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Debbie Raesler Cause Of Death –  Debbie Raesler has passed away unexpectedly, This is a letter of recommendation I wrote several years ago for my friend and colleague Debbie Roesler. She lost a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer at a very early age. I hope this letter sums up my professional and personal feelings about one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met. She truly was an angel on earth. Please join me in prayers for her family and her friends who were many.

To Whom It May Concern. It is with great pleasure that I present to you this letter of recommendation for Ms. Deborah Raesler. I have had the privilege of knowing Debbie for five years in my capacity as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City Schools. During this time, I have found Ms. Raesler to be the most talented, professional and effective counselor that I have worked with in my forty years in education.

I worked closely with Ms. Reasler in many different capacities including Intervention Assistance Teams, Response to Intervention meetings, District Leadership Teams, Building Leadership Teams and PBIS development. In each of these settings, Ms. Raesler was not only a valuable contributor but also provided true leadership. Any meaningful collaboration or initiatives at the building level and district level included the many skills and talents that Debbie possesses.

I personally relied on her to work side by side with me to implement school change and ultimately improve student success, both academically and emotionally. I regularly sought out her advice, expertise, and ability to inherently understand people and how to support them.

Ms. Raesler is truly respected by teachers, administrators, and support staff. She has the ability to work with all people, regardless of their role in the district. She truly is amazing in her ability to work with parents and foster true collaborative relationships to ensure student success. Ms. Raesler is an expert in dealing with sensitive and difficult situations, and working to resolve these with empathy and understanding.

Ms. Raesler brings all of these talents, skills, and knowledge to working with individuals and groups of students. This is the area that is so impressive above all else she accomplishes. Students trust her and feel comfortable. She makes herself available to all students, even if they are not assigned to her.

She can find connections with all students and the diverse issues they deal with academically and socially. She knows each student’s name in the three buildings she works in, and knows the talents and needs of each. She is a true advocate of students and is truly remarkable in identifying intervention strategies for each student and communicating those strategies to teachers for implementation in the classroom.

She helps teachers track the success of these interventions and supports the students in this Response to the Intervention process.

In closing, Deborah Roesler is one of the most remarkable educators I have encountered in my years in education. I have written many letters of recommendation in my career, but none more deserving than this one. She makes a true difference with every person she encounters and has made a real and lasting impact on my life as an educator and human being.

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