Amber Heard Viral On Twitter – Get Whole Detail

Say what you like about Amber Heard – no, seriously, do it. You could say the actor took cocaine while on the newsstand in one of the most popular libel cases of the century. You can tell she stole lines from the talented Mr. Ripley and recited them in court as she testified about her relationship with fellow actor Johnny Depp. On social media, you can say these two unfounded and untrue things, and much more.

Last week, these two baseless allegations spread faster than fire. For those of you unfamiliar with the Depp and Herd epic, be patient: In June 2018, Depp sued News Group Newspapers – the company that publishes the Sun – after the newspaper claimed he was a “woman blow”. Later that year, Heard published an article on sexual violence in The Washington Post (Depp did not mention the article). Dep probability balance). He is now suing Herd for defamation of his Washington Post article.

As a result, the internet has gone wild. It’s ironic that a libel suit could result in such blatant libel. The constantly rotating cameras in the courtroom allowed a complex and intimate case to unfold as a spectator sport. Countless clips from the trial have been fragmented and replicated on social media platforms for sad audiences. On social media, people are saying what they love about Depp and Herd, with disturbing and consistent results.

A recent TikTok trend included people making exciting facial expressions in a Heard audio clip she testified about her alleged sexual assault by Depp (audio clip removed from site). Another saw TikTokers impersonating Heard’s abuse testimony, writhing and twisting like pantomime actors in an effort to point out alleged inconsistencies in his account.

Whether or not one believes Heard’s testimony, one should believe that nothing good can come from minimizing and mocking descriptions of abuse. The test showed more clearly than ever that a toxic fan culture has poisoned our brains. On Etsy, fans can purchase “Justice for Johnny” t-shirts and “Fuck Amber Heard” mugs. On social media, you are either Team Depp or Team Heard. very few people seem to be on the side of justice. Why wait to see what the judge and jury will say when you can easily choose a side from the comfort of your own home?

For many, the case became a source of comedy. At TikTok, laughing emojis abound in courtroom clips with titles such as “Funniest Witness Moments So Far” and “Johnny Depp The Funny Moments Part 3.” A user put a filter in the images of Heard’s testimony so that his nose sticks out like Pinocchio. On YouTube, anyone and anyone weighs in: a video titled “DEBUNKS Carpenter Lawyer’s Amber Heard’s ‘Broken Bed’ Testimonial!” has over 277,000 views. News sites repeated unsubstantiated claims in off-the-cuff articles with off-the-cuff headlines such as “Viewers Notify…” and “People Say.”.

Are we too demanding to face a dark subject with sadness? That we’re not turning serious, sensitive testing into content for our streams? In an ideal world, even the most obscene celebrity lawsuit would be treated with dignity and respect. Even the biggest, most ardent fan with the most investment would put their hero worship aside, while the jury is out on whether their idol sexually assaulted a woman with a drink bottle.

But the fandom never kicked the line out of court and we’re all poorer for it. Screaming fans were filmed throwing gifts out of Depp’s car windows as he left the Virginia courthouse. No lawsuit should be treated like a gig or a meeting and a greeting, and a court case should never be an opportunity to wave an artisanal brand in a celebrity’s face.

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