Dreams About Snake | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

What do dream about snakes really mean? Rattlesnake, attacking, black and more! Dreaming about snakes can have different meanings, from the arrival of more money, changes, betrayal, love and even about internal conflicts. This is because it is a symbol used in different cultures throughout history, and because of that it has countless meanings. The meaning … Read more

Aquarium sky background: everything about the 4th house in the birth chart and more!

Aquarium sky background

Meaning of sky background in aquarium The background of the sky is one of the elements that make up our birth chart. He is present in House 4, representing our origins. People with a sky bottom in an aquarium are usually outgoing, creative and not very attached to their family. These natives cannot stand the idea of ​​being … Read more

Dreams About Centipede | Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Dreams About Centipede

What do dream about centipede really mean? Giant, black, cub and more! The discomfort and worry caused by dreaming about a centipede are related only to the creature’s appearance. The symbolism behind one of the oldest terrestrial arthropods is actually connected to feelings of independence, determination and strength. Centipede, from the Latin Centipeda, means “with a hundred … Read more