Do you know the personality of each sign?

Do you know the personality of each sign?

Everything about the personality of each sign: dates, trends, and more! In case you didn’t know, your zodiac sign, or Sun sign, reflects the position of the Sun at the exact moment you were born. With a strong influence on your personality, character and emotions, it is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and your relationships … Read more

Mars in the 8th house: How does this affect your personality and your relationships?

Mars in the 8th house

Meaning of Mars in the 8th house The 8th house in the birth chart is the house responsible for relationships, passions, partnerships and everything related to these matters. Mars in the 8th house brings a number of unique characteristics to this placement due to the planet’s energy. People with Mars in the 8th house enjoy learning … Read more

What is the significance of Mercury in Cancer in astrology? Find out now!

Definition of Mercury in Cancer Having Mercury in Cancer means having a greater sensitivity. People with this influence act more with emotion than with reason, because Mercury is related to the way you organize your thoughts. For people who have Mercury positioned in the water element signs, it is more difficult to be rational in thoughts, … Read more

What does it mean to have a Capricorn descendant and a Cancer ascendant?

What does it mean to have a Capricorn descendant and a Cancer ascendant?

Meaning of descendant in Capricorn Having the descendant in Capricorn shows you how you relate to others. Here it is clear what these people expect from their ideal partner, and it is not just related to romantic connections, it also says a lot about professional and business relationships. Thus, the descendant represents how your life, friendship, … Read more

Jupiter in Leo in the birth chart: understand this astrological configuration!

Jupiter in Leo in the birth chart

Characteristics of Jupiter in Leo In astrology, Jupiter represents the planet of prosperity and abundance. But on the other hand, it also leads to overeating. According to astrologers, following the paths of Jupiter through the signs means observing the path towards abundance and opportunities on this planet and taking advantage of them. Those who have the influence … Read more