22 Astrology Trivia About 2022

The Astrology predictions for 2022 may help to know what to expect the new year to take advantage of opportunities and deal with challenges. All trends start from the analysis of astrological transits. Do you know what they are? Here, we separate  22 Astrology curiosities about 2022.

And if you want to jump right into your life,  here are the predictions for the signs in 2022.

1: Mercury Retrograde Four Times

You already know that Mercury retrograde happens three times a year. Ever! But 2022 is going to be different because there are going to be four periods of the retrograde communications planet. This is bad? No! Each downgrade is an interesting stage to review issues in your life. Here are the meanings of Mercury retrograde for you2

2: Venus and Mars are retrograde in the same year

Venus and Mars are not retrograde every year. But in 2022 it will happen! Venus retrograde and  Mars retrograde in the same year may indicate more overload. After 2022, Venus and Mars retrograde together in 2025, 2031, 2037 and 2039.

3: Saturn-Uranus-Mars

In two moments of 2022, the square between Saturn and Uranus will be touched by Mars. And this is very important! Between March and April, there can be more radicalism and stress. The second half could be marked by great financial instability.

4: Jupiter will go through two signs in 2022

The largest planet in the solar system and known in astrology as the planet of expansion, Jupiter starts and ends the year in Pisces, but will have a pass-through Aries (from 10 May to 28 October). They are two distinct energies that will change our lives differently.

5: Jupiter in Pisces: sensitivity and generosity

The transit of Jupiter in Pisces (until May 10 and after October 28) highlights the enjoyment of life, acts of solidarity, and strength for the poorest layers. In politics, candidates who target the unattended, homeless, and the poorest and most excluded strata of society tend to gain points.

6: Jupiter in Aries: courage and initiative

The passage of Jupiter through Aries exalts those who come out ahead, people of initiative, who “do not expect to happen” and take action. In politics, he highlights figures who show strength, initiative, and independence.

7: Again we will have the Saturn-Uranus

Square The Saturn-Uranus square marks a time when we may feel the desire to make major changes, but things may not go as initially projected.

8: Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn transits Aquarius from the end of December 2020 until March 7, 2023. One of the most evident factors linked to this transit, reinforced by the Saturn-Uranus square, is the need for social and business modernization. You can understand the history of the transit of Saturn in Aquarius here.

9: Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus has been bringing, since 2018, more instability and uncertainty to the economic scenario, but also more creativity, with people having to look for new ways to earn money, which will prevail until 2026.

10: Venus

Spends five months in Capricorn In general, the planet of Love spends about 45 days in each sign. However, we will have  Venus retrograde  (understand everything here) , so Venus will be in the sign of Capricorn for five months at the beginning of the year (from November 5, 2021, to March 6, 2022). During this period, love tends to be more serious, requires more commitment, loyalty and stability.

11: It won’t be a peaceful year

Jupiter in Aries is much more “to be at war” than Jupiter in Pisces, adding fuel to the fire of polarization and radicalisms on Saturn-Uranus.

12: April 12: A special day

Jupiter and Neptune will come together in Pisces. It’s a day to turn dreams into reality, especially involving love. It is a day to capitalize on the Jupterian luck for Neptunian dreams. Something very beneficial can happen, however, beware of disappointments.

13: North Lunar Node indicates a desire for stability in 2022

In 2022, the desire to build something in life, whether emotionally or materially, returns with everything, with the North Node transiting Taurus (18/01/2022 to 17/07/2023), sign who loves security and stability. Finding someone steady, having something, looking for a more solid direction will become a new ideal.

14: Should be the big year for Pisces

The giant Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces and will stay in your sign for most of the year, bringing you lots of luck and opportunities. Everything that Pisceans and Pisceans plant in 2022 will grow for the next 12 years, the duration of the Jupiterian cycle.

15: Pandemic in 2022: advances and uncertainties

Jupiter in Pisces gives hope for the development of drugs and vaccines and for the healing process. However, the square between Saturn and Uranus tends to instabilities and uncertainties, indicating that there may be a coming and going of virus mutations, and this can be amplified during the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, exact in April, which opens up so many possibilities of cure how it increases viral action.

16: Final straight of the elections with Mercury Retrograde

The first round of elections will coincide with the end of one of the Mercury Retrograde cycles, which will have started on September 9th and ends exactly on October 2nd, voting day. In other words, the final stretch of the electoral campaign will feature the phenomenon, in which communication challenges and less clarity in decisions may occur.

17: Second round of elections with Mars Retrograde

The second round of elections, October 30, will coincide with the start of  Mars Retrograde  (which runs until January 2023). One of the first things that can happen during Mars retrograde is that something can make us very angry and quite prone to big fights, problems and headaches.

18: Retrograde Jupiter and the travels

In 2022, retrograde Jupiter happens from 7/28 to 11/23. With Jupiter retrograde, a certain amount of unforeseen, doubt and tension can rollover. If traveling, the destination should be chosen so that the journey is inward, not just outward.

19: Year begins with Moon in Capricorn

2022 begins with Moon in Capricorn and, on the second day of the year, New Moon begins in this sign. Lua Nova is a great time to start projects (and dreams)! Use the Moon in Capricorn to plan what requires patience and responsibility. Moon phase changes can help you plan for the year, as each phase indicates both up and downtrends. Keep your lunar calendar 2022 up to date here.

20: We will have 4 eclipses in 2022 There

Are four eclipses in 2022: two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses? The astrological axis of the phenomena this year will be Taurus-Scorpio. See the dates of the eclipses in 2022.

21: Five planets retrograde in August

Five planets will be retrograded in August at the same time. When this occurs, greater reflection is imposed on many issues.

22: November: Mars in tension with Neptune

The worst moment of the retrogradation of Mars will be November, as the planet, in addition to being retrograde, will be in tension with Neptune. There may be less clarity in actions and more confusion. Very complicated month for initiatives, but with some improvement in this context from 11/20, with Mars in good aspect with Saturn.

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