Ace of hearts in tarot: meaning of the card, in love, at work and more!

What does the ace of hearts in the tarot mean?

The ace of hearts card has been linked to the sacred for a long time. There are currently many types of tarot decks, but no matter which one is chosen for the print run, the meanings are always similar.

The ace of hearts symbolizes growth. So, depending on the context in which the letter was taken, it may prove to be a great time to venture into new projects. However, it is crucial to know how to listen to intuition to act correctly.

This card is closely linked to feelings, being able to reveal important discoveries. It can also point to new job opportunities, negative feelings, and even pregnancy.

Are you curious? So find out below the most important information from this letter. Understand how its meaning and what it symbolizes came about!

Ace of Hearts Card Fundamentals

To understand the meaning of the ace of hearts it is necessary to know its history, iconography, what the suit of hearts represents, among others. So check out these points and more below.

■ History

During the Middle Ages, the suit of hearts represented the church and the sacred. The cup in the letter corresponds to the Holy Grail, and this expression is believed to have been used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. However, there were already reports of mention of the Holy Grail among the Celts.

In a poem, it was reported that the Holy Grail was related to a magical vessel. King Arthur was looking for this vessel to promote prosperity to the city of Camelot and its entire kingdom. For these reasons, the cup depicted in the card is considered sacred, also indicating spiritual regeneration.

■ Iconography

The images on the ace of hearts card symbolize love, emotion, empathy, and enchantment. The figures vary depending on the tarot used, but it is common to find this card containing the figure of a chalice, symbolizing the soul.

In some types of tarot, this cup is overflowing, and the flowing water indicates the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. This card is related to feelings, having a direct relationship with the five senses.

The body is able to express issues that need to be resolved but are often left out. As such, this card points to the importance of listening to one’s body as well as intuition.

In addition, the card in some decks also contains the symbol of the dove, which means peace, and the lotus, which symbolizes the awakening of consciousness.

■ The suit of hearts

The suit of hearts is linked to ideas and feelings. For this reason, it is related to possible changes capable of making life more fluid. These are questions that go beyond the rational, in which intuition needs to be listened to in order to be able to seek a solution.

Even when it comes to something material, emotion is also involved. This card shows how important it is to vent your feelings and allow yourself to understand your inner problems. When this happens, it is possible to be successful in material and spiritual matters, but it is essential that everything is done with love.

■ Water element

The water element in tarot, as in astrology, is connected to emotions. People with many stars connected to the water element are more emotional and compassionate. In tarot the logic is not very different, in a drawing of cards the water element reveals sentimental issues.

The card is associated with intuition. It is an indication that the person must follow the heart, or perhaps it is difficult to hear the intuition. It all depends on the context during the consultation, which is why it is so important to seek clarity in the messages that the tarot brings.

Therefore, it is a fact that this letter can reveal internal issues. With this, dealing with emotions tends to get easier over time, and whoever pulls this card ends up being able to resolve unanswered issues and harmful relationship patterns.

Ace of Hearts Card Meanings

The suit of hearts is tied to feelings and can reveal promising aspects. The ace of hearts card symbolizes joy, prosperity, abundance, among other things. Understand why these meanings!

■ joy

The ace of hearts symbolizes moments of joy and is linked to the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, it corresponds to new cycles that tend to be very positive. However, it is essential to remember that everything is cause and consequence.

For this reason, it is necessary to understand which feelings the ace of hearts is aiming for. These are emotional issues that need to be listened to to make room for the new. With that, possibilities will arise, opening the way to live more joyful moments.

■ Prosperity and abundance

The ace of hearts card means prosperity and abundance. However, it can also indicate that it is necessary to completely disengage from ambition. This card is linked to the water element, an element that appears in the tarot figures symbolizing fluidity.

Therefore, it is necessary to be carried away by the current of life. This card represents a positive cycle, but it is necessary to detach from the rational mind and connect more and more with intuition. Thus, it will be possible to accomplish something that meets the essence, providing abundance and happiness.

■ Good relationships and partnerships

The ace of hearts card is about positive energy and love. For this reason, it indicates a phase of important links. New friendships, romances, and partnerships can emerge. For this reason, it is important to be open to being open with each other, as sincere exchanges bring great companions.

It is crucial to give space to love and be loved. Not just in romantic matters, but in every way. Even with regard to work, it is necessary to dedicate yourself to doing what you love and to be open to new partnerships that tend to be favorable.

■ New beginning

The ace of hearts symbolizes a phase that has already been completed, and with that a new cycle begins full of lessons learned from previous experiences. This period can bring spiritual and material benefits, giving space to live a more fluid and harmonious life.

For this reason, it is crucial to look at the shadows, in this case, those feelings that have been repressed. It’s normal to dodge and not want to deal with what is most painful, but it is always important to look at these aspects to be able to make room for new experiences.

This card speaks of non-stagnation, that is, surrendering to the flow and being carried along by the current of life in search of growth. Keeping up with old patterns and past failures add up to nothing. By seeking self-knowledge and gradually curing these issues, it is possible to achieve balance.

Ace of hearts in love

The ace of hearts reveals good news for both singles, who can find new love, and committed, who can begin a new positive phase. Check out how this letter influences love.

■ For compromised

For the committed, the ace of hearts means a new phase in the relationship, and this moment will be positive. It is possible that changes in the way of thinking have impacted the couple in recent times, but this represents maturity and can bring happier moments to the relationship.

It even points to a second chance in case of intrigue. With that, the couple can try again, this time with more wisdom and respect. It can also indicate new connections outside the love relationship, that is, new friendships, new partners at work, among others.

■ For singles

For singles, this letter has an extremely positive message. It’s time to surrender to a new love, and for that, it’s crucial to open up. Showing yourself vulnerable is not shameful, in a relationship it is necessary to expose your feelings.

When a loved one appears, it is important not to idealize them too much. It is necessary to look at the partner as he is and accept him. This is love: knowing how to accept the faults and qualities of the other.

The good news is that this card’s connection to the water element points to pent-up emotions, and this can be used to your advantage. So this is the perfect time to let all of this out and invest in a new passion. It is recommended to make wishes with the partner, especially those that were saved for a long time.

Ace of hearts at work

At work, the ace of hearts points to something new. These are useful phases for those who are employed and also for those who are not. At this stage it is important to make an effort to reap the fruits that the letter suggests. Discover the good news from this letter in the professional field.

■ For employees

For employees, the ace of hearts represents new opportunities. It suggests growth, but for that, it is necessary to show all the potential it has. It’s no time to be shy, and it’s crucial to trust your own abilities.

This card’s connection to the water element suggests abundance at work, great opportunities, and emerging partnerships. For this reason, it is an important phase to work hard, whether what you already know or what you don’t know yet. Remember that this card symbolizes non-stagnation.

■ For unemployed

For the unemployed, the ace of hearts suggests new chances to enter a career or put into practice what you already know. The most important thing is to let your intuition guide you. It is essential to know how to listen to it in order to follow the right paths.

Intuition says that something needs to be done, but it is being repressed. For this reason, things tend to flow when listening to inner desires. Therefore, this phase can be interesting to start working on something that is really interesting, increasing the feeling of love in the service.

Ace of hearts combinations

Ace of hearts combinations can be positive or negative. Both cases point to changes, which are very significant, and can completely transform the way of seeing life. Understand below how these combinations influence decisions.

■ Positive combinations

The positive combinations of the ace of hearts relate to the pursuit of happiness and new opportunities. For this reason, the letter is related to achievements, that is, putting into practice everything you believe in, and doing it out of love and not out of greed.

It is a cycle of good energies to create new bonds and cultivate deep relationships. Whether new friends or perhaps a love relationship, the important thing is to open up to transmit sincere feelings and allow intense exchanges.

The best combinations of cards with the ace of hearts are the ace of diamonds, symbolizing achievement, the two of diamonds, which means professional growth, and the ace of spades, indicating the feeling of love and gratitude.

■ Negative combinations

The ace of hearts also points to illusions. The negative combination of this card suggests that negative thoughts are leading to stagnation and low self-esteem. This could be due to lack of clarity.

Another meaning is to be living in the illusion that things are more beautiful than they really are. In any case, it is crucial to get out of this logic and keep your feet on the ground. There’s no reason to blame yourself for having fallen into this illusion, the walk is about constant learning.

This phase can bring up feelings of jealousy, revenge, sadness, regrets and frustrations. It is essential to try to understand the reason for this emotional instability. Remember that if all of this is happening, it means it’s not the ideal time to bond.

The negative combination with the ace of hearts is the queen of spades, which symbolizes emotional instability, hiding feelings. As well as the ten of clubs, which brings the meaning of overload, that is, many tasks preventing growth.

A little more about the ace of hearts

Below, we’ve separated a little more about the ace of hearts card, to clear up the doubts once and for all. See what it represents in health, in challenges, what the inverted card means and much more.

■ In health

In health, the ace of hearts card points to strength, that is, recovery from an illness, whether physical or psychological. Furthermore, it also suggests that unresolved emotional issues are finally being resolved.

In order to turn the page and leave these pains in the past, it is essential to keep moving in search of change. It also points to a desired pregnancy and to take better care of your own body. Remember to hydrate yourself.

■ Inverted letter

The reversed ace of hearts is not a good sign, but it can bring a lot of understanding. It suggests a phase of stress, tiredness, difficulties in dealing with emotions and overcoming obstacles.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cause of these negative feelings. Don’t repress anything, understanding them can get you to the root of the problem. You must face this process, however painful it may be.

Furthermore, it indicates that it is necessary to move forward, leaving behind what is no longer working. It also points to the need to respect the other and avoid getting too involved in other people’s matters. It’s a reminder to look at yourself.

It is essential to analyze feelings carefully and not act on impulse, as an illusion can cause wrong choices to be made. Feelings must be exposed when they are reciprocal because in relationships that do not exchange, it is necessary to disconnect and seek self-love.

■ Challenges

The challenges the ace of hearts reveals can be positive or negative. Therefore, they can suggest obstacles to be overcome at work, consequently leading to growth and learning, and also challenges in love relationships, which may be to start a relationship or to continue.

Furthermore, it can indicate emotional difficulties, symbolizing a period that requires firmness. It still points to difficulties in pregnancy. Even if it is desired, the pregnancy period is always a new challenge, as well as raising the child later.

■ Tips

The tips regarding the ace of hearts are aimed at observing feelings. It’s important to better understand what you’re feeling to act more assertively. Not understanding what you feel leads to incoherent actions and, consequently, regrets.

To avoid this, it is important to get to know yourself. It is always impressive to observe pains from the past, but it is necessary to overcome them. Above all, understanding emotions leads to professional growth, when you get to know yourself better, it’s easier to know which paths to take.

Can the ace of hearts signal a good time to start new projects?

The ace of hearts signals when is the ideal time to start new projects. This is because it is related to phases of greater sensitivity and connection with intuition. That way, making the right decision to start a project becomes easier.

It is a moment of bonding with affection, so the project can also be a new personal relationship. Being open to news is essential. However, this card can also indicate a cycle of emotional stability.

Now that you know what the ace of hearts means in different ways, use this information to make changes in your life.

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