Aunt Cass Checks Your Browser History


Auntie Cass Checks Your Browser History alludes to an NSFW POV movement by Newgrounds client Redmoa where Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 discussions about checking the watcher’s program history and observing they’re keen on a “particular sort” of grown-up content, then, at that point, proposing to allow the watcher to encounter the “genuine article” prior to stripping down and participating in a sexual demonstration with a nondescript person, intended to be the watcher. The video was transferred to Newgrounds in September 2021 and enlivened various ok for the office (SFW) alters modifying different parts of the movement to change the unique circumstance. The image is like the Busty Aunt Cass image that circulated around the web toward the finish of 2020.


On September 26th, 2021, Newgrounds client Redmoa posted an NSFW movement named “Auntie Cass – Titfuck” where Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 discussions to the watcher in a POV about going through their program history and tracking down they “have a sort.” The video slices to a scene of Cass watching a titfucking video on a PC screen, stunned. She then, at that point, keeps conversing with the watcher, saying “to assist you with losing interest in those locales I figure i should allow you to encounter the genuine article. So… ” then, at that point, removes her top and says “recollect that, I’m simply going to do this for you once,” then, at that point, continues to titfuck a nondescript person addressing the watcher in a realistic sexual moment. On October fourth, YouTuber HornyWarrior posted a SFW rendition of liveliness cutting the sexual moment from the end, rather than putting a Cheers Bonk image, acquiring north of 86,600 perspectives in a month (age-confined).

Video Clips:


The movement motivated various ok for the official forms on YouTube, regularly changing different angles, including the PC screen when Cass says “you have a sort” to something amusing and adding an image response or content to edit the NSFW content toward the end. For instance, on October 22nd, YouTuber Beelzebella(BZ) posted a form with Smash Ultimate critique on the PC and SpongeBob looking dubious with a Vine blast toward the end, acquiring more than 16,400 perspectives in a month (displayed underneath first). On October 25th, YouTuber Flungy Mungy posted another variant with a rapping Mickey Mouse on the PC, acquiring north of 31,000 perspectives in a comparable range of time (displayed beneath second).

The pattern expanded in prevalence in November. On November twelfth, YouTuber Arcade Assassin posted a rendition adding a video of a 3D moving Among Us fraud to the PC screen, acquiring more than 275,000 perspectives in three days (displayed underneath first). On November thirteenth, YouTuber Flent posted a rendition utilizing a Rickroll as a method for control, acquiring more than 300,000 perspectives in two days (displayed underneath second).

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