Bath to attract men: specific, rich, with cinnamon, cloves and more!

Why take a bath to attract men?

Baths and sympathies are essential for people who need to renew their energy. In addition, they are considered the oldest and most simple sympathies that exist for people who have gone through traumatic situations that brought a certain imbalance in their heads.

If you have been feeling low in self-esteem and unattractive, a bath to attract a man is a good option to improve your energy and the way other people are seeing you. The bath, in addition to attracting men, will work directly on your head to make you more open to these energies.

Keep in mind that all steps must be completed. Also, have enough faith to get the desired result. Check out some baths to attract men below.

Principles of baths to attract men

Every bath to improve your love life has some principles. Before considering taking some of the baths, keep in mind the benefits and powers these sympathies carry. Check it out below.


Baths are harmless sympathies that you can easily do in your home. Furthermore, if they are well executed, they can bring a lot of positivity and benefits to those who will take them.

They also renew your loving energies and calm your head for what is to come. For those who have faith in energy, there are no harms.


In addition to attracting new men, baths can bring specific people and old loves, awakening in the person a desire to have you back and an inexplicable longing. They also improve your love energy and self-esteem. It is ideal if you have experienced a recent trauma in the field of love.

Honey and clove bath to attract rich man

If your desire is to attract a rich man, this bath is ideal for you.


This bath can help you improve your energy in the love and financial field at once. Rich men will come looking for you and will appear in your life unexpectedly. Don’t forget that the person will be enchanted by you, but it’s your job to maintain the relationship by being kind and a good spouse.

■ Recipe and method of preparation

Set aside 2 spoons of honey, 7 cloves, a gold or silver jewel and water. Put the water to heat with the honey and then add the cloves (one by one) and then turn off the heat. The bath should not be prepared in a hurry and it needs positive energy during its preparation.

After adding the nails you will have to dip the jewel seven times (symbolic number in the occult) while repeating the following phrase three times: “New moon, may the power of this bath attract me a wealthy pair of money and lust to complete me.”

■ Bath application

Take your shower and soap normally. When you’re ready, slowly toss the mixture from the neck down, imagining not only a rich man, but also a caring man who treats you very well and is faithful, because when there’s a lack of character, no relationship thrives.

The energy you are emanating from asking the universe is also very important in making the baths. After taking a shower, dry yourself under your armpits and private parts and let the rest of your body dry naturally. Avoid dark clothing and negative thoughts the rest of the day.

Cinnamon bath to attract men and increase sensuality

If your goal is to attract more eyes and feel good about yourself so that you can feel good with others, this bath could be the ideal bath for you.


Cinnamon bath, in addition to attracting men and enhancing their sensual energy, can bring money, protection, and other blessings. Cinnamon, in every bath that is used, has this power very evident.

This is one of the most recommended baths, after all it works first with your self-esteem, raising it to the maximum, then the bath creates an aura of attraction around you.

■ Recipe and method of preparation

You will need 2 liters of the milk of your choice, 4 tablespoons of honey, 1 grated apple and 2 cinnamon sticks.

First, heat the milk on the fire, do not let it boil, the intention is that it is slightly hot. Take all the other ingredients and slowly mix the milk while still on the fire and store the mixture until the milk is warm.

After that, when the bath temperature drops, strain it and throw the remains in a public garden. It can’t be in your house, nor in someone else’s house, because remnants of sympathies can attract obsessors if they are not disposed of correctly.

■ Bath application

Do your usual hygiene and throw the bath from the neck down, always keeping positive thoughts and energies focused on what you want. Think about people’s eyes and how you will feel walking down the street with everyone noticing you and finding you irresistible.

Let your body dry naturally and don’t bathe again for at least twenty-four hours. The energy in cinnamon, like that of the other ingredients, needs to attach itself to your body. Keep your thoughts positive throughout the day and wear light clothing. If possible, light incense throughout the house and let your energy flow.

Clove and cinnamon bath to attract men

Both cloves and cinnamon have great energy effects. Next, discover the clove and cinnamon bath, ideal for opening your paths in romantic relationships.


If you have felt that some people are getting into your love relationships, a shower with cloves and cinnamon is ideal not only to attract new people, but to ward off negative energies that can end up driving you away from your new ideals.

Cinnamon is a powerful ingredient, as is clove, which belongs to many gypsy magic rituals and protects us from fat eyes and also works to cleanse the aura. In just one bath, the two together can enhance your goals.

■ Recipe and method of preparation

Boil 2 liters of water and add 7 cloves followed by either a spoonful of ground cinnamon or a piece of cinnamon stick. And let it boil for three minutes with all the ingredients. Once the water temperature is to your liking, strain the mixture and dump the remains in a public garden.

■ Bath application

Take your shower normally and when you’re done, pour the water from the neck down, mentally thinking about your goals, explaining the situation you’re going through and why you decided to do this bath.

It is very important to focus your energies right now. When you’re done, you can dress normally and avoid dark clothes while the energy of the mixture is taking its toll on your body, that is, for around 24 hours.

Cinnamon and rose bath to attract specific men

If your desire is to attract a specific man, maybe this bath is more ideal, because it works with the energy of an unrequited love. Check out more about him below.


Baths to attract specific men need to be done with great care. Make sure the person in question is on your way. If your destination is written, the bath will speed up the approach.

But if the two of you don’t have a future together, the process getting back together can be a little longer and even painful if it happens.

If you are sure and consult oraculists, such as pais de santo, entities or tarologists, you will not be playing with a free will, but calming things down so that the two can have a prosperous and peaceful path, united.

■ Recipe and method of preparation

This is one of the most complete and complex baths. Its ingredients are: 1 bottle of rosé sparkling wine, 1 aberê bean, 7 drops of your perfume (it needs to be something you use daily and preferably that your loved one already knows) 1 spoon of honey, a pinch of powdered cinnamon and 7 red rose petals.

Boil a liter of water and add all the ingredients slowly, mix well and turn off the heat. Let the temperature be to your liking and add every bottle of sparkling wine.

■ Bath application

Do your hygiene routine normally and throw the bath from the neck down, always being careful not to let it fall on your head. After all, this bath has an alcoholic drink in the component, if it has contact with your head it can end up leaving you a little bewildered, psychologically and physically.

Make your requests and imagine yourself with this person, imagine that everything went well and even allow yourself to make plans for the near future. Your faith will say a lot about whether or not this bath will work. After showering, dry only your private parts and wear lighter clothes.

Also try to set aside the goal a little and focus on your personal life, working internally on the reasons why this person left and trying to be a better person so that you can live in peace in the future. Don’t let this issue become an obsession and anxiety on your part. Let the energy work.

White chocolate bath to attract men through their eyes

If you want to look loveier and put men at your feet with a single glance, a white chocolate bath may be right for you. Read below the benefits and how to run it.


If you want to attract men in a more intimate way, working your sensuality and leaving everyone at your feet easily, this bath can be ideal.

It’s a little more intense, it makes men have a sudden loveual desire for you. If your intention is to attract something more romantic than carnal, this bath is probably not what you’re looking for, try checking out the previous bath.

■ Recipe and method of preparation

The ingredients for this bath are very simple, they can be found easily in markets and even at home. You will need 1 white chocolate of your choice (needs to be pure, no confectionery or cookies in the recipe), 7 pepper grades and 7 bay leaves.

Melt the chocolate bar in water and mix the other ingredients one by one. Bring to a boil and then set aside until it gets to a temperature you like.

■ Bath application

Take your shower normally and then slowly pour the mixture from the neck down, making your requests and stating your reasons for wanting to be more attractive to other men. The better explained the better.

Then dry yourself. If you want to clean your private parts after a shower, you can (as long as you don’t clean the rest of your body). Let the energy of the ingredients work under your body for at least one full day.

Gypsy bath with cloves to attract men

If your intention is to ask the Roma people for loving help, a bath with cloves can help you with your unresolved love issues.


Gypsies are entities worshiped in Afro-Brazilian religious terreiros who work for love, joy and money. These entities are much in demand in love affairs, because they know how to bring couples together and maintain lasting and joyful relationships.

Your bath cannot be different, it has to be done with great faith, because that’s the only way they can bring love and joy. Let Gypsy magic into your life.

■ Recipe and method of preparation

You will need 1 liter of water, 1 sunflower, 7 cloves, 1 spoon of fennel, 1 spoon of brown sugar and 1 spoon of grated nutmeg.

First, put the liter of water on the fire and wait for it to boil. Then, throw all the ingredients into the pan and cover for twenty minutes until the water is the color of the ingredients used.

■ Bath application

Take your shower normally and then throw the mixture from the neck down asking the Roma people with great faith that you will soon find your ideal person.

When you’re done with your bath and your prayer requests, put on light-colored clothes and keep the energy in your house positive. After all, this is how the Gypsy people work, with joy.

Gypsy bath with underwear to attract men

Gypsy baths are always indicated to attract men and solve loving and even financial causes. But there is a little commented bath out there that promises to bring great results in the love field: the bath with underwear.


Sympathies with underwear are well known and used by people looking for more immediate romantic solutions. However, even so, baths that have underwear are not as well known by people looking for sympathies.

With this bath, you will not only attract the attention of other men, but also of a specific man who may have been messing with your head for a long time.

■ Recipe and method of preparation

The ingredients are also very simple, you need: 7 red rose petals, 3 spoons of honey, 1 piece of your used underwear (can be panties or bra) and 3 liters of water.

After separating all the ingredients, it’s time to start the preparation. Start by placing the indicated amount of water on the fire until it boils with the honey and rose petals. Mix everything with a spoon until the water bubbles and then you dip your underwear seven times saying three times: “Gypsies, may the power of this intimate bath attract a man who completes me”.

After that, remove the garment from the boil and strain your bath into another container. Allow it to cool down to the desired temperature.

■ Bath application

Do your hygiene normally and when it’s clean it’s time to throw the mixture. Unlike other baths, you will pour the water starting from the head, very slowly, with the thought focused on attracting positive energies. Have a lot of faith that the bath will work and ask the Roma people for guidance.

Keep your goals in mind and say your prayers. When you finish the procedure, get up and get dressed normally. Avoid black clothes as much as possible and light some incense at home, especially one focused on Gypsy energies.

This bath should not be taken just once. Ideally, do it every day until you get the desired result. It is not good to leave it ready to drink gradually, it is extremely necessary that the ingredients are always fresh.

Honey bath and perfume to attract men

A bath with honey and perfume is often used for those looking to attract a specific person or not. Just do it right and take it right and you’ll get the results you want. Check it out below.


Some legends say that honey is essential when we want to attract someone in sympathy, as it is an element attributed to the Orixá Oxum, as well as the perfume, which is also widely attributed to the mother of waterfalls.

If your intention is to end your nervousness when relating to men and get closer to more people, improving your relationship with the opposite love, this bath is ideal for you. After all, the combination of the two ingredients works like a magnet to attract those we want.

■ Recipe and method of preparation

The following ingredients are needed: 7 tablespoons of honey. For the best effect of the bath, it must be completely natural. You can find it at organic micro-producer fairs. You will also need 1 liter of water and your favorite perfume (it needs to be one you use constantly).

On the first day of the full moon, boil the water together with the honey, then add 7 to 13 drops of your perfume and let the mixture cool and stay at the desired temperature.

■ Bath application

Take your bath normally and then pour this mixture from the neck down and repeat: “Goddess of the moon, make this bath attract the man, arousing the attention of (insert the name of the desired person here)”. Make your orders and repeat this phrase until the bath is over.

Don’t forget that you cannot dry yourself and you must let the mixture work under your body for a while. Wear light clothes and center your thoughts, avoiding as much as possible negativities and insecurities transmitted through intrusive thoughts.

Sugar and roses bath to attract men

Red roses and sugar are ideal ingredients when we talk about baths that involve sensual energy. This bath is ideal if you want to attract someone in a more physical way. Check out:


If you want to boost your sensual energy and attract the looks of multiple men, you need this bath. Red roses are symbols of sensuality and baths are no different. By being mixed with the essence of lavender, you will be attracting the energies necessary for your being open to your next love.

Sugar, on the other hand, is perfect to help you open up loving ways, as it symbolizes the way we sweeten our lives and our hearts, leaving us more open to love.

■ Recipe and method of preparation

You will need: 1 liter of water, 7 red rose petals, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 7 drops of lavender essence, which can be easily found in pharmacies or some religious supply stores.

Bring a liter of water to a boil, add 7 red rose petals and a spoon of sugar. Mix well, mentalizing your goals for five minutes. Then remove from heat and let the mixture cool down to the temperature you like and pour in the 7 drops of lavender essence.

■ Bath application

You should take this shower from the neck down by thinking about your goals and saying your prayers. All baths need a great deal of positive energy to function, otherwise, lack of faith makes bathing totally useless.

When you finish your prayers and requests, get dressed, avoid drying yourself too much, and don’t wear black clothes for at least seven days. If you want to light a red rose incense while applying the bath, you can enhance the effects.

Does bath to attract men really work?

All sympathy works, just have faith and be focused on your goals. Also, be careful and go through the whole process smoothly, otherwise it may take a little longer to have the desired effect.

It is also important that you control your anxiety. It can be a little distressing to wait for the sympathies and works to start to take effect. However, you must keep the faith and keep praying every night behind your goals. No stopping your life to wait. It is necessary to let the energy work in the given field while you work your head.

All the baths mentioned in this article are highly praised by the people who perform them, all having a high success rate, but it all also depends on the energy that the person taking them attracts to them. So, it’s time to do an energetic cleansing and push negative people out of your life.

Also, when we talk about baths to attract specific men, the result can be a little longer. Mass if the person is in your way the conjured energy will open up the space and take away all the things that are holding you back together. Be patient and don’t get in the way of energy work with fights and misunderstandings

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