential questions.

Bringing these two influences together, people become more aware and with greater maturity. Usually, people with this influence have more control over themselves, with full capacity to adapt.

General characteristics of this sign

So far we’ve seen a little bit about the influence people receive from having Ascendant in Libra and Descending in Aries and the meanings of their birth chart positions. Now let’s understand the characteristics of the person with a descendant in Aries.

■ A little indecisive

Having the descendant in Aries would theoretically make people with this rulership very secure. However, this descendant necessarily implies having a Libra ascendant, which has insecurity as one of its characteristics.

In this way, interference from the ascendant makes these people a little indecisive. So they seek to relate to someone who is easy to decide and take actions. They join people with well-defined goals, who take responsibility and who clearly demonstrate their feelings.

■ Direct

People of the sign of Aries are the most direct compared to people of other signs. Saying what you think about others or situations is not a problem for these people, even if giving your opinion might upset the other person.

This characteristic also makes these people very sincere in everything they do, not just in their opinions. They will do everything to keep those who live with them grounded and are often interpreted as rude and impolite by those who are not used to their direct way.

■ Strong personality

Like the Aryan, who is of the fire element, people with a descendant in Aries are people with a lot of energy and passions. They are always looking for a cause to fight for, and an enemy to face.

They are usually people who don’t deal well with boundaries and don’t usually accept other people’s authority or take orders. Despite all this rebellion, they are people with huge and generous hearts. Their outbursts, when thwarted, are fleeting and never hold a grudge after an argument.

Descendant in Aries in relationships

The relationships of people with a descendant in Aries have the same characteristics as those of Aries: their relationships are likely to be restless, tumultuous. Let’s see what this influence is like.

■ Intense way of loving

People who have a descendant in Aries are intense in love and seek to relate to struggling people, who seek their goals and, mainly, who clearly demonstrate the love they feel.

These people will not be able to get involved with insecure partners, who do not know how to decide clearly what they want and what they do not want for their love lives. These people need companions who firmly demonstrate that they want them.

■ Fall in love easily

Infatuation, at first sight, tends to hit people with a descendant in Aries, making the relationship move to marriage quickly. However, care is needed, because if there is not the expected stimulus, as mentioned above, the relationship ends as quickly as it started. Usually, they are enchanted by people who demonstrate that they appreciate their appearance.

■ Descendant in Aries is a spontaneous person!

Usually, people with an Aries descent are very intuitive. So everything flows naturally with them. These people live the present life, today, and are very focused on immediate achievements, they don’t wait for life to happen.

They are almost always happy, have new ideas and usually cheer everyone around them. When a more tense atmosphere arises in the place where they are, they try to play games and bring relaxation to those involved. Spontaneity is also present in their responses to adverse situations.

Descendant in Aries in professional life

Natives with a descendant in Aries are people full of energy, spontaneity and desire to achieve, in addition to being people with many ideas. Let’s understand how these characteristics influence the professional life of these natives.

■ Good communication

The communication of people with a descendant in Aries is usually quite direct, there is no beating around the bush to say what you need, and sometimes seen as aggressive. His dialogue is usually energetic and fluid. They always seek to discuss ideas.

Generally, they quickly analyze the problems to be solved and, without thinking too much, they already offer their opinions, which do not always have good results. Thus, it is advisable for them to seek to control the need to express themselves, being more assertive in their statements.

■ Clarity in objectives

For people who have descendant influence in Aries, having goals is the fuel of their lives, as they are full of energy and love a challenge. Courage is a strong point of these natives, as they are not frightened by difficulties or blocked by the unknown.

What moves people with this influence is energy, initiative and competitiveness. So, when they set a goal, they’ll do everything to reach it.

■ But you can make rash decisions!

Natives with an Aries descent are naturally instinctive and often impulsive people. These characteristics can lead them to make decisions in the heat of the moment, without correctly analyzing the consequences of their actions. They let their hearts and emotions guide their decisions, so they may have to change their minds along the way.

Therefore, it is important that these people try to control their impulses, seeking a balance between the energy for problem-solving and risk analysis, in order to reduce the probability of errors.

Is being a descendant in Aries good for relationships?

The relationship with people with a descendant in Aries needs a good deal of patience. Do not take everything they say personally, as they are direct and objective, they usually speak their minds without looking to see if the other person will be hurt.

They don’t like beating around the bush and don’t have patience with people who like to put themselves in the role of victims. Emotional blackmail doesn’t work with them, they drop this strategy quickly and without mercy. So, if you are a very sensitive person, maybe these natives are not a good choice for relationships or friendships.

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