12 signs of the zodiac personality: according to the elements and more!

What is the personality of the zodiac signs?

The most well-known signs of the zodiac are the solar ones, which define well the personality of each one. They are determined according to the position of the sun relative to the Earth on the day the person was born. There are a total of 12 signs, which – along with their Moon and ascendant – leave a clear mark on how someone will act throughout life.

Understand better what each sign has as its main characteristics in its personality, whether they are positive or negative tendencies. See also how the four elements relate to the personality of each sign, understanding how to use each to your advantage – whether in a relationship with others or with yourself.

Personality of signs according to element

One of the main ways of trying to understand the sign’s personality is to know which is its corresponding element. Earth, water, air and fire have different characteristics and reactions to different situations. Likewise, the corresponding signs are different from each other, showing some similarities in each group of elements. Understand better below!

■ Earth

Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The earth element signs are much more settled, more realistic and extremely hardworking. They like comfort in general, but they don’t need much to be happy.

In a relationship, they may not be the most romantic, but they are faithful and great partners – in life and in bed – for as long as the relationship lasts. Committed workers do not get tired easily and are always ready to start the day.

■ Water

Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Emotional, caring and dreamy, water signs are extremely adaptable to any situation. This can be good, given the resilience and empathy, but it can also lead to an annulment of your own will. They like to be comfortable, with some stability, but they adapt to any reality and see their positive sides. At work, they are creative, communicative and aggregating.

■ Air

Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Rationality, organization and communication are the main words to define the air signs. Although they like to live in complete comfort, they can adapt well to other situations that are not so comfortable. This makes them fight even more to achieve their goals. Communicative, they are great teachers, leaders or artists.

■ Fire

Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Strong, fulfilling and pure energy, the fire signs are related to transmutation, change and redirection. They may be temperamental and have an inherent pride in their actions, but they will be there for you when everyone else walks away. They are not afraid of the new and as workers they are always ahead, being excellent leaders.

Aries sign personality

Born between March 21 and April 20, those who are Aries have Mars as their ruling planet, which gives them a certain impatience, but the strength to fight. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

Sun sign Aries people tend to be passionate about what they do, whether it’s a job, a sport, art, or of course, a relationship. In this way, they are extremely self-motivated and inspire others to do the same, showing why, not just with words, but mainly with their own attitude.

In the same way that they invest their best in a purpose, the Aries also protect their people with determination. Cheerful and outgoing, they can look – and be – great people, but don’t mess with who is in the circle of friends and loved ones of someone of the sign of Aries, because your fighting side will surface.

■ Negative trends

It’s when you hurt an Aries or someone you love who knows the worst side of your personality. He can be extremely temperamental and get into a fight with the same passion and aggression with which he fights for his goals. In other words, don’t want an Aries as your enemy.

What could be an Aquarius person’s best quality – their passion for a subject, goal, or person – may also be their biggest flaw. This is because he can be extremely stubborn with an idea or situation, even if the logical scenario is not the most positive. It’s also not worth listening to other people’s opinions.

Taurus personality

Born between April 21 and May 20, whoever is from Taurus has Venus as the ruling planet, which confers a greater perception of beauty, but greater jealousy and possessiveness. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

With his feet on the ground, like any sign related to the earth element, Taurus is a tireless worker and fights to reach his goals. They are loyal and faithful to their principles, being excellent friends and partners – to take with you for the rest of your life. They are always on hand to help yours, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your plans.

In addition to being great professionals, commitment and attachment to what is real also makes the bull person a great option for friendship. They aren’t usually extremely outgoing, but among those they trust, they are adorable – not to mention the center of arguments and the party.

■ Negative trends

In the same way that Taurus works hard and tries not to deviate from his goals until he reaches them, Taurus tends to be very stubborn in his decisions. It’s really hard to get someone in the sign of Taurus to change their minds about a decision they’ve made, especially if it’s made in public or if you have other people who already know.

This isn’t just because of your ego, which isn’t the biggest in the zodiac – it’s also not far behind. In general, it is pure stubbornness and the need to prove oneself right, which leads to a certain intransigence, which can lead to problems, both in the affective and professional fields.

Gemini Personality

Born between May 21 and June 20, those who are from Gemini have Mercury as their ruling planet, which gives them a great capacity to adapt and can also lead to a certain lack of personality. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

Extremely communicative, Geminis love to be at the center and interact with people – known or not. Naturally outgoing, they tend to be always looking for new challenges, avoiding routine, which consumes their patience and energy like nothing else.

In addition, people of the sign of twins like to venture out, being open and vulnerable to the most diverse types of stimuli and novelties. This way, they can get to know a little bit of everything, having started different projects in different areas. Of course, this only reinforces their sociable character, leading to having a subject with the most diverse groups.

■ Negative trends

Geminis can be impulsive, temperamental, and spiteful, and can even lead to aggression in cases of intense stress or anxiety. They also tend to start and abandon projects, even if it costs them financial losses, given this need for new things and adventures. This can also be reflected in your faithfulness in a relationship.

Another negative tendency of Gemini Sun sign people is to become depersonalized, given the need to please and impress others. It can also lead to a need to be on top of everything that goes on, being part of dense gossip networks.

Cancer sign personality

Born between June 21 and July 21, whoever is a Cancer has the Moon as their ruling star, which confers sensitivity but changes in mood. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

Sun sign Cancer people tend to be very affectionate and gentle, always caring about each other. They love to listen to their friends and are romantic and relationship partners. They are usually docile, caring, empathetic and great companions for life, if they can handle their affective demand.

Cancerians can be great companions for a good conversation, relaxed, mocking and without commitment or even to let off steam, in the heaviest moments. That’s because they are endowed with a lot of empathy, good taste, intelligent humor and they really try to help, even if it’s offering a friendly shoulder.

■ Negative trends

As listeners, Cancer people are open and calm, seeking to help. However, later they are brooding over the problem and trying to find solutions, carrying the weight of the world on their backs. As a result, they have more anxiety and are more likely to develop illnesses such as depression.

When they are in an environment that does not understand their need for affection and is able to meet that demand, they tend to be very demanding. After all, in his point of view, if there is complete self-giving, you have to have the complete other in return. This can generate a lot of frustration and can lead to isolation.

Leo sign personality

Born between July 22 and August 22, those from Leo have the Sun as their ruling star, which gives initiative, but some aggressiveness. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

If you have a friend who is extremely outgoing, easily eliciting laughter from a circle of people, he is probably Leo. Communicative, cheerful, full of energy and confident, Leos are the center of the party – and love it!

Extremely confident, they convey respect and security in their work environment and are usually excellent leaders. This happens not only because of his ability to communicate, charm or self-confidence, but mainly because of his ease in being at the center of things and in command, through the inspiration in his attitude and energy.

■ Negative trends

With a tendency to be self-centered, Leos can be less empathetic and think much more about themselves than the collective. Of course this is necessary sometimes, but for this sign, it’s the golden rule. Therefore, they may also appear arrogant and not caring about the opinion of those around them.

Extremely friendly, they can also become a bit superficial in an attempt to please everyone. With a strong tendency to drama – with unreasonable reactions to controversial everyday situations – the sign of Leo can become difficult to live with, requiring a moment to talk about these points.

Virgo Personality

Born between August 23 and September 22, whoever is a Virgo has Mercury as their ruling planet, which confers the ability to solve problems, but carries the world on their backs. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

Organized, disciplined and aware of their role in the processes of life, Virgo people know very well how to put things into perspective. From there, they organize steps, flows, activities and concrete actions – even to go to the bakery on the corner. Your mind works in a structured way, rationalizing even your feelings.

Logical and analytical, Virgos have the ability to find different solutions to the same issue. After all, it’s not because their logical reasoning is preponderant that they aren’t creative either. They just direct the creative flow towards the problem itself. They are practical and not very romantic partners.

■ Negative trends

With so much planning and visualization of possibilities, Virgos tend to be a little pessimistic, as they manage to draw from the most dire scenarios to the positive ones, always preparing for the worst. That way, they end up getting more stressed than other people, and when it comes to solving something important, they get deeply irritated with someone who ‘doesn’t take it seriously’ like them.

They may also have difficulty relating to very outgoing people and enjoying the niceties of life. That way, they can always seem rather serious and avoid accepting invitations to have fun with their loved ones. Anger is also a constant in Virgo’s life and can greatly harm their mental health.

Libra sign personality

Born between September 23 and October 22, Libras have Venus as the ruling planet, which provides excellent communication, with a certain need for control. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

Anyone who has Libra as their sun sign tends to always seek tranquility through rational consideration and diplomacy. Does everything not to get into unnecessary fights, always trying to maintain harmony. Fair, they do not accept lack of honesty and tend to irreversibly lose trust in cases of betrayal.

Sincere in their statements, Libras know how to convey their opinion without hurting or showing themselves superior, with balance and common sense. In fact, diplomacy is one of their strengths, exercised through their empathy and sense of justice. Therefore, they always ponder before deciding, analyzing all the possibilities.

■ Negative trends

Libra people tend to be somewhat indecisive, and when they come to a conclusion, they’re not always sure it was the best choice. This can cause them to end up putting off some actions, in search of a perfectionism that will not exist, causing procrastination and frustration for not having done what they should have done.

By always looking for the best way out, they can become controllers, doing what they think is fairest and not necessarily what others expect. In this way, they tend to centralize decisions despite listening to what others have to say. They can also get upset, in cases where they can’t keep everything organized or someone messes up something they’ve fixed.

Scorpio sign personality

Born between October 23 and November 21, those who are from Scorpio have Pluto as their ruling planet, which confers greater intuition but a more critical personality. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

Extremely self-confident, those of the Sun sign Scorpio are extremely friendly, being surrounded by loved ones and admirers. Like Leos, they know how to shine and love to be the center of attention. Intelligent, they know very well how to deal with different groups of people, having a great vocation for leadership.

Extremely independent, they don’t like to feel trapped, whether in a situation, a place or even a relationship. They are passionate about what they do and when they are with someone, it is for real. However, they do not accept that they imprison them or prevent them from continuing their other relationships, with friends, work and family – which everyone should do.

■ Negative trends

His unique intelligence and communication skills, combined with a preponderant ego, can lead a Scorpio person to become manipulative, in situations that may favor him or someone he cares for. Besides, they also don’t forget an offense easily, and they can even look for some kind of revenge.

Another factor that can be considered negative in a Scorpio sign’s personality is jealousy. If the person has this trait more marked, because of their experiences and other points in their birth chart, then coexistence can be quite complicated. You also tend to be obsessed with something or someone from time to time.

Sagittarius sign personality

Born between November 22 and December 21, those from Sagittarius have Jupiter as the ruling planet, which gives them an adventurous but impulsive air. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

Sagittarians love freedom more than any other sign in the zodiac. So much so that they can have difficulties in maintaining long-term relationships, even if they love the person they are living with. A relationship based on freedom and honesty is the best way.

Smart, spontaneous and full of life, those who are Sagittarius love a good party and always motivate those around them. Intelligent, they can develop diverse talents throughout their lives and aim to always act fairly, freely and very well rationalized.

■ Negative trends

As they have a lot of knowledge, Sagittarius may be misinterpreted and seen as an arrogant person, sometimes even haughty. His humor borders on irony, using sarcasm a lot as a tool to communicate or play – which can displease the most varied types of audiences.

Furthermore, they are known for not having a lot of patience – either with themselves or with others. They want everything quickly, getting frustrated when they have to wait for some result or response. Despite their free spirit, they may have a tendency to be rigid, either with themselves or with the expected results.

Capricorn Personality

Born between December 22 and January 21, those who are from Capricorn have Saturn as their ruling planet, which makes for a good argument, with a tendency to be authoritarian. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

Extremely responsible, rational and methodical, Capricorns are hardworking and hardworking. When they get something to do, they’re not satisfied until it’s finished and with the highest quality. Perfectionists, yet practical, are great at leading projects and getting them done on time.

Ambitious, they always want more, mainly using reason to find ways to get what they want. And usually they succeed, because they are absolutely determined, persisting in their goal until it is within reach, always with tranquility in their face.

■ Negative trends

Stubbornness is a simple and delicate word given the exacerbated persistence of those who have Capricorn as their sun sign. That’s because, even if you know it’s wrong or that the chances are slim of getting what you want or looking for, it will continue to persist, making it really hard to let go.

Furthermore, their rationality and practicality can make the Capricorn person seem very cold and distant. This can be bad in professional relationships, causing disagreements and miscommunication. However, it is even worse in affective relationships, such as family, friends or love.

Aquarius sign personality

Born between January 22 and February 19, those who are from Aquarius have Uranus as the ruling planet, which confers agility, but rebellion. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

Another sign of the zodiac that cannot imagine his life without such freedom, the Aquarius is rational and idealistic, always seeking to find meaning and meaning in everything he does. Consequently, it consistently embraces its projects, always finding new ways to find the right outlets.

An agent of change, he likes to move things and doesn’t accept comfort. With that, he ends up naturally exercising the role of leader, even if informal, of his group – whether at work or among friends. Creative and practical, he uses his rationality to find solutions and seek new approaches to everyday things.

■ Negative trends

Aquarians can have difficulty staying in one place for a long time. Because he is so attached to his freedom, he ends up avoiding situations that lead to a very rigid routine, leading to the abandonment of projects, jobs and even relationships.

Unpredictability ends up being one of its negative characteristics, and it can be seen as indifferent, individualistic and even selfish. Usually your letting go is a good thing, but it can become problematic in some areas of your life.

Pisces personality

Born between February 20th and March 20th, those who are from Pisces have Neptune as the ruling planet, which confers creativity, but escapes from reality. See other positive and negative trends for this sign.

■ Positive trends

People of the sign of Pisces have a positive tendency to be great listeners, with empathy and always available advice. They care a lot about the other, being natural caregivers, being helpful and trustworthy.

A Pisces’ intuition is powerful and doesn’t often fail. If he is connected to you, he tends to have great insights, with a lot of creativity and abstraction. They are eternal dreamers and can create a thousand worlds inside your mind.

■ Negative trends

Extremely emotional, people of the Sun sign of Pisces can be extremely temperamental and explosive when they can no longer support the accumulated charge. They are too sensitive and can be hurt by the simplest comment.

Your dreamy and creative aspect can lead to a lack of awareness of reality, leading to distorted and unrealistic scenarios. They tend to be distracted, spiteful, indecisive and also too innocent.

Can knowing the personality of signs help me in relationships?

By knowing the personality inherent to the sign of the person with whom you are related, it is easier to understand some attitudes and find more effective solutions. In addition, it can show you what are the main points where clashes will possibly occur between you.

It is essential to remember that personality is also influenced by the environment in which it was raised, type of education and other factors in the birth chart. So, the best way to help a relationship work – for any combination of zodiac signs – is still good, honest and empathetic dialogue.

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