Does essential oil for anxiety work? Benefits, types and more!

Does essential oil for anxiety work?

Can Essential Oil Therapy Reduce Anxiety? Known and used for millennia, essential oils have several medicinal properties. Through the release of particles present in aromatic plants, essential oils effectively combat not only the effects of anxiety but also its causes. Currently, we have a scenario of exponential increase in the number of people who suffer from … Read more

Do you know the Orixá Nanã Buruquê?

Orixá Nanã Buruch: in Umbanda and Candomblé, greetings, prayers and more! In this article we will present the main characteristics of the Orixá Nanã Buruch, a very important deity for the Yoruba tradition, responsible for the domain of wisdom. Acting preferentially on the emotional field, Nanã Buruch helps unbalanced beings to reach stillness. The radiations of … Read more

Why are the little prince’s sentences memorable?

Why are the little prince's sentences memorable?

20 sentences interpreted from the book The Little Prince: about love and more! In this literary work that transcends times, cultures and generations, we find phrases that have become important contemplations on humanity. Throughout the narrative, the character’s thoughts and interactions with other beings result in reflections on love, pride and how we value what really … Read more

What is quantum therapy for? Benefits, theta healing and more!

What is quantum therapy for?

What is quantum therapy? Quantum therapy is the set of methods used in treatments aimed at both physical and mental problems. Classified as an alternative, quantum therapy does not replace conventional medicine treatments, but seeks to increase self-knowledge and awareness by focusing on the causes of illnesses and not just the effects. The name given to … Read more

The relationship between Ho’oponopono and self-love

The relationship between Ho'oponopono and self-love

Ho’oponopono and self-love: prayer, self-esteem, memory cleansing, and more! Ho’oponopono is a powerful technique for clearing dysfunctional beliefs that can be used by practitioners of any religion. Despite being an ancient Hawaiian philosophy, its repercussion reached unexpected heights and today it has practitioners across the globe. Admittedly useful for the blossoming of self-love, Ho’oponopono is extremely … Read more

Addison Rae Leaked Twitter | What is the Addison Rae spilt video on Twitter?

Addison Rae leaked A Video on Twitter-Who is idkijustworkh11 video leaked? Addison Rae Leaked is not shown in the video, but her face is. The Twitter user who posted the video is infamous for posting X-rated footage of celebrities by superimposing their features on nude bodies. Fans have identified them as “fakes.”It comes as photos … Read more