22 Astrology Trivia About 2022

The Astrology predictions for 2022 may help to know what to expect the new year to take advantage of opportunities and deal with challenges. All trends start from the analysis of astrological transits. Do you know what they are? Here, we separate  22 Astrology curiosities about 2022. And if you want to jump right into your life,  here are the predictions for … Read more

Midheaven in Aries in the birth chart: meaning of the 10th house and more!

Meaning of Midheaven in Aries Having Midheaven in Aries brings people several specific characteristics to their behavior. In this case, Aries in the Midheaven encourages its natives to seek an innovative path in their lives. This sign in your Midheaven will bring determination and driving energy to your social and professional instincts. In addition, natives with … Read more

How to conquer an Aquarius man: profile of this sign and more! Look!

How to conquer an Aquarius man

How to conquer an Aquarius? When knowing the characteristics of the sign of Aquarius, some people are afraid to relate to those born under this constellation. When you know how to deal with the peculiarities of an Aquarius, they make excellent love partners. Before starting to conquer an Aquarius man, it is important to know the characteristics … Read more

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility in Love, relationships, in friendship and more!

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility in Love

Scorpio and Taurus Differences and Compatibilities The combination between natives of Taurus and Scorpio, in the most varied areas of life, tends to be interesting. In a way, it will always be full of heat, since the two signs belong to elements considered opposites, earth and water, but this opposition also works as a complement. Despite … Read more

What is your Aquarius decanate?

What is your Aquarius decanate?

Aquarius Decans: dates, personality, ruling planets and more! The decan consists of the 3 divisions of 10 days within each sign, each part being ruled by a different planet. When we discover in which decan of our sign we are born, we can identify which feature of the sign is more present in our life, in … Read more

What is your Capricorn Decanate?

What is your Capricorn Decanate?

Capricorn Decans: Discover your personality in this sign! If you are or know someone from Capricorn and are curious to know which personality traits are most present in this sign, understand how the three decans work. Decans are classified according to their date of birth and in the sign of Capricorn they are three. The first … Read more